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  1. hey all, its on 2morro - 2pm onwards, (2morro being SUNDAY 4th december 2016)
  2. listed it for sale... end of an era!
  3. Its on 2morro if anyone is keen!
  4. Meet at quay st countdown
  5. Next one is THIS sunday... if its raining we will meet at quay st countdown -will try to post up on sunday an hour or so before with which location
  6. OLD: NEW:
  7. Next one is 27th march c u there
  8. I have the pic's... will post on my break today -new one is pretty easy so should get the game going again
  9. Contact Nick at Autotintz for sure!
  10. Not sure ill be there... coming back from hamz that morn after autofest and moving house in the afternoon!
  11. I know where it is, ill try 2 get up there this w.e if i can find some time
  12. Old... Orewa. New:
  13. Sorry it took so long, but here are some pics I quickly snapped after the last bastion meet
  14. The next one is January 17th 2016 Unfortunitly i cant edit the title myself as i do not have those abilities anymore, but im sure our rep will do it when he can... Hope to see you all there