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  1. Just so we're clear, I'm NOT certain you will see spool differences when still using a single scroll turbo. When using a twinscroll turbo that's actually made for it, yeah you would.
  2. Theoretically there shouldn't be any issue as your total flow is still limited by the factory turbo. if anything the engine should run a little healthier as they've got individual runners a lot further from the port. I wouldn't worry about driving it before the tune, just don't be a savage on it incase it does introduce a significant change to your engine.
  3. Sorry bud, Have replied to you just now
  4. Yeah, you could reach out to GCG turbo in AUS, as they could make one, but you could say goodbye to north of 3k Otherwise, you could find a blown legacy twinscroll turbo, send it to murch and be like "I want power plz" and he'll build you a new turbo.
  5. I'm willing to bet you got Legacy ones. Which aren't bad. I can sell you a twinscroll to singlescroll up-pipe if you'd like. That's $150 but you'll spend 5x as much getting one made or twisted.
  6. There's heaps available.... You just gotta twist the turbskis
  7. I mean, fair enough. I run a V7 STi engine in my Type RA with STi twinscroll headers. Sounds absolutely wild when on boost. As for twinscroll vs single, twinscroll really does come on earlier and feels nicer throughout the range imho. Worth the upgrade.
  8. My 10 cents. Since you're aiming for the mid 200kws, a murch turbo may be the good middle ground option. It'll still be 'new' (refreshed), larger comp blade and a good trimmed wheel. He can alternatively recore it entirely with his own core as well and make it something else other than a VF22. Personally I think you're paying a lot (says the guy who spent 5k in fabrication work for his turbo kit alone lol) if you go the in GCG direction. It's a $3000+ turbo. Imho, I'd by FAR prefer pulling that engine out, take those heads off and get some cams and $500 worth of porting
  9. Well, this has to be potentially one of the most frustrating weekends I've had with Subarus in a VERY long time. warning. LONG read. tl;dr LOTS of things don't go my way. Things broke that shouldn't have broke. I consider insurance fraud. I fixed it after putting in WAY too many stressful hours. I'm definitely not selling it now because it owes me WAY too much money. Also, @SAS Richard, thank you for the help on identifying the issue from over 1200km away Man knows so much about Subarus it's not funny. Kinda is, comical but guru
  10. Honestly, there's a huge variance in things to buy. As far as it goes for getting a legacy with the McIntosh stereo systems, they're dated and likely just going to get ripped out anyway. Like the one in my legacy which is completely stuffed. But what can you expect for a 20yr old car. So don't let this be a selling point because the likelihood is it's trash or soon going to be. Personally the late model (07) BP5 Legacys are really nice cars. They've got nice interior etc and really are the end of where the legacys felt like a 'drivers' car. To be fair, they never reall
  11. Got all the gaskets for the legacy engine. Plus others which I saw were being sold and had low quantity so bought them anyway. Because reasons. I'm really gonna be glad to get this legacy going again. It's been far too long.
  12. If you ever want to swap your S203 for a really modified Type RA with over 300kw, let me know
  13. That's a big yikes. That sorta balancing time is $$$
  14. Just a nice photo from beginning of this year at Leadfoot
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