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  1. What kind of look are you after exactly? I’ll eventually be getting the Flow Designs lip and skirts for my hatch as they have a moderately aggressive look while being super strong unlike most replica lips out there.
  2. The V11’s with the TS VF49 or SS whatever it is, make 225wkw with very little effort, or 230+ depending on some other factors. The factory SS headers are trash so people pick up a fair bit when swapping them out. I feel like Niran’s one already had moderate cams aswell which would have helped.
  3. I'm ‘almost’ completely certain that isn't what is meant by that, it's the comp and turbine wheel sizes. 53mm comp inducer and 53mm turbine exducer. He had a post on insta a while back where he was putting a 5252 into a VF44 from a Legacy which he was super confident would be good for 250wkw which have smaller comp covers but the small TS turbine housing so a 5353 should easily do a bit north of 250wkw based on what he thinks
  4. You could always just upgrade to a lower km 08+ 4th gen. Some of them got push button start and a few other bits the older ones missed out on. The 5th gens struggle to feel anywhere near as lively as 4th gens do without a fair bit put into them.
  5. I've been with Classic cover for both of my last Subaru’s, the only downside is the limit on km’s per year which won't work for a lot of people.
  6. You must be thinking of something else. These one's clip into the defroster vent hole on the right of the dash cluster and leave part of that vent still functional. Just checked and they don't seem to actually offer one for WRX/STI’s older than 08 though. Another company Legacy additive does them too but they're more of a raw/rough 3D printed look. https://m.facebook.com/LegacyAdditiveManufacturing/posts/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  7. I've just given him a ring a few times to discuss options back when I was looking into one of his modified OEM turbo’s
  8. Try track down a second one and send it to Murch for a spruce up with a slightly bigger comp wheel and a clipped turbine wheel if he thinks it’ll need it and you’ll be perfectly happy from the sound of it. Obviously he takes his sweet time to get through his work but he seems to do a good job and has good results.
  9. I highly rate side defroster vent pods. They keep the gauges a lot lower than pillar ones and look a lot classier not just stuck on with the basic mount
  10. I had a sneaking suspicion it might have been GReddy, can you get the exact external width of each tip? The slightly too small size really bugs me with the Grimmspeed one. Somewhere between the Grimmspeed and the R400 would be perfect for looking big but not risking a heavily melted bumper if it moved even a few mm
  11. Send me some pics if you think about selling it, I'm kinda still after something slightly different for mine.
  12. True. I've never come across a quad tip tomei setup for these cars. Is it the whole black section cut off or even higher? The way most guys with the Ark catback do it usually looks cool. It's quite loud isn't it?
  13. So tomei catback modified with factory quad tips??
  14. The facelift front end definitely looks a lot nicer, though with the right lip the older style does look good too, I think it's more the squared off bottom of the grille that makes the facelift look more aggressive. What exhaust have you currently got? I thought the one you had was a single exit Tomei titanium thing?
  15. Nah GR/GV’s and BL/BP Legacy’s use the same cradle which has the pre pump screen on the bottom of the pump and then a cardboard filter which is part of the top half of the fuel pump cradle.
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