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    • Replaced my front brake pads yesterday and done my regular 6,000km oil change today. I’ve done 10 oil changes now on this build (60,000km since the motor went back in) and each one of them has had this same amount of glitter…
    • Out of interest what turbo was it that had the IWG75? Did it make a decent difference with boost control?   They make a IWG75 specifically for the VF39, VF48 single scroll turbos, so wondering if one of those would bolt straight to a VF22 provided the Comp housings have the mounting bolts on the same spot.
    • So while I haven't put a turbosmart gate onto a VF22, I went from a VF22 to a turbo with an IWG-75, and did take side-by-side pictures, it looks like it'd bolt right up.      
    • It should very definitely not be a VF46. They’re a USDM/AUDM plus some NZ new spec thing for Legacy’s, a JDM facelift GT BP should have either a VF44 or 45. the stampings are quite hard to read so you could be mistaking a 45 for a 46?   The headers and uppipe look completely different between them too so you could tell for sure with them. 
    • I have a 2007 legacy GT automatic, Japanese import with the 2.0 EJ20X. The car has a VF46 on it but from reading different articles some people say it should be a VF44 and others say it should be in the VF46.   just wanting clarification if anybody has a solid answer.   Thanks
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