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  1. Shot in the dark but you might find a menu in there like the 4th gens to turn off the GPS clock
  2. I've been led to believe the XForce one is one of the quietest out there, plus the cheapest so may be the way to go.
  3. None of those ones in there exactly match up as I was looking into this for wiring a Link ECU to my car. Some things would match one service manual and others to another one so not exactly reliable. Have you thought about contacting I-wire services. Try do a lot of random conversion looms so might be able to help you out.
  4. SAS are the usual go-to for Subaru tuning in the CHCH area. Prestige in Wellington are good too but that means a trip on the ferry which isn't particularly cheap.
  5. Mine has 255/35 050+’s on it and they seem to be super capable tyres. No issues in the rain but snow down south may be another story.
  6. @WayneM there is a bit of a group buy going on for Ultrex stuff on the Legacy Loonies FB page if you want to get in on that.
  7. Awesome result. Guess me doing injectors ahead of the tune made the difference with peak torque. Interesting that the final drive ratio is different to mine, do you know what gear it was in?
  8. It'll most likely look a lot better after a decent wet sand and clear coat but in reality they are pretty far gone. Might be easier to try find a set from a wrecker that has seen a lot less sun in their life
  9. Ultraracing looks to make one, pro-wholesale in Tauranga should be able to source it since they do other ultraracing parts.
  10. Worth confirming that they can ship right now. Some stuff is getting turned around and sent back to suppliers over in the US right now
  11. With the plugin ECU you need to run a canbus wideband. Standard ECU’s probably have it built in. You’ll want to talk to possums about how many spare inputs there will be on a plugin ECU before going crazy with extra sensors. You can get a canbus module for temp stuff but haven't seen a pressure one.
  12. Buy this. It was developed by DTech Dave and the guy who started EMTron, almost identical to the official EMTron one but without the big name pricetag. I've also got two of these to install but haven't got around to working out how to wire up just yet. Turbo speed is always a good one to monitor with EFR’s too. Don't the flex fuel sensors usually have a fuel temp sensor as part of it?
  13. It won't be an easy swap to anything else. Everything is slightly different to a comparable year sti. An 01 will need a speed signal from the trans which later ones take from the ABS system instead so you need to install the sensor for that also. Those rear axles are weird ones with r180 size on the inside and r160 on the outside
  14. Probably better off trying on FB for something like this. Subi Mann or Matt Hull amongst others will probably know all the little differences. If it has pink top feeds it’ll be a rev D but besides that I've got no idea if there are any differences between a manual and auto one, some years did have mildly different compression ratio’s between auto’s and manual’s though
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