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  1. Can't remember off the top of my head but it was probably something like that or more. I could clearly see it constantly moving around on the display which was what lead me down the track in the first place. Driveability was never an issue. The tuner didn't really care. I just did it for my peace of mind, easy to justify when you can see an actual difference in logs.
  2. Not really the situation you're talking but I originally didn't have any when I did aftermarket rails and lines along with deleting the factory ones. Found pressure fluctuations in logs was considerable so chucked some rail mounted ones in which smoothed things up heaps
  3. The power figure is around right on with what these make but it's just weird the boost is so low unless Chris is limiting low end boost and calling it a flat 15psi tune. Mines obviously the previous gen but that made 225wkw at about 19psi but 23psi down low
  4. Not as of yet but I have enquired about a few things and they've been decent at responding atleast
  5. Bigger turbo? Seems hard to believe it's already running out of pump and injector if stock
  6. Nah can't imagine there will be anything there. If it's possible it'll be a sequence that needs setting and not a physical switch to turn on anywhere. Might be worth asking in some of the FB legacy/Liberty groups as a lot of them know a heap of oddball stuff like this
  7. Dunno if the NA ones are any different but GT’s and 3.0r’s usually wear out centre viscous diffs rather than fronts since the fronts are open. The usual best way to feel it is tight turns in car parks once warm. What kind of noises is this one making?
  8. Looks like that red piece is just a reducer but could be wrong. The NA manifold I've got has the PCV in the same place as the manual but there are quite a few variations of it, some with and some without EGR ports as well. The partsouq catalogue thinks it will go straight from the engine block to the manifold. It looks like the top hose off it is the one on the manifold just behind where you have circled.
  9. They definitely made the STI platform the only way to go for enthusiasts, I feel like my GRB must be not far off my old BE Legacy for size which is messed considering the STI’s we're supposed to be the smaller sibling
  10. Did this a few weeks back but finally decided to drive the car over the long weekend for some testing after it not moving since Xmas. It's just the back of the factory bumper insert cut back with a die grinder to open up all the fake holes and theoretically allow a better supply of cold air to the intake. I didn't have any useful logs showing pre turbo temps so it's hard to prove but temps at the manifold while cruising are definitely lower than they have ever been in the past. The bumper skin behind the cover has been opened up too but I may end up making a bit of a shroud to direct the air right at the filter where now it can get easily disturbed by the remaining bumper skin and possibly remove the opened vent area entirely for even more flow.
  11. The Mishimoto one will fit under the bar but cannot use their beam and mounting solution so it would need custom mounting and possibly extended pipes as it'll since a few inches lower than they intended it to. I've got Niran’s old set up which I had the top of the core cut off to fit under the beam. It holds 26ish psi and 330wkw still but possibly not much more. Eventually I'll get a custom one made up that is wider and 4inch thick to really maximise cooling
  12. Yeah quite often the factory ones are completely stuffed along with about 50 of the space available used. The Kein trans mount is nice too, it's a slight step up in vibration but gets heals more gear whine which you could say is good or bad depending on preference
  13. I haven't come across anything for this style of twin scroll, the only one I know of that does exist is a Tomei one for the FA low mount turbo setups. It's easier to just accept you’ll never get the iconic rumble without swapping over almost all parts of the turbo puzzle and learn to like the sound of these things opened up. They're not as bad as most traditional 4 cylinders atleast
  14. Usually $150 including shipping to standard addresses
  15. Hey, yea I have a few of those upper half pieces brand new available
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