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  1. redlining in 6th gear @ 40km'h thahahahah
  2. Seems like abit of a shame to hammer that beauty of a pipe in! did the supplier say their are other options? i.e if this one is for a forester and doesnt fit yours - maybe one for an imprezza will ?
  3. when you turn key does it just click instead of cranking? if so - likely a flat battery bro - could be alternator related also but try battery first if it cranks when turning the key but does not fire then thats a whole other bundle of worms, could be heaps of S***
  4. !!!!!!!!! Must be insane! is that 58psi from the turbo? surely not?
  5. your probably right, cant even remember if my RS has them in the rear
  6. Could adjust camber with camber bolt in bottom of struts for max negative camber, then adjust the new arms more positively to bring the shafts back in while still keeping negative camber? (dont know if foresters have that camber bolt in rear suspension)
  7. Ive enquired at hyper tyre (or hyper drive cant remember) if i dont hear back from them ill just order the ones in the UK- i cant wait I have this OCD thing about wheels - I like buying them but more often than not they are not good enough lol :B
  8. FOUND A SET IN THE UK WHOOP! [/img] Dang that is a sexy colour
  9. Car : 92 Legacy RS Tuned: Untuned and heaps of mismatch parts on it - running rich as F*** and performing averagely with gate always wide open so peoples ears hurt Fuel : 95 / 98 Fuel economy : 350 max from a full tank (50L?) Fuelly stats if known : Dont know what fuelly is but if you do 350/50 the answer is 7
  10. No idea - got rubber put on them today - think they look too small imo (17") will wait to try them on my RS before I go ahead with painting them, if they dont suit ill get them painted and sell them on trademe for what theyve cost me (so far $940 with rubber)
  11. The prodrive 18s ? yes they were on trademe if they are only 1500 new PLEASE link me! I put new tyres on the rims I go instead of the prodrive golds - and now i dont even like the wheels! ARRRRRRG i Just want the gold prodrive 18s !!!!
  12. So the prodrive 18s were unfixable! says arrow wheels - every wheel buckled + dented in and out (thought only 1 needed repair) Lucky the guy I bought them off was happy for me to return them Grabbed these instead - Similar to ROTA GRID wheels but with a better offset for subaru (sits inside the guard rather than sticking out) Getting Arrow to repaint them tomorrow (same colour as they are or black - havnt decided)
  13. You sure that wont make it faster?
  14. $7.50 doesnt sound like much - however ive got a tune on the 13th which will hit my wallet at least 3000.00 (ecu + install + tune) so hopefullu PBMS give me some stickers as I dont think the mrs with allow any further spending on the RS lol
  15. Sponsered by me but funded by @evowrx