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  1. As expected, they did a good job of f***ing up the dash on the Legacy. I may have let it go if it had been in a corner or something considering it is far from perfect in general but a decent mark and a few cm section of the top layer peeled away right on the top of the dash cluster isn't acceptable. They're going to get back to me once their dash repair guy can have a look but not really sure what he could do in it's current state.
  2. 4th gens can also be set up to say happy birthday too but have no idea how that would be done.
  3. It's only the top covering that is falling apart so doesn't guarantee they make it any worse. Some years they can apparently get to without completely removing and just need to lift it lightly. That's why it is important to have a bunch of pics showing exactly how it was before they got near it.
  4. What's the question exactly? There isn't an official recall on the dashes for JDM vehicles but some have had them replaced if the dealers mess them up badly enough doing the airbags
  5. Not sure about anything at 1hr10mins, but at 2hrs it throws up a little message in Japanese text with 2 readable that is basically a reminder to take a break.
  6. That sounds a lot more realistic. Dunno why exactly they were getting fuel cuts unless that really is where the stock map has the boost limit at. Should be easy enough to raise the limit to something a lot more usable. Stock side feed injectors will be good to around 200wkw but you may end up leaving a bit on the table in the mid range as that will be where you max out the injectors.
  7. Would need turbo, injectors, pump and intercooler. You'll get 190-210wkw with everything but the turbo depending on the dyno.
  8. They can feel crazy fast even when only making 150-180wkw with the quick spool and an aggressive ramping e-throttle map Is that peak of 16.5 or at max power? It definitely won't be making 230wkw on any legit dyno, even pushing 20+psi it's an uphill battle after 200-210wkw. Have you got a tactrix cable? It's easy enough to log some pulls and chuck the data into virtual dyno to get a ballpark curve
  9. Good to know. Most people would have assumed you'd very definitely fail proper emissions test without any cats.
  10. Not 100% sure but imagine the replacement of factory emmision devices such as cats would need to be tested and confirmed to meet factory standards It has been illegal for years but not actively pursued by WOF issuers but something has changed in the politics of it so they are now getting a lot more serious with checks. Previously you could try your luck and easily slip through as many have. Not that we would advise anything outside the law, but decatted factory downpipes very often still slip through as they look factory so testers often don't think anything more of it.
  11. In theory it is better to keep them for moderate power levels. Apparently the later ones aren't just closed when cold then open the rest of the time and actually operate over certain load ranges to improve fuel atomization.
  12. Yea that's pretty annoying that they can't even guarantee they've put a good one in. My Legacy is going in to get it's one done next Tuesday finally, figured I should probably get it sorted before putting it on the market
  13. Neither are performance mods really. The deletes just save space and future failure points
  14. @Technikhaus Very interested to see what it can make.