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  1. Flickr is my go to for photo hosting. It's yet to let me down and doesn't seem to get flagged and blocked by some browsers and workplace filters that a few alternatives do. The current forum also auto embeds photo’s so you just need to copy the URL on the host site to here and it does all the rest on it's own. Yeah you can sign up for a paid subscription that gives you ad free scrolling in the store.
  2. Installed a CTEK battery sense bluetooth module and MXS 5.0 charger. The module is a nice little item for those of us with only occasionally used vehicles that aren't properly garaged to allow for long term use of the battery maintainer setup but still at close range for it to ping a phone occasionally. Straight off the bat it was sitting at 30% as expected from the difficulty starting the last few times so hopefully the chargers recond feature should be able to bring this most of the way back.
  3. I've finally committed to EL for mine. I'd been tossing up using Niran’s old headers but grabbed a set of EL headers with the same uppipe location to replace the old UEL ones he was running. It's just a more mature sound that doesn't attract the same attention as usual boxer sound.
  4. Where’s the alternator cover to go with it though 🤔
  5. Yeah there’s nothing of decent size that is compatible. The biggest is the somewhat new TD04HLX-21TK that is apparently good for 350-380hp at the engine but hasn’t really been proven yet.
  6. From memory the SSI/NZKW ones have the same internal pipe size as the STI twin scroll ones at he heads but no idea further on at the merges. That's an easy way to go as you're not pissing around merging two pipes into one with a new flange for your turbo.
  7. Finally got around to bringing this home from DTech. Just need a few more accessory pieces and it'll be ready to go in.
  8. True. I've never bothered actually looking at them before but know the US folks seem to cut up their guard liners to have direct flow to supposedly keep pressure low around the wheels rather than the engine bay
  9. You mean the fake openings just behind the wheels? Most of these aftermarket ones are somewhat vented anyway so could still allow some airflow with the lower vents opened up
  10. The factory ones on VA’s look super trash. It's like the black material under the hood. Though at least they have something there, the GR/GV’s have a big gap that i’ve dropped a few bolts down into on mine
  11. I haven't done one yet but I've always thought the later ones were deemed a non-serviceable item and that a whole new hub assembly was needed.
  12. What part of the country are you in?
  13. I've just seen old Marky is out and about doing some tuning just not on here so anyone after rev D stuff might get lucky messaging him on FB https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/550913562588472/
  14. Damn it why can't I be content with repco supercheap stuff, my low profile Torin one was many many hundreds of dollars 🙄
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