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  1. Brakes were the only thing that I wasn't worried about, what brakes in your sti man? Assumed they would be brembeezys
  2. Yeah we doing Thailand/Amsterdam/Germany/Denmark/Sweden . Whole Family was born in Denmark but I was the only one born here. They are from Zeeland then moved to New Zealand lol
  3. Fully keen on this but just received my itinerary and missed this by 3 days !!! -_ - Sorry to be the no show guy!
  4. Fully agree there Think I'll wait until the sessions are planned out , they mentioned last time there was over 60 clubs at a previous clubfest - not all on the track but still alot of vehicles
  5. Sounds faster than it is - ajays been sorting my rear brembo setup (bracket fabrication etc) while my car isnt there so stuffs happening in the background After the megameet i learnt that my handling was holding me back ALOT more than I thought, especially considering my power output is only average, I had the potential to get infront of a few cars in the corners but handling held me back, then in the straights I was only able to overtake people because i didnt cut out at 180
  6. Is hampton downs the track where subis need baffled sumps? might just get one made up anyway getting some new tyres tomorrow (semi-slicks are what im looking for right?) - and rear brembos next week at ajays, also upgrading both front and rear sway bars so i wont be holding back at all ^_ ^ Predicting my td05 going bang though, already sorted another one - that reminds me I have to pm speedy sub
  7. CALLING ALL CAR CLUBS!!!!! ClubFest is an opportunity to cruise with your club around Hampton Downs (National Circuit) in a safe and controlled environment. ClubFest is an affordable, single day event with sessions aimed at giving clubs more time on the track (sessions to be finalised). There are also lots of activities off the track throughout the day to keep everyone entertained. Open to Car Club's ONLY, all car clubs welcome and any sort of vehicle, no WOF or Rego required (must pass scruitineering).Downtime Entertainment has subsidised pricing for the 1st ClubFest to encourage Car Clubs to get involved. TRACK SPACES ARE LIMITED!!!Club Car (Track) - $100Club Car (Hard Park Only) - $30Spectators - $20 at the gate Passenger Bands - $5 Kids 12 and under FREE PIT GARAGES - $125 per side (30 available) - Cruising Sessions - Outdoor Show N Shine / Hard Park - Car Club Awards + Prizes - Live DJ - Food Vendors - Exhibitors + Much more!!!! Want to register your club? contact Paretauira Togia @ pare@downtimenz.com TRACK SPACES ARE LIMITED!!!! STRICTLY NO ALCOHOL, NO DOGS & NO PASS OUTS Photo Credit : Aftermarket Photography ================================================================= Just had to confirm that there was actual racing to happen, started to think this was leaning towards just "cruizing around" the track like an all day warm up session LOL jesus id peel my face off doing 6 hours of that. Theres a skid pad and a show n shine too, not that i give a f about that tbh - my rs stays dirty and i will never force it to skid unless its by accident around a corner - not on a pad pfft 1 of the sessions will be a drift session also - sounding more and more complicated
  8. Heya, so heard back from them, they saying there is room for clubsub and are sending me a form or something It has to be a club thing though - cant go unless its a club going so maybe move it to clubsub events ? unsure Will foward @Joker the email once I receive it as I dont quite know how to sort everythang! I'll ask around I know 1 other person who is keen already Any other auckland members keen ? @Batbaruman if you havnt had your car on the track yet I strongly reccomend it man! street driving doesnt come close to the fun you can legally have on the track! I redlined every gear and was only a 1000 rpm from redlining 5th !
  9. Hosted by downtime entertainment June 17 Anyone keen to go to this? Think it's a club only event, so don't know how we would apply to go? Maybe I could email them if there are there a few people keen Bit less keen if it's gonna be a whole lot of random car clubs like chosen few etc : / heard stupid stuff about a lot of smaller clubs trying to be all fast and the furious on the streets I'm just keen to have another blast on the track ^_ ^ would post a link but I'm in my phone
  10. Hey all, so went through quite a few threads an ended up with this info Do the v7 seats fit into a BC5 The answer: Yes, However you sit a good 50mm higher up in the v7 seats My helmet almost touched the ceiling of my RS on the track day, thats with the low sitting v3 seats. Found a few threads where people have done really shitty/unsafe jobs of making the v7 seats fit at the same height (not on this forum) Has anyone got any info on how to get the job done - obviously want to stay away from getting custom brackets made up, modifying existing rails doesnt really work because they are already low, its the seat bottoms that are high If not all good - just keen to close the book of a few things i have so many spare f'ing car parts at my house Cheers
  11. Managed to find a few off flat nats + playdays facebook groups, playday has like 150 photos of today. Fully didn't realise that once you picked a group that you didnt have to continue racing in that group, i chose the slow group then assumed i had to stay in that group Oh well, good practice, had a blast - especially the 2nd time out, new mustang and evo 5 show down! my blood was pumpin! private image share
  12. Just got home and all ready checking when/where the next track day is lolol my tyres were terrible, I didn't even think to get good ones - I was under the impression new tyres were good (lots of tread blah blah) was boaty as around corners lost my ps fluid cap on first session in the slow category on Lo boost - got over taken by an rx8 second session also in slow category was loads more fun - hi boost, a lot of screeching tyres and understeer, only managed to pass one car, and to my delight it was an evo 5 had some bad sounding backfires with blue smoke cloud , tyres sucked big time , ps fluid made a smokey mess and the turbo was cooking so decided to end the day there, didn't want to keep pushing it and it going bang Great day all round , was good to meet a few of you guys!, my gps clocked me at 204km/h on the straight! ^_ ^
  13. Bad ground - check your battery voltage - alternator output voltage - had similar fault with dieing alternator - seemed fine but lights would come on dash and gauges going on/off
  14. Difinately agree lol, dunno what I was thinking!
  15. Took the RS for a boost today, first time in awhile, shes goin real good ^_ ^ brakes are 10x better than factory, havnt had to slam them on yet but am confident that will do their part on the track this weekend woop :P:P
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