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  1. Are you in AK? i think the BC5 guys are long overdue for a meet up, keen as to see a 6speed conversion in the flesh also
  2. What brand IC is it? Think my Fenix one is the same size (cant remember thickness) but havnt had any issues with mine my temps are sweet Your turbo rear is a 0.72 yeah? thats smaller than my 0.86 (i think) but you made more power than me so something is happening good yeah? Im still not 100% on my head setup as I never got them dialed in, in hindsight I probably would have gone to a v7 sti type head setup - shortie too I was thinking after the tune id get 270kW at 30psi, was very surprised to hear 270 came from only 23psi David said thats nearly all the puff the garret has, everything else was ok except my wastegate duty was maxed out What numbers were you expecting from the gtx twinny?
  3. How did I not know you have the same car as me : / lol thought I knew al the bc5ers
  4. THUNDA: 270.7kW ATW @ 23PSI - 431 NM Torque Model: 92 RS Legacy BC5 Displacement: 2.0l Mods: Garret / 1200cc Side Feeds / EL Headers / 3Inch Free Flowing butt-hole / FMIC / Link G4 Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: David @ Tune Technic Wastegate Duty was maxed out + The 5 Speed Gearbox is probably slowly dissolving each time I hit boost
  5. The VF spools fast, the TD05 is slightly slower to spool than a VF compare both of these to a big boy turbo - they are both fast spooling and make ok power - VFx and TD05 are both in the same ball park when it comes to the final number on the dyno sheet imo If I was using the car every day to drive to work etc - in hindsight id probably stick with a VF8 (for the rs - not your car) Quick usable fun power without having to speed to remind yourself you have a turbo But ill never go back to a VF or a TD now My Garret is slow to spool (compared to a VF or TD) , but god damn its well worth the wait My Anti-Lag and Launch control is setup safe as so I can actually use them without worrying too much about engine damage I used to think pops and bangs were the best thing out, not anymore - im glad tune technic changed everything, car runs so crisp and tight feels like a modern car moral of the story - just go big or work with what youve got imo
  6. What’s that white line? I mean how do you make that happen? looks cool, is the white UFO line normal or is this new technology ?
  7. He's a bloody good mechanic !
  8. Need to borrow a 38mm vband wastegate asap auckland area just need it for a few hours tonight for some dyno time! 021 0526417 cheers ! :B Or buy if someone wants d to sell me one
  9. Yup Use the ones they tell you to use in the manual - dont over think it the plugs say they come pre gapped but they dont really. iirc gap them to .7/.8 (gapping them really makes a difference) Copper is fine dont waste your $$ on iridium change them if you think they are causing your hesistation - nice and cheap
  10. Dunlop DII’s awesome on the track, tried my best to break grip but couldn’t do it! (Without crashing :p) Havnt done a lot of road driving on them but they were fine during rain etc, I don’t drive fast when I’m not on the track so can’t say what they’d be like on a wet road while pushing it. what track days are you doing? Is it the play day ones? I’m keen as on any I might have missed ^_ ^ there’s a sweet tarmac sprint happening just outside of Hamilton - a Msnz event Hamilton car club is putting on - on June 10 if your interested I’ll be there ^_ ^
  11. That old Benz is sick ! Love the older style ones
  12. If this is the brumby then that’s one sick brumby m8!
  13. Gotta keep them fresh for the zombie apocalypse/ deep impact style comet. I have a quad now too lol
  14. back at the beginning of 2016 (I think) diesel was ridiculously cheap, combined with the 20c off per litre supermarket receipt think I think it got down to 60cents / litre. Was only for a few months, I thought it was a “start of the year thing “ but hasn’t done it since Think my utes tank is 50L so varies between 65-75$ at the moment 2.5L diesel turbo gets around 800kms my rs cost about $120 for 98 and I get about 300kms LOL i occasionally scan trade me for 1.3L corolla diesels, I assume the mileage they get out of a tank is ridiculously good ^_ ^
  15. I like how they made a second tax for it and just called it "other" lol Cant remember as I dont really check the prices i just fill it and pay might be like 1.40 or 1.50 here?