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  1. Has anyone in here have the DRL c lights? issue was my left hand side DRL decided not to go ,is it just a simple bulb replacement or have to replace everything? Low and high and signal lights are working just the “c led” any help would be hightly appreciated. thank you.
  2. Hi, First Im no guru or any subaruwiz 😂 . Having it tune with or without replacing the downpipe will be beneficial but IMO having an aftermarket dp will make it far more better it will save you atleast another tune when you decide to get an aftermarket dp in the future. Intake apparently as per my tuner isnt really going to give you a big gain with the basic modification ive done so thats a saving for me. But if you want to have that intake noises then its up to you, seen a lot of good feedback on processwest intake. I went into catted downpipe as i just think that its the safer route rather than having paranoid with boost creep, thats just me tho but a lot of people will say catless are better and as long as its properly tuned you wont have a problem. ive went into catted and didnt have to replace my boost solenoid as it was suggested by the tuner. The modifications on my car is invidia r400, 3”catted downpipe, stock intake with KnN filter (washed out the oil first) , process west TMIC(better cooling and preventing heat soak) aem fuel pump. I went on to ecutek tune, just because ive heard a lot of good feedback about it not just here but even outside the country. They can offer you as well an app that you can use as an accesport like the cobb ones.
  3. Thanks andy mac. Will definetly look and ring them
  4. Good day, *please let me know if i wrongfully posted this question in this category* I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place to do a premium service on my V11 around bay of plenty area? I used to go to hamilton but now that warranty is out i am pretty much open. I do live here in Rotorua and theres 1 shop that i might consider. Just really looking for an option. Any information will be appreciated. thank you
  5. Thank you all for the help. Sorted now so i do uust have to change the disc into 326mm size.😅
  6. Hi guys! Appreciate all your comments. so i went to have a look on trade me and some sells smaller diameter than 330 and states “fits” brembos. So wasnt sure about that but yeah was thinking will be bigger rotors will solve this issue? this is a photo of what i meant of the brembos Being thick.
  7. Hi andy mac, its 5x114 unfortunately. Hi grip, i was measuring my stock ones and they are similar on size and same (5x114) however my rear disc seems to be bit smaller than the front so the disc that i got with the brembos are more likely for fronts
  8. Yes sir, its allgood i guess ill try again but yeah im fine with the web at the moment
  9. Thanks grip. I think it might have been a rear disc, what should be the size of the front disc? So would you say i need to get another set of front disc?
  10. hi grip. yep just the front and i do have the discs that came with the brembos. Tried my stock and the discs came with it . Same issue even it has the same size pattern and bolt pattern
  11. Tried but yeah still can not do anything on tapatalk. Algood just going to use web haha thank you jokee
  12. Hi boon, thank you for the responses, please forgive me as im a newb and not sure with parts name etc. So without the rotors the brembos perfectly bolt in. But when the rotors are IN that piece which is encircled wont go in as its to thick comparing to the stock one. Im not sure with the difference between the backing plates but as per videos that i have seen on youtube.. it was just pretty much straightforward taking out and putting in new caliper To a “WRX” v11, which i would say has the same set up as mine.
  13. See the size comparison of it? it does have the perfect bolt to it. It just wont go in as the size is bit different.
  14. Hi, Tried using tapatalk for the forum but i cant seem have the right to post on the page however tried using the web and it seems that i can use the forum as per normal use. any one having same issue? Or any recommendation on any app that is similar to tapatalk? Thank you
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