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  1. A factory 3.0 BP won't have Brembo’s, it should come with the 2pot slider calipers and 316mm rotors that have been talked about above
  2. Yeah get a dual boot going. I've done the same as darkchief with my MacBook, some things apparently work with macos but it's an uphill battle with zero support in general so make it as simple as possible and do it the way everyone else does
  3. I’ll message you his cell number. No idea if it’s still current or not though
  4. Marky that used to be on here still does some so should be able to sort you out. I haven’t seen his listing on marketplace in a while but he probs still does them
  5. Have you got a obd2 cable? Have you checked if there are any codes active for the trans. I've had a quick gander through the service manual but couldn't find anything regarding the flashing line where the gear could be.
  6. 190mm like the STI’s on the tbSTI setups, it would be worth confirming beforehand if you can’t confirm it’s a legit tbSTI and not a retrofit. You need rotors that fit a V7 STI if it is for sure complete tbSTI setup
  7. I might know someone with one available, I’ll let you know if he is selling
  8. I’d assume that’s a ripoff AliExpress version which is a risky purchase as the flash going wrong will brick the ecu which is a major
  9. It's a monster task on these cars. To get it to work properly you really need a donor vehicle to swap everything over or you’ll be stuck dealing with random canbus errors and the cost re-syncing everything together.
  10. Pretty sure the facelifts need the tactrix cable as the vehicle type for connecting to ecuflash is ‘subaru can’ which the cheap cables don't support.
  11. It really isn’t that bad to pull them and put them back in. I did mine a few weeks back on a sloping driveway which added some challenges but I still got through it in a couple of hours.
  12. Mine came pre-cross threaded by the last owner. It was a pricey balls up to fix too as they needed to cut the box section open to weld on a bolt. I normally have a big flathead in the opposite side one to maneuver the crossmember into place to get the first bolt in then the second one usually requires a pry bar to get it all lined up.
  13. Have a look at the tomei version. They seem confident in their design not losing much performance while giving a more Subaru sound while just lengthening the two pipes on one side without any rerouted pipes
  14. Interested to see how this performs. The Tomei UEL ones for the FA engine look alright but everyone just rips on them for the inefficiency of the idea without really testing them.
  15. Remove all restrictor pills with a 3-port. Right hand port to atmo, middle to comp cover and left one to the wastegate
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