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  1. No saying boostin is wrong (imo hes a very knowledgeable fella from what i see on the forums) but I've had bad experiences with drilling the thermostat, if thermo is new and heater core is sweet you should have no problems with cooling (on idle/lower rpm - higher rpm different story) if your unsure of your heater core and dont want to replace it just do the bypass mod, doesnt completely bypass it but allows for more flow so win win imo has sorted alot of heating problems that I know of (mainly in older cars) I'll deffo be doing ducting (to force air into fmic and radiator direction without exiting at sides) Try upgrading to a bigger radiator also im running the larger FENIX one - whether its better than stock I cant say as ive only logged the FENIX one but just knowing the core is completely clean and flowing well is good piece of mind
  2. Yea man^^ still trying to sus out accomodation though
  3. +1 this
  4. Imo you have nothing to worry about, I don't think your tyres will be able to make enough grip to cause oil starvation (be cautious though take those corners safely) you'll have a lot of fun ! I was exiting some corners like a drifting rwd in the dry last time I had street tyres on the track
  5. Go baffled sump bro! cost much less than a rebuild then you can fang fang fang ^_ ^ (disclaimer - fang not covered by warranty)
  6. Im not actually going to test the pitch stop rod - I just like to use whatever excuse I need to get some track time in 30seconds on googling shows some auto subarus distribute up to 90% F 10% R Manual gearbox most common is 50/50 There are loads of variations, guessing it was just simpler to put the rod in every model But all this talk about pitch stop rods has already made me want to buy one off trademe lol ^_ ^ Turns out they dont have one for my RS so meh
  7. Yep, not sure on other subis but from memory the majority of power is distributed to the front wheels in an RS (is it 60%? or 70%?) Ill get one and do some serious track testing (any excuse to hit the track will do)
  8. Yup, a tiny rod it be but its there to help when launching hard the momentum causes the gearbox end to try and push downwards - the gearbox mounts help stop this at the front of the engine it does the opposite at the same time, the front tries to lift, the engine mounts help stop this the pitch stop rod just helps that little bit extra with both movements by transferring some of that force to the firewall I've never upgraded one, and have never seen one thats worn out. however i am upgrading gearbox mounts (did the engine mounts already) If I saw an aftermarket one for a dece price id probably buy it just so I have the peace of mind of 3 strong points while im fanging around the track
  9. Roger that, yeah Ive been in a car that had one (about 8years ago think it was one of those fusion sub tube things - tech is probably better now) and it just sounded like a louder car speaker - i.e - not splitting into a proper low pass frequency. Im gonna go have a look tomorrow and probably grab one - ive already got all the wiring to the boot so ill prob mount it to the back of the rear seat or similar
  10. Whats it like bass wise? I had a sub and amp in the boot of my RS when I first got it but I binned it because it was giant and crap - however my car speakers have like no bass at all Interested in something like this if it can relieve my door speakers and pickup some low tones
  11. Ps that's not me on your trademe auction q&a 

  12. 190 is all good imo think my Rs did 190 with similar mods (I had old Rs hydraulic heads, non semi forged pistons, maxed at 17psi and had an engine that had seen abuse for a lot of its 260,000km life, also the td05 helped out) curious us about the early knocking though at least you know the tune you now have is SAFE so every time you redline it you know there's no damage happening that was my main worry before I had a tune
  13. Count me in, just paid for the lot Had me at 10cent lunch Will try get a couple of buddies to come with me Where are you guys staying? Looks like ill be doing abit of bookabatch searching
  14. I rekon 230kw, oooo you're gonna love it when you get to drive it outa there! so glorious the first time, the second time was good too c'mon people this is a v7 sti ! cant remember what turbo you have but meh - to the moon! ^_ ^
  15. Hey bro, I went through this dilemma on mine. Ended up getting whoop as side feeds (1000cc from USA I can't remember) into phase 2 rails on top my v1 mani (yet to be tuned though) think they were 700 and arrived from overseas within a week (check my build thread can't remember where from) as it was too much of a mish going too feed. If you end up going toppies I bet loads of people would love someone knowledgable like yourself to do a write up ^_ ^ Will have some decapped blue side feeds to suit p2 rails spare soon (650 or 850cc can't remember but wasn't even close to maxing on my setup)