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  1. Thanks for that so is that from protecta too? Yeah i guess that was my thought too tho just looking if people “do” actually get one . Thank you for the info
  2. Hi, i was wondering if what are your take on MBI’s? Is it worth it? Will i get away with an exhaust modification? just wondering if it does worth having or just save the money for a proper high quality maintenance.? cheers
  3. 😂 im in the same boat. might bite that ali express stuff😂
  4. Thank you heaps. Must be classic cars is the go they actually qouted me good price thought im just not really sure of the KM limit on it.
  5. Hi joker, never used one does that have extra payment? Could you go thru me with the details thank you
  6. Sorry for this post i was trying to make a proper post but then it went somewhere. Forgive me if this has been asked or been talked to in another post feel free to enlighten me and lead me to the post wherein similar to this. i have a 2014sti and looking for best insurance company so far have qoutes from STAR, classic cars and club auto. which you guys went or prefer? thank you..
  7. Thank you for all the response, you all are right. much appreciated for all the suggestion. cheers.
  8. Thanks for that. I do expect that its going to be in that route but yeah like the other comment i might try and maybe get a donor or something and use that.:)
  9. Hi sir, thanks for the detailed response. Like i said its just a matter of deciding factor as per your opinion, that gives me like yep maybe just give up and yes i do know about the LVV cert that needed to be done and yes i do know it will be costly im Just looking here in NZ if theres an actual person which i heard there is one. I’ve seen one converted in malaysia which has the same spec and apparently having an aftermarket ecu will definetly make it more smoother. thank you for that. Hi sir, thanks for the info i do have the feeling that it will always comes down to that
  10. Hi subaru gurus, Question is plain and simple yet i believe it’s a complicated question. first of all i’ve done some few research and yes it is a hard work that i do get the same answer everytime i do ask this question. I am wondering if is there anyone here in NZ at all done a transmission conversion on this model? (AT to MT) how long did it took and how much money did u throw on it to be done wheter DIY OR a reputable shop. I did ask few reputable shop and got the same answer which is very practical (sell the car and get a manual), i do underst
  11. Has anyone in here have the DRL c lights? issue was my left hand side DRL decided not to go ,is it just a simple bulb replacement or have to replace everything? Low and high and signal lights are working just the “c led” any help would be hightly appreciated. thank you.
  12. Hi, First Im no guru or any subaruwiz 😂 . Having it tune with or without replacing the downpipe will be beneficial but IMO having an aftermarket dp will make it far more better it will save you atleast another tune when you decide to get an aftermarket dp in the future. Intake apparently as per my tuner isnt really going to give you a big gain with the basic modification ive done so thats a saving for me. But if you want to have that intake noises then its up to you, seen a lot of good feedback on processwest intake. I went into catted downpipe as i ju
  13. Thanks andy mac. Will definetly look and ring them
  14. Good day, *please let me know if i wrongfully posted this question in this category* I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place to do a premium service on my V11 around bay of plenty area? I used to go to hamilton but now that warranty is out i am pretty much open. I do live here in Rotorua and theres 1 shop that i might consider. Just really looking for an option. Any information will be appreciated. thank you
  15. Thank you all for the help. Sorted now so i do uust have to change the disc into 326mm size.😅
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