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  1. Remove all restrictor pills with a 3-port. Right hand port to atmo, middle to comp cover and left one to the wastegate
  2. I’ve got the 5.0 version It seems to be more than fast enough for how often I use it. I also got it with the rubber bumper case and the battery sense module which helps a bunch by notifying me when it's starting to get low.
  3. The 2.5 non turbo’s are usually single cam (per side). You can tell looking at the front of the engine whether the black covers on the front have two big bulges or one at each end
  4. Also someone like Harley Warwick on FB who wrecks subies will have them available for various vehicles at better than normal wrecker prices.
  5. A GR impreza crosstrek/xv whichever one it was at that point would probably be the closest since the forester chassis is usually closer to an impreza than a legacy
  6. Chuck your vehicle model into japanparts or somewhere like really sport direct and see what that spits out. There must surely be a few options for moderate drop they have. https://www.japanparts.com/parts/list/?dealer_id=1&carmodel_id=136&partsmiddle_id=26&partssmall_id=159&partsmaker_id=&cm_kwd=&carmaker=1
  7. It's still on Facebook at 85k also. I assume you're talking about crashing it at a race event where insurance is a iffy thing?
  8. I think Niran is still trying to unload his one in the more traditional WRB for high 80’s
  9. Very good question. I've trying to find the same answer for my fully stock one with 110kkm on the clock. Harley apparently sells them for 3-4k usually for a semi bare timed longblock.
  10. They still got the GD gen for WRX’s didn't they? Which would make this by that logic the 4th gen.
  11. I guess you could try anyway. The only issue I can think of is without a load correction resistor some led bulbs can stay slightly lit when off but that's with 240v AC stuff, I'm not sure what would happen with 12v DC. Is it the brightness or colour you want to change them for?
  12. Jaycar will have something that fits that profile. https://www.jaycar.co.nz/components-electromechanical/optoelectronics-leds-and-lighting-/leds/c/2EA?sort=popularity-desc&q
  13. Yeah not entirely sure on that. It isn't even really the 3rd gen since it became a standalone model which kind of came about with the VA chassis, with the GR still having the same basic body as the Impreza which just moved to a new body way earlier than the WRX/STI. Depending on how the sheetmetal is made behind it there is potential for quick swap moderate flares that actually match the body unlike 95% of current kits out there though.
  14. As always it's a controversial look that splits people somewhat down the middle, with the majority seemingly disliking it initially but for the most part I quite like it. The front, side and interior are quite nice but the rear end lower plastic piece is a bit weird with the extra depth compared to the rest of the body. Some form of semi functional diffuser on the STI might make it look a bit nicer but I doubt they'll change anything. https://www.google.co.nz/amp/s/www.caranddriver.com/news/amp37281384/2022-subaru-wrx-specs-revealed/
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