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  1. Hey guys I know this has been ages since we last talked about this but for some reason my interest has been re-sparked to get this working. Where did we get to with the A1100D ECU?
  2. AHH right gotcha. The only knowledge I have is of JDM species ;D
  3. Actually, the reason it wont start is because the BH's have a fuel pump CONTROLLER. You have to run a wire from the ECU behind the dash to the fuel pump relay. You'll also need to do a loop by the controller too. See photo here: http://car.chriswiggins.co.nz/Manuals/BH-Fuel-Pump-Diagrams.jpg You can also see the location of the controller here: http://car.chriswiggins.co.nz/Parts_and_Modifications/ There's heaps of info there that ReubenH and myself collected whilst doing my conversion. Feel free to use it all Cheers Chris
  4. It may have been taken out. If that's the case, then there will be a white square plug and a black rounded plug. I believe only the amped systems got a 6x9 Subwoofer in the boot too. So if you don't have one of those, and can't see the white and black plugs under the drivers seat, you don't have an amped system
  5. Under the drivers seat there is an amped in the amped verison
  6. Yeah the kakimoto was awesome, but way way too loud
  7. Or just get two kits and have one one way and the other the other way??
  8. I too am interested in finding this out. I did some digging a while back and it seems that the only way is using the remote unfortunately.
  9. Plenty around, check the single turbo conversion thread or wait for Reubs, pretty sure he has them...
  10. Necessary comment? Didn't see you get voted in? :
  11. So deathz0r, when do we get to get down and dirty with the new forum software and host? ;D (Yes, I would LOVE to help )
  12. I have found that the RE050's have been fantastic thus far. On the few rainy days that we've had since Christmas, I have been unable to make them slip. Chris
  13. Just a question regarding this, do they filter the air that is recycled or only air that comes from outside? If I don't use my AC in a while, and then turn it on, I get the lovely old-smokers-car stench. :-\ Cheers Chris
  14. Scenic Drive - Titirangi to Swanson is the best road that I've ever driven. Then again I don't do much driving as a poor Uni student haha
  15. chrisjunkie

    Sub box design

    Lets face it, it's dead haha
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