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  1. https://www.facebook.com/streetfightersnz/ Ok, so i know alot of you are hanging for some track time and this event looks quite good! Its a Subaru VS Subaru day, Any Subaru and Any Mitsubishi can enter At Taupos Bruce Mclaren Park (Pretty sure its full circuit also but will have to confirm) Bit pricey as we missed early birds but $200 aint too make damage on the wallet http://choiceevents.co.nz/street-fighters-2017/ Im gonna double check that my RS will be ready and if so I will definately be there Any Clubsubbers that are keen we could drive down in a pack together or something :B I had my first track time at taupo at the CS birthday and can confirm that even if you havnt been on the track before its worth having a go - cant beat legally clocking 200km/h its really a buttload of fun. ======================================================================== CHOICE Events and Promotions Present STREET FIGHTERS 2017 Its time to settle this on going war, EVO vs WRX, which is better. It is time to leave it all on the track! Taupo track 1 (Whole Track) -Cruising -Drags -Burnouts/Helis -Race Car Sessions -Show ‘n’ Shine -Trade Stands -Food and Beverages -Good Times Early Bird Entry (until June 2nd) – $160 Then – $200 before the event $250 On the gate $10 Spectator Entry $2 for Passenger Band
  2. Hey man, I fixed + killed the rust in the boost myself, I didn't end up taking it to a panel beater or painter as I've been dishing out large in the engine / suspension department. if you see my car in person it definitely shows it's age but in photos it looks relatively mint lol i get all my work done at Subirex automotive, if your in Auckland i highly recommend them and the owner Ajay can probably direct you to a good panel/paint guy also
  3. Pretty sure we all dream of making our cars faster, don't let the dream die! , my Rs looks like a pos on the outside. My dream is having people under-estimate said pos, giving me the advantage, then smoke them on the track good and proper with all the crazy S*** under the hood, honestly can't wait for cyclic idle even though I'll hardly ever use it, I just love what technology can do, and when tech goes into an oldie, it's the icing on the cake for me , also being in the cs calendar that would be mega cool :B
  4. Price seems steep, could be a really tight car but could be just as bad as a cheap v1 at 190,000kms, is it just me or are people trying more and more to make 190,000kms sound like low kms for an old car ? Lol looks good though but as that guy said - could get the sti version for bit more if not the same price first gen wrxs will be getting alot more valuable in the coming years for sure, I imagine a standard v1 sti would make for a great earner if you kept it for 5ish years
  5. Do v7s have that "active steering" S***? does it feel like steering feedback but like x 100 ?
  6. Ive never had one, my mates got one and its annoying as F*** as his car is loud and sits in my driveway for 2minutes bopping I usually just got by this rule - if youve just thrashed it - it given it a good boost, let it run on for a bit when you get home like 1minute If youve given it a boost and then driven for 5minutes nicely without boosting, just give it 15seconds ish when you get home Not saying my way is the best way or even the right way - i just never boost around my house so i dont ever piss my neighbors off, so when i get home ive already been letting the engine chillout during the last 5-10mins of driving
  7. Post of the year !!!! hahahahaha i lold hard
  8. yeah saw that, i actually pmd him on facebook to find out what setup he running lol, always curious about the subis pbms do - he made some decent kWs iirc, would be keen to see it in action
  9. yeah ive got g4 also, did you get cylic idle? have never see it in real life but getting it with my next tune, i got switches and looms wired up for launch controll and anti-lag but pbms didnt end up setting them up because of an overheating problem - thats sorted though, so when i get back from overseas hopefully ill be running anti lag/cyclic idle and hi/lo boost, with a fresh tune will be sooo fkn sweeeeeet , will have to start upgrading the driveline soon the poor factory rs diffs are probably shitting their pants hahahaha
  10. evowrx did tell me to get the td06, but i wanted to stick with the td05 as i was worried about having heaps of lag with the td06, after buying the td05 i later found out the lag is pretty much the same lol, in hindsight would have prob gone td06 but already got the td05 and the internal gate is welded up so cant take it back :B o well, im sure ill prob upgrade the turbo later on down the track whenever i do a hit of mods i always say "thisll be the last lot this time" then a couple months later am already planning my next drop off to the money pit hahaha
  11. Just a factory old v1 ej20 with newer model subaru parts on it, last tune was 187kw on BP98 Getting abit more serious this time around though, leaving it with Ajay at subirex for a month while im away, going forged shortblock and new heads, big fuel gear and kinugawa 20g td05, with some other bits and pieces, then a re-tune at pbms, hoping to see some decent boost numbers and around 240kw would make me happeh :B havnt been on the strip just one the track and only once at that, but it was enough to get me sweating between track playdays LOL, cant fking wait untill i can get on the track again
  12. what clutch are you running? mine was good, but with the extra 87kW i got from the tune it doesnt take kindly to launching around here
  13. cool vid, you almost smoked that bike which is awesome - considering the power/weight ratios
  14. Same here, Ajay is a legend, And at pbms I've only dealt with Julius and never had any problems, he always put the extra effort in even though my car is old and far from being in good nic haha I live aaaages away from both places but still only take the Rs to these 2 places
  15. Nice one man, sti too! You'll be set for years of glory would look beautiful in some factory gold v7 wheels with that lovely blue paint :B