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  1. had a chat with the seller and it turns out it is neither a rebuild nor new engine. It is just cambelt and radiator replacemet. Not interested anymore. Cheers
  2. Hi Waikato member, I am still hunting for a SG9 and this is one turn up in Cambridge on Trademe. I just wonder if anyone nearby can do a check for me. TM link below: Any chance it is from our club member or known by our member? The lister comfirm the car has a new engine put in by Subaru but I wonder it is second hand rebuit or brand new block? Also it is repainted and why? Please PM if you are able to check out the car on behalf. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank Kiwi-Fozze for the advices. Thank SpeedySub for the checking.
  4. Hi Christchurch team, I am looking to get myself a "FAMILY" SUV and the first one I can think of is a Forester !!!!!! On trademe there is a STI version on sale in Christchurch with reasonable mileage and price I think?! Just wondering if anyone can do a initial check for me before I get into detail negotiation with the saler. Or does anyone knows about the car? Thanks and Cheers
  5. cheers guys, good amount of option.
  6. Hi Guys, Where do you go for your wheel alignment?
  7. understand as it features your RAR. Unfortunately Best Motoring never had done one on my S202.
  8. I like the look of 22B very much but is it that quick? I have seen some Best Motoring drag and track races with feature 22B and others JDM (EVO, STI, GTR etc) but it lost to the others in most of them. Here is an example in youtube. It even lost to its base build STI V4.
  9. I would love to join but Sat doesnt work for me. It is family day.
  10. Tried and quoted with similar price around $110.
  11. cheers mate
  12. Hi guys, looking to send a set of 17' alloy with 225/45 tyre to Wellington. Which courier gives the best deal? or anyone traveling down to? Pickup from Mt Alert, Auckland to Johnsonville, Wellington. Cheers
  13. problem solved. a mate has AA free tow service.
  14. Bad day. Just got my civic breakdown on road at SH2 Petone on ramp toward CBD. Parked on the shoulder. Can anyone just a tow company and how much would that cost? It will be even great if anyone can tow me back to Johnsonville.
  15. It is off the listing that is why i am guessing