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  1. This has happened to me before on a few different cars. youll probably find the fronts do go 35mm lower (with the new springs in). But the rears are sometimes higher to allow for loading the rear (well that's an excuse I was given when it happened to me but I wouldn't be surprised if its bull pukka) id definately talk talk to the person who you bought them off. But not before checking the height with both the rears done and then drive it down the road and back. They will "settle" but it will be F*** all. If u do the fronts and it's still high in the rear you Could get them compressed
  2. SSuuper gutted for you man if it helps you can have my v1 heads for free - maybe swap your valve train into them? They are pretty obsolete tbh though
  3. With my new heads my 6k rpm limit is a thing of the past more like 8k when run in - well I don't wanna get too ahead of myself but I'm hoping for decent increase in all areas really
  4. keen as man but I'm already 4/5k over budget, gonna sell my rays wheels to help with that but even then I'm still over my $3,000 Rs will owe me over $25,000 lol. There comes a time in every mans life where he has to draw the line ( it sounds like I've drawn the line - but honestly I have no idea I just don't want my mrs complaining I just can't take any more complaining!)
  5. Where is your build thread? Had a look but must of either missed it or looking in the wrong area
  6. That's a mean looking inlet cover! mine has Nearly the same size inlet as the factory td05 16g. nice price man, wish I knew about these earlier, mine was 1750 for the unit, nice you went 8cm too, I went with the 7cm but wish I went with the 8.
  7. I tried to do the same with my v7 wheels. I used dragons breath. The face of the wheel came up mean but the back and inside of the rim almost had no change. I thought there would be paint under there but looks like they didn't paint the inside of the wheel so the finish is rather rough, could just be worn out though
  8. Cheers - Yeah i can't wait to see what it can do/drive it, it's booked at pbms for its run in + tune on Monday the 28th, fingers crossed it's all ready for street fighters
  9. Nice my 20g goes in stock location, stoked I don't need to get anything fabbed as my budget is being streeeeeeetched
  10. Sux about the water leak, water leaks drive me craaaazay. be sure to tell sas or whoever does the work tht that stuff is in there, and to flush the cooling system good n propa. That additive could load up your radiator full of gunk You getting it tuned? Keen as to hear your results when you done as I'll be using a similar turbo on the rs
  11. Have you considered the older legacys? Like the first ones, between 88-92, I havnt had much experience with them but I hear they have slightly above average fuel efficiency, but the great thing about that is gas stations have heaps of gas so you can get more when you need to. And the sleek interior of the facelift model is sure to impress people who are used to vehicles manufactured pre 88
  12. Either way will be pretty close imo. if your thinking of getting a turbo - just go for it I reckon, even if it cost you $20 more a week on fuel, you'll love it I reckon my daily is diesel ute, so when I get to drive my Rs I'm reminded every dang time why I love it when that turbo spools up
  13. if its TMIC and he put the pipe backk in himself, he could of acccidently unplugged the wires for the coil? (i believe the coil loom runs under the tmic and there is a plug there? might just be in the older model cars though
  14. Drove the new D-MAX in thailand, very nice ute, only drove it for a week, and on kohpangan you cant really go faster than 50km/w without risking killing loads of people. My daily is an 04 Ford courier, best vehicle ive ever bought, 2.5L Diesel turbo, people say they have gearbox problems etc - but i got it at 100,000kms and its on 206,000kms now, pulled diggers fron ak to northland, trailers, other cars out of the mud. you just have toi treat it right and get it serviced when it needs it. its never broken down on me or given any signs of problems, up untill recently ive only got it serviced and changed the tyres, recently cost me alot though, cambelt and all that jazz, all new shocks and some bushings, glow plugs, same deal with most vehicles though. drives like a dream again
  15. Theres a club subber with the plate BC5RS already - Keen as for a word, tried loads of variables last night but ended up giving up, best i got to was RAIJ1N, hes a japanese god of thunda, so keeping with the thunda theme, and the car is japanese. But when im not sure of something it usually means i dont want it enough to do anything about it Ill probably just sell the voucher