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  1. 4th gens are a more appreciated vehicle in general with it being the first gen that the US got proper turbo’s versions so they’d probably be more inclined to jump on if ever allowed for import. Aussie tbSTI’s still typically go for just under 20k so by that logic 28k for one of these isn’t too steep.
  2. that td04 would need a tune and maybe bent/new oil and coolant lines but other than that it’s a direct swap in. You might be better off finding a used vf45, they usually go for more like 5-600 so way more reasonable. The key is to find out why the original failed before chucking a different one on, so many people just change the turbo with these cars then complain the new one died after a few hundred/thousand km’s as they never fixed the original problem
  3. What injectors does it have standard? I thought the rev D’s had decent sized top feeds already? A cheap decap or bumping the fuel pressure up a bit should give you a decent amount more headroom though.
  4. @Loren Do they do oddball turbo’s like this car has? @tjfreestone It has the same fitment as twinscroll BL/BP’s so nothing outside these has the same fitment. The only upgrade option is from Mamba/Kinugawa that do a TD04 with a bigger comp wheel and same fitment besides oil feed and maybe coolant positioning which differs from the stock VF turbo Someone was selling one the other day that may still be available https://www.facebook.com/groups/3142531835810763/permalink/5604921429571779/
  5. Which port on the heads got used? Front or back? One is baffled and the other not so it could potentially be hooked up to the wrong one. If the bottom of the can isn’t full then it isn’t so bad. It’s just full of moisture which is preventing it from seeping through that bottom baffle plate
  6. That seems like quite a lot out of the heads aye. Is it driven particularly hard? Does yours have the twin ports on the heads or just single? What’s the size of those? They look like the small Mishi ones? Also having them VTA doesn’t negate the need to empty them periodically.
  7. Go for the Invidia then. Empire is pretty much eBay spec stuff so don’t expect bang on fitment or a decent cat in it
  8. PBMS has the Invidia one for $1100 which is a bit better than the other price you had
  9. From memory this was correct last time I used it. The colours they have listed may not be correct but the positions on the connector will be. https://pinoutguide.com/Car-Stereo-Subaru-Suzuki/subaru_legacy_2008_pinout.shtml
  10. Quite a lot of parts will say they’re not compatible with older models as the US didn’t get on the STI bandwagon until well after most other countries. A bit of detective work may be needed on partsouq and places like that to confirm whether things actually share common part numbers
  11. Do a ECU reset at the same time or it won’t help much as it will still have the current corrections stored.
  12. Yea definitely. In theory it’ll actually be cheaper as the ECU won’t have to retard the timing anywhere near as much so you’ll need less fuel for a given power requirement.
  13. If you can get hold of recaro rails compatible with your chassis then the GR/GV Recaro’s are very supportive for a factory option seat. Deep enough for decent support without being too uncomfortable or hard to get out of
  14. I think something went wrong with a windows driver that destroyed compatibility with the standalone LV program a few years ago as it seems to no longer work for almost everyone. The one in the top menu’s of romraider logger is the next best way
  15. All zero’s in those two tables means the tune and health of things is bang on but usually isn't attainable for a stock tune so a little bit of variation isn't terrible. The corrections in the top table can be controlled by the ecu as high as 15% so they're half way to being uncontrollable variations. Most of your bottom ones are positive which isn't super normal but isn't bad like negatives are which indicate there has been knock in that range consistent enough for the ecu to make a semi permanent reduction to the timing.
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