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  1. Ah that's right, my bad. Although if I remember the wiring diagrams note it pretty clearly and there are just a few swapped pins. Can't say I've tried it though. Think there is/was a thread about this problem a few years ago - and I don't remember the outcome of that. Super helpful today haha
  2. Likely yes. However doing that it'd be advisable to run 98 octane or better. Interesting question actually, NZDM tune + some boost vs. JDM tune with pulled timing due to poor fuel
  3. I used a kit from Autolign when I had factory struts, very similar looking to the generic image here http://www.autolign.co.nz/catalogue/alignment-parts/camber-adjusting-bolts with a cam mid shaft Unlike the previous posted picture that appears to have a zinc finish the appearance is sort of of a sandblasted grey, I was told they are hardened, or that may have been written on the box Bit of a pain to install but no issues and could achieve at least -1deg on factory GC rear Might still have them around since I went to adjusties, haven't seen them for awhile though
  4. Fortyone sorted me a 4pc kit for a reasonable price a few months ago. Ask 41 for a price
  5. whats that Mike? personally i have no idea what differentiates 'forged' from 'semi-forged' or even if its a real thing. i just know cast ≠ forged care to link the sales brochure? the cross hatch pattern is produced from the sand casting process... it indicates a cast part. youtube has some great production videos
  6. apart from the valve clearance, they look very similar to my '95 v2 sti ra factory forged set
  7. Try http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?46299-ClubSub-Technical-FAQ-*Beta* Scroll to the DIY section, then look for the knock sensor how to under Engine
  8. I would recommend jacking the car up and using axle stands on the rear of the car. If you raise the car from the front the gearbox oil can drain through the hole left by removing the reverse switch. If you clean instead of replacing it as suggested above, it would be a good idea to test it is working electrically before refitting. Rossub's diagram doesn't look like a 5MT box, if your car is a GC8 the switches are on the left hand side of the transfer section of the gearbox
  9. nope not yet sorry and i think i managed to delete that working thread by accident unless Dane can find it
  10. Non Specific Technical Discussion General Info Specs / Docs / Manuals / Info Links Suitable Oils -Swindog Engine General EJ20 engines are all the same YEAH RIGHT Closed vs Semi vs Open Deck Blocks Non interference or interference Surge Tank discussion Running in Turbo Oil Starvation Caution when replacing brake booster vacuum hose Air/Oil Separator discussion Turbo Garrett turbos comparisons Chassis removing side intrusion bars Steering / Suspension Remote PS reservoir Remote mounted power steering reservoirs? What did you pay for your CERT for COILOVERS/ADJUSTIES JDM Pinks vs RCE Yellow/Black (springs) Strut braces - What fits what? Sway bars - what fits what Sway bars Whiteline Swaybars.....Who's tried them? 21mm vs 22mm Rear Sway bar? sway bar end linkage? caster mods Subframe lock bolts steal lower arms, alloy, and late model alloy lower arms V7 STi control arm geometry steel arm to alloy arm swap -lower balljoint issue Control arm bushes - Liquid coming out? STI vs Standard Hubs Gearbox / Drivetrain Brakes Better brakes? -Article Track Pads Track Pads #2 Track Pads #3 Street Pads Brembo Pads Brembo Pads #2 C Plus brake Pads Bendix Ultimate Pads Znoelli Pads Endless Pads Mintex 1166 Pads 290mm Rear R180 Rotor with 190mm handbrake shoe part code? Cracking rotors at Trackdays What rotors to buy? What rotors to buy #2 To slot or not to slot? Removing Rotors help Brake bleeding issues Brake master cylinders Disabling ABS ABS delete Brake Cooling Brake upgrade options? brakes upgrade info Brake upgrade - 2 pots or 4 pots? Braided Brake lines Braided Brake lines #2 Braided Brake lines #3 2 Pot rear brake conversion 2pots to my sti difference between v6 sti four pot and brembos 4 pots and 15 inch wheels -> check the DIY FAQ for more brake conversion info Wheels / Tyres What rubber and Wheel dimensions does everyone run? Advice on Tyres Tyre Choice Thread New rubber? new tyres Tyre Reviews UK What tyres for drag racing...slicks or semi slicks RE002 or ... ? Funny handling with RE070s Goodyear Eagle F1's - good vs bad toyo r888 vs bridgestone re11 Kumho 711 Toyo Proxes 4 or T1R AutoSock: Chain replacement for snow / ice Stretched Tyres Small light wheels for Impreza? Tyre pressures? Electrical Fuses ENGLISH! (!) mark on dash AVS Car Security - Alarm Questions/Help Section Setting base timing on G4 possum link ecu 4plug pinouts laptop cord for subarus OBD I and OBD II soulutions OBD Fault Codes (external link) OBDII to RS232 G4 flat shiift/launch control? ID1000 dead times on a G4 One indicator ticking faster then the other? Map sensor rating? Battery relocation Question alarm + turbo timer clash -> check the INFORMATIONAL FAQ for more error code info Interior / Gadgets / In Car Entertainment WRX/STI Seats into my..... Steering boss V4 w/Airbag? Removing broken Key from Lock Gauges - SHOW US what you have Greddy profec B spec II circuit diagram / PCB pics tactrix not working? car air conditioning not blowing cold air Exterior Removing scratches from headlights Removing scratches from headlights #2 Headlight Polishing #3 Engine bay cleaning Is fibreglassing really that hard ? Bonnet gas struts cut, polish, scratch removal, general detailing questions best polish to use so I don't get swirly patterns? Guard flaring/rolling. Reversed scoop installing bonnet pins Getting a windscreen out.. LED park lights Park lights will not turn off
  11. OLDSCHOOL - LEONE / BRAT / SVX / JUSTY / ACE Technical Discussion General Info Specs / Docs / Manuals / Info Links The *best* Subaru Ace Database. -Doris The Hunt For The Subaru ACX-II -Article What is the chassis code for the brumbies? Engine General Brumby motor swap EJ to EA adapter plates Turbo "Over boost"/ Cut out on 1986 Leone RXII Chassis / Driveline / Suspension EA82 Gearbox Identification SVX Manual conversion? brumby g/box wrx/sti conversion Leone Height Adjustable Shocks rebuild discussion 6 Stud or 5 stud Conversion Help with 1989 Brumby handbrake setup Electrical Warning lights at certon Revs on Leone Interior / Gadgets / In Car Entertainment Heater Fan Resistor replacement - 87 leone RX coupe Exterior Leone with vortex front end RX/II turbo exhaust size
  12. FORESTER / TRIBECA / EXIGA / XV Technical Discussion General Info Specs / Docs / Manuals / Info Links STi vs standard s/tb? 08 STI - 09 Forester XT conversion! forester models Engine General Turbo motor swap into a non turbo SF Fozzie SG5 Fuel Pump Removal Airbox for 1999 Forester STI wrx intercooler rocker cover parts numbers sf5 typeA 98 stb Turbo vf24 vs vf22 : upgrade Factory Boost For Foz Chassis / Driveline / Suspension V3 GF8 STi suspension into an SF STI springs for a Foresters Lowering SG9 sti GC8 goodies into forester? Lower Arm Brace and K Brace Strut brace - any point? sf5 brake upgrade Electrical Code 22 Knock Sensor - 1997 S/tb ej 20 turbo ECU choice for turbo / injector change Fitting cruise control to an Exiga Interior / Gadgets / In Car Entertainment Cabin air filters WRX Rear seats in a foz? Exterior GC8 Exhaust onto a foz?
  13. IMPREZA Specific Discussion General Info Specs / Docs / Manuals / Info Links Is my WRX an STI? By Johnnynz, Impreza RA and STI RA model info Best bang for buck mods discussion Impreza RA and STI RA model info By readosnr V7 and above tuning By mattapo Engine General WRX V2 sti injectors. V2 Grey vs. V3 Yellow Sti vs non Sti blocks V7 and above tuning WRX STI V8 INFO PRO's & CON's flipping the manifold BH5B TT Intake Manifold stripped. Compared to V6 STI -Rosssub V3/4 97-98 FSM download link By Jono24 Turbo TD05 vs. VF23 GDB FMIC advice Conversions 6 speed conversion 6 speed Gearbox into gc8 Chassis / Driveline / Suspension GC1 chassis DCCD Info retro fit DCCD V7 STi +38 offset? BP Legacy wheels on a GC8 Differences in gearboxes: GTB, V3/V4 WRX/STI Upgrading brakes on my V2 STI RA brembos on a GC/GF sourcing V3 STI RA Rotors Electrical CEL code 31, EJ20G TPS Throttle Position Sensor (Gen1 Legacy / WRX V1-2 only) -kamineko CEL code 42, Idle switch (Gen1 Legacy / WRX V1-2 only) -kamineko V7 sti ecu in a V6 V7 wrx to sti headlight conversion ECU question V7 vs V8 can you run a v8 ecu in a v7? v8 sti ecu tune flashed to v7 JDM STi Ecu in Nz New WRx (ver5) 2 wire change Clock Has Died MY99 WRX Interior / Gadgets / In Car Entertainment Exterior Removal of spoiler bonnets 3/4 vs 5/6 RA roof vent General info - By Pelvin
  14. http://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/41047-subaru-keyless-entry-remote-resolved/&do=findComment&comment=537880LEGACY Specific Discussion General Info Specs / Docs / Manuals / Info Links Turbo Legacy homepage Written By a past member (now gone did anyone get a cache or copy of it?) Some Model Code Info - boostin Recommended performance upgrades for BH/BE Rosssub's GTB Writeup Goldmine Engine General Head Gasket info Gen1 Intakes BE/BH Intake Snorkus/Resonator Delete - Rosssub Fuel Lines / 2 Regulators DIY Replace your alternator and power steering belt - ryanstev DIY Replacing coils - Durty-Sanchez DIY How to install a BOV in Subaru TT cambelt 99 B4 RSK How to - DrDarkMatter TT TMIC pipe upgrade revision 3 - by Rosssub BE/BH replacement inlet hose for TT? - by Rosssub V7 STi cooler to BH/BE - Sort of how-to - by Marky GT-B exhaust muffler actuator BH5B TT Intake Manifold stripped. Compared to V6 STI - Rosssub BH5 Fuel Pump Swap - Rosssub Twin Turbo System turbo units used on twin turbo engines BH Primary upgrade - sorta kinda how-to - by Marky Secondary Turbo Replacement - by Rosssub Can you replace a TT's primary turbo with any primary off any series? Swapping VF13 & 14 For VF18 & 19? 20TT turbo lagg (VOD) discussion 1 VOD discussion 2 The "Hose 10" Mod - BE/BH - by Marky AussieDM B4 Restrictor pill locations best diagram/info of twin turbo system By lachlan Twin turbo diagrams - boostin B4 Vacuum diagram By Marky Inside the BBOD - by Rosssub Gutting catalytic converters? Turbo Conversion The Single Turbo Conversion Thread 2.0 - ReubenH Reubens Second Single Conversion thread - ReubenH Gazzy's TT to Single turbo conversion - 2001 GT-B BH5 - gazzy2000 BH5 Twin Turbo to Single Turbo document - Wiring modifications *All you need* - gazzy2000 Gazzy2000 - yet another BG5a TT to ST conversion - gazzy2000 Gazzy's BG5 project anudda TT to ST project - gazzy2000 Rosssub's Single Turbo Conversion - Rosssub Idiots guide to converting your legacy to parallel - Marky Chassis / Driveline / Suspension Center diff gone in your BH? heres a VERY cheap option - gazzy2000 Suspension Bush Upgrade - Rosssub Dccd conversion on gen 1 RS 6 Speed DCCD into BP5 GC/GF suspension fit BG5? Replacing rear trailing arm bushings trailing arm & control arm bushes Sti 4 pots on to legacy? 4 Pots on to BG Legacy 2 Pot STI Brake Upgrade For BE/BH - Rosssub 2 pot rear brembos bh5 BP 3.0R rotors BG5 Pads and Rotors Electrical CEL code 31, EJ20G TPS Throttle Position Sensor (Gen1 Legacy / WRX V1-2 only) - kamineko CEL code 42, Idle switch (Gen1 Legacy / WRX V1-2 only) - kamineko CEL code 65 / 66 -some stuff CEL code 66 -some more stuff BS light 1990 VZ ECU Pinouts BC5 BG5a WRX (4 plug) pinouts BC/BF ECU's 4 plug TT Legacy to 3 plug WRX Ecu Conversion Electric Window reset woes Is your drivers window doing weird things?? Subaru keyless entry remote O2 sensor compatability Interior / Gadgets / In Car Entertainment Programming Keyless Entry Info All Legacy GT/b's Zero Sports Sequential Controller DIY translation - nncoolg DIN head unit into 2006 Legacy? 2004 Legacy McIntosh Stereo Hack - Guitar_Guy Help getting behind stereo 2000 Blitzen Upgrading the headunit in your BE/BH (Macintosh amp'd system) Upgrading the headunit in your BE/BH (Non-Macintosh amp'd system) BE/BH factory satnav and climate replacement BG5 heater core replacement... (LHD) Gen 3 Cup Holders by the Handbrake jammed - jaseandjess Zerosports Sequential Boost Controller Issue. Reprogramming BG/BD OEM key fob. ~ Ichi Ban BP5 Key Fob register take II ~ seith_31 Exterior Gen II/III body kit links How to remove legacy BE/BH side mirror glass
  15. DO IT YOURSELF GUIDES Engine Suitable Oils - Swindog Decapping top feed injectors - how to - evowrx DIY Spark plug - kingersman How to bypass the heater core to stop the engine overheating -boostin Testing O2 sensors with a multimeter... -log1call My $5.80 TMIC Sprayer -Rosssub The Single Turbo Conversion Thread 2.0 -ReubenH Reubens Second Single Conversion thread -ReubenH Rosssub's Single Turbo Conversion -Rosssub Cambelt for WRX -youtube DIY top mounted intercooler -scottiescottiescottie catch can setup - dual cans no filters Cheap fix for dead o2 sensors -neil2121 DIY - Twisted Turbo Setup -Swindog DIY split fuel rails Reply #3 -matty981 How to replace starter soleniod contacts -driftwrx How to adjust the idle... How to: Replace your alternator and power steering belt -ryanstev How To: Upper Cylinder Cleaner KELTIK's DIY thread (general maintenance) -keltic DIY Replacing coils -Durty-Sanchez PCV Valve Operation - Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve -Rosssub How to: Rocker Cover Gasket Replacement (Fixes leaks onto exhaust manifold) -benjamminn cambelt 99 B4 RSK How to DrDarkMatter How to do an EZ30R conversion -NotAWhiteGTB Attn, ALL OWNERS OF CARS THAT HAVE AVCS -Ichi Ban New AVCS Issue (V7-on) oil feed How To: Replace Knock Sensor -ben-jamminn Chassis Steering / Suspension Koom castor mod DIY -evowrx How to change suspension in BH / BE Legacy -Marky DIY Fix : Knocking shock/s -=- re-grease how to! -jasonv6 link to another DIY re-grease article DIY Steering Rack/Axle Replacement -nt_a_foz Rosssub's Suspension Bush Upgrade -Rosssub Changing steering boots the easy(ish) way -spark_38 Gearbox / Drivetrain How to bleed a clutch -keltic Sloppy / Floppy shifters - DIY Guide inc'd -Swindog Centre diff locking for RWD how to by Uncle Darth -DRFVDR Popping out of 5th gear? Read this -ETF Wheel/Hub Bearing Change -Rosssub Center diff gone in your BH? heres a VERY cheap option -gazzy2000 Diff Removal/Fluid Change/CV Relacement - Rosssub Brakes How To Bleed Brakes - Rosssub Part 1: Rear Hub changing (for 2pot rear brake or other) -funkytown Part 2: Changing REAR rotors / calipers -funkytown Part 3: Hub Selection for 2 pot rears -funkytown How To: Adjust Your Handbrake. With Pics -Flat4 How to change brake rotors - Joker 4 Pot Caliper Rebuild/Paint - Rosssub Electrical DIY AFM help -Durty-Sanchez Changing a fuel pump -spark_38 Walbro install into My BG5 Legacy -Joker Alternator Repair Manual + DIY Regulated 12V Battery Charger -B4_685 DIY Knock sensor listening - detecting detonation -gazzy2000 Body DIY STI Mudflap -al DIY Driveway Rim Dip (Plasti Dip) -A_J_T Rear door trim fade repair DIY Custom Bonnet (Diary in thumbnails) -Joker Info: How to Make Your Gen1 Legacys Rear Indicators Clear -THUNDA DIY - Battery Relocation -nt_a_foz Misc Uncle Keltiks Track Preperation -keltic An Aussies guide to modifying a SF5B
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