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      The 2018 ClubSUB Calendar, Powered by Possum Borne Motorsport is now available.

      12 Hand picked full colour photos, taken by menbers, submitted by members and chosen by members.
      All vehicles in the calendar are owned by members of the NZ Subaru Enthusiasts community.

      A massive thanks to the team at PBMS for coming on board for another year!

      This is a very sought after calendar and only available for a limited time.
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  1. As title says Short notice I know but might aswell try give it away $220 Pass for Pukekohe Track for tomorrow (Saturday 21st Oct) you need a pit license (think you can get one there if you go early? or just do it online today) Includes $10 Passenger fee. You need helmet/overalls/neckbrace/wof/reg normal track stuff Free to a good home Let me know if you're keen and you're definately going to go and ill call the organises and transfer the ticket into your name Cheers 0210526417
  2. ?????Dude the track is awesome!! Your appetite for speed must be ridiculous because you sound like a Formula 1 Driver whos been racing for 20years and is about to retire because it doesnt give him a rush anymore lol I've also raced plenty of things - its what gives me that adrenaline rush alot of us crave, and a day at the track is just magical for me - the straights, the corners, everything ^_ ^
  3. Wooopeeee im on there too ^_ ^
  4. ^^ Yeah bills suck, I dont have a mortgage but rent is just as bad cant wait till ive finished building my house up north - ill only have to pay for rates/power/water ^_ ^ loungin*
  5. Watched the vid but unsure of what car you drive these days? P.s super keen to do this, any around ak happening? My next track day is booked for the 21st ^_ ^
  6. Love the car - crazy build, hes going to have to start drifting with the car fully on fire to top this lol
  7. Less red more black / v7 wheel in gold
  8. anyone abit bored tonight should check out this awesome bbc doco (if you havnt already) - madness on wheels ("rallyings craziest years), its about the 80s group b rallies
  9. Wish I could say the same, Since my RS has been at ajays I've got back into motorcross, went and got myself a 2015 YZ250, Awesome bike to ride! suspension is crazy forgiving. Have ridden 4 times since I got it and already crashed it twice LOL, damaged a ligament in my knee (which seems to be fine now with alot of anti-inflammatry abuse)
  10. Finally sorted a full size spare wheel & tyre to match for the RS ^_ ^ Dang I love that DII look Getting alot of car/motorbike parts building up in the shed again, if anyone wanting a full size 5th wheel for a spare to add to their current v7 wheel set hit me up, I have 3 v7 wheels all with a little curbing nothing that bad $50 each for the rim only, Central AK.
  11. So gutted I missed this! Not 1 bc5!!! -_-! Some wicked photos in there though
  12. Yeah I dont usually get road rage at all, im used to seeing dumb/slow/fast drivers- even people not even looking the direction they are driving. but I seem to have a weak point when im in the situation above ^^ Cant stand slowies that dont get out of the way of people trying to maintain a swift (and legal) speed on the motorway. any attempt at passing means they go slower - which is worse as people are more likely to try and overtake in frustration which is much more risky imo
  13. Yup, so just to clarify , the zut zut zut flutter noise is compressor surge? Or is there a different name for that?
  14. Sounds like compressor surge? you put your foot down, and before any/much boost is built up you take your foot off and it flutters? nothing wrong with that imo, i always have my bov on full strength, because anything apart from full strength it makes a MASSIVE bov release and it sound even when im trying not to boost each gear lol. so i too get the flutter. if thats the case - no worries. but definately put a lil video to be sure imo. Cant remember but didnt you do the snorkel delete? if you recently did then that will be exactly whats happened, youll hear what the bov does/doesnt do more than before
  15. Nar I made plans to hit the mx track once I gave up hope of getting to the street fighters thing, i need to go fast for therapeutic reasons. Happy to give my ticket away to anyone who wants it, if its the same as the last track ticket i gave away I just need to pm the organisers for a name swap - so message me whoever wants a race pass