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  1. Hey guys, Whats the main genuine parts website? Its located in the UAE. I cant for the life of me remember the name and I have bought from them before. Cheers!
  2. I was going to do a thread for the new build.. But its easier to share photos so follow it here.
  3. Sorted. Cheers guys. Might have to do a build thread now!
  4. Still looking for a GC8 shell if anyone knows of anything around.
  5. Nah, just about to begin prepping it for next season and as its going to be stripped its a good time to make it safer. But I also don't want to go through the hassle of extending my current cage again... Awesome - Thanks Tony!
  6. Bit of a long shot but there was a PBMS caged GC8 body on Trademe recently.. Does anyone know the owner and how I can get in touch with them? Not sure if it sold or not but I cant even find a link to the expired ad now. Cheers!
  7. Taupo Track 1 - 1.35.6 on Hankook Z221 soft compound.
  8. Thanks Tony. That lap time got me a 10 second penalty.. Haha. A lot to work on but I'm well and truly hooked!
  9. I misread your question as 'what is that thing?' haha. Its a closed deck 2.35 with a gt3582r on E85. V5 heads, kelford cams, STI valves/springs/head studs..
  10. V5 heads and sti head studs... Engine was originally only built for 300 odd kws but I couldnt help myself. a money pit.
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