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    2013: '00 B4 RSK Rev.C (sold 2014 June)
    2014: '99 STi Type RA V5.10 (Twinscroll setup with complete v10 GDB driveline), Still own.
    2018: '01 Legacy GT Rev.D 'E-Tune'

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  1. Well, I got it running after about 4 weeks of faffing round with getting some Radium fuel rails that weren't stuffed out of the box. Side note, Patrick at pbms was really helpful. With that sorted, it's also fixed the fuel leak I was experiencing. Boy this thing absolutely rips. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. Thaaaats not true anymore. The Rev A-D are all tunable now. An Lal at custom culture and tuning tunes them. There's also the group out of the UK AFAIK that sell off the shelf tunes and equipment for em. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. Theoretically, yes. Reality no. The MAF should be able to take care of any variation in airflow from turbo differences. Wouldn't hurt getting the car tuned if it hasn't been before though. They really come alive after one.
  4. I mean, if you want to consider selling that HKS exhaust, I'm fairly certain my RA could do with a nicer exhaust than this s****y looking 3" I've got on my car currently lol. F*cking mushroom tip muffler that subirex put on it is heinous
  5. What you stated but also their divorced downpipe works about as well as two people who actually had a REALLY bad divorce. It's a poorly cut basically gas axed hole in the pipe... The rust is a big one but also the fact the exhaust doesn't actually come finished, and the welds overall are trash in comparison to the near HKS level of pricing you pay for it.
  6. I dunno. If I were in your shoes, unless its hitting the ground or sounds bad etc I probably wouldn't change? I do not rate the rage exhaust systems tbh. For what you pay and what you get and need to do it's a bit 'meh'. At this point it's a case of 'Do as you want' but there very likely will be some power loss.
  7. Just so we're clear, I'm NOT certain you will see spool differences when still using a single scroll turbo. When using a twinscroll turbo that's actually made for it, yeah you would.
  8. Theoretically there shouldn't be any issue as your total flow is still limited by the factory turbo. if anything the engine should run a little healthier as they've got individual runners a lot further from the port. I wouldn't worry about driving it before the tune, just don't be a savage on it incase it does introduce a significant change to your engine.
  9. Sorry bud, Have replied to you just now
  10. Yeah, you could reach out to GCG turbo in AUS, as they could make one, but you could say goodbye to north of 3k Otherwise, you could find a blown legacy twinscroll turbo, send it to murch and be like "I want power plz" and he'll build you a new turbo.
  11. I'm willing to bet you got Legacy ones. Which aren't bad. I can sell you a twinscroll to singlescroll up-pipe if you'd like. That's $150 but you'll spend 5x as much getting one made or twisted.
  12. There's heaps available.... You just gotta twist the turbskis
  13. I mean, fair enough. I run a V7 STi engine in my Type RA with STi twinscroll headers. Sounds absolutely wild when on boost. As for twinscroll vs single, twinscroll really does come on earlier and feels nicer throughout the range imho. Worth the upgrade.
  14. My 10 cents. Since you're aiming for the mid 200kws, a murch turbo may be the good middle ground option. It'll still be 'new' (refreshed), larger comp blade and a good trimmed wheel. He can alternatively recore it entirely with his own core as well and make it something else other than a VF22. Personally I think you're paying a lot (says the guy who spent 5k in fabrication work for his turbo kit alone lol) if you go the in GCG direction. It's a $3000+ turbo. Imho, I'd by FAR prefer pulling that engine out, take those heads off and get some cams and $500 worth of porting to clean up the castings and maybe get some flow once getting that turbo refreshed.
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