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  1. That looks gorgeous! Really nice and tidy BH Also, shameless plug for anyone reading. Theres a one day sale for anything Link related. can do up to 30% off and taking pre-orders until Thursday. Sale day is Friday. Cash preferable. But I wanna hook up the clubbies and best as I can. Let me know if you want Link gear or ECUs. because, basically... the Storm G4x goes from $1950+gst to under $1350+gst.... Good deals to be had y'all. Over the weekend, I pulled the engine out of my Legacy.... Because blown headgasket. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay... It's sah dirteh That crap you see on the oil filter? Yeah, that filter has only been on there 6mo.... big yikes.
  2. Also, a side note to the above. As much as I wish to support local businesses (subaru NZ or a dealership), their pricing is absolutely pathetic and makes it economically unviable to even do headgaskets for an engine in a older or stock car. For example, at a discounted price, I was quoted just over $960 Want an example of price differences. 11044AA483 (headgasket) - NZ: $109.71ea Partsouq: $43.08ea 806933010 (o-ring) - NZ: $5.45ea Partsouq: $1.59ea 13293AA051 (Spark plug seal) - NZ: $13.41ea Partsouq: $5.45ea 13270AA162 (r cover gasket) - NZ: $24.38ea Partsouq: $10.18ea 13272AA094 (R cover gasket) - NZ: $24.38 Partsouq: $10.18ea 11095AA042 (cylinder head bolts) - NZ: $25.30ea Partsouq (revised part 11095AA123): $5.16 11051AA070 (half moon seals) - NZ: $17.71ea Partsouq: $3.49ea 806733030 (oil seal) - NZ: $18.98ea Partsouq: $4.05ea 14038AA000 (exhaust gasket) - NZ: $22ea Partsouq: $4.33 and the absolute best for last. This is an absolute piss take for pricing. 14035AA421 (intake manifold gasket) - NZ: $32.91ea Partsouq: $3.90ea Want the biggest kicker? Before you jump in saying 'Well that's before GST and shipping!" Shipping is a total of $37.61 NZD on FedEx 2-5 day courier. And all those prices for the gaskets in NZ.... Yeah those are plus GST....
  3. Well, I placed my largest order off partsouq to date so far. Ordered just over 82 individual gaskets. Some for the RA with it's upcoming sleeved 2.35L build, but mostly for the legacy which has decided to blow a headgasket unfortunately.
  4. Saturday, Well, engine came back out! Fixed the misaligned clutch. Put the oil drain on, with heat shielding. Deleted the GDB clutch bleed setup in favour of single braided line. Got that around the wrong way. Fixed that. Engine in, wastegates off to check spring pressures. Now both have 7psi springs. Flumbled around trying to figure out how to get it all to fit in there. Turns out, turbo on first, then engine in, then downpipe, then wastegate dump pipe on wastegate, then wastegates in place. She's a little tooooight Also fiddled with fuel lines. Plumbed the -8 AN lines to the stock body for the time being. Then today! Get under the car to install exhaust manifold on engine. Promptly get it half on, drop it on my face, break my nose. Mint. Hospital check because recently had surgery on my nose and would rather sort that now lol. Reattempt getting manifold on without breaking nose again, am successful. Yuss. Replace the fittings in the wastegates, because old and cruddy. Cut heat shielding to size for boost lines. Run vac lines for wastegates. #goodenuff Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. Well, the engine is back in my Type RA. Sort of. All in all, that turbo looks reaaaal at home. excuse the mess that is the engine bay. Should maybe have it running next weekend. We'll see how motivated I am haha. It'll need to come out again as the darn clutch didn't line up properly, and when I went to pull the engine back out to fix it, the hoist decided today was the day it blew it's seals.
  6. I mean, for the few hundred that blast plates cost, vs the cost/risk of breaking teeth of a dog gearset, I'd choose the blast plates.
  7. I'd definitely be putting a VF30 and STi Pink injectors in there. If you're not a savage they normally last quite long. Some are better than others but it's luck of the draw.
  8. Got the new wiring harness for my Type RA. Good lord this harness is tidy. This is after just a very quick nasty throw it on the motor. Much happy haha. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. +1 on getting SAS to do your tune. Also I'd have @SAS Do your downpipe. They're currently making my turbo setup and it is absolutely hnnnnnnnng level of awesomeness. Photos to come once done
  10. in short, it won't happen unfortunately. There's no technical issues in doing it, everything you'd need would literally just bolt on in, but you'll spend more time and money than just buying a GF8 outright. Save some money, just buy the car.
  11. You've gotta wonder what little intricacies car manufacturers have built in, but have never really been noticed or taken heed of lol
  12. So whats the normal price for the large one you linked? I just see $750 and no drop.
  13. My dyno sheet says 5.249:1 with a 1.0 tcf. I think those dyno numbers are a bit misleading, unless they're trying to see what crank horsepower is. But if that's wanted, used an engine dyno Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  14. it's 100% a GGA. Not a GGB (STi). GGB also comes with a 6 speed manual transmission. You probably have a 5spd.
  15. I'm not really sure of what you're asking here? If you want big boost and big torque, you are going to need better heads and cams. Ironically I've got a set for sale which have been worked heavily going to a 92.5mm piston, you'll likely want i beam rods for that sort of boost. you'd have no choice but to build your auto or go manual as you'll just push straight through your converter and likely cook the box. Pinning/dowling the mains and line honing would be a must. but I'm going to reiterate on the head side of things even if you don't buy mine, you will need head work done and will never achieve what you want on stock heads.
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