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  1. Pulling off my gfb pulleys to sell might have to sell them with a free power steering pump lol but serious.
  2. Got the bolt off no probs but cant get the flucking pulley off,theyre gfb pulleys too.tried prying with a long screwdriver,driving me bananas.any tricks appreciated
  3. forged pistons sound like more of a knock than a tick,maybe ugly lifters.id be wary definately get it checked,the amount of people i see selling wrxs and stis not long after a rebuild on trademe for not much more than what theyve just paid to fix it makes me think theres alot of mechanics that dont know what theyre are doing with these cars
  4. the bigger up pipe will make it worse for spool as evowrx said.everyone seems to have different experiences with headers,my a/m unequal length made it worse for spool,i think the general consensus is usually equal=better performance,unequal=sounds pretty and you generally get what you pay for (as with everything i suppose).factory is best if youre only after spool
  5. nah its a white gsr with evo running gear.its my best mates>girlfriends>sisters>boyfriend (lol),he worked at mitsi as a mechanic here in tga if i recall,he did somewhat do the runners cause he owed money though so yea i wanna car jam it first apparantly wasnt in his name though.such a waste of a car.
  6. Lol this went off track a bit,yea not wanting to do anything dodgy,just hoping to get it on the road without spending a fortune putting it back to standard or something silly like that.I can get it for 3gs but if its gonna cost a couple gs more i wont bother ill just rip it to bits,just dont know what the go is with big aftermarket turbos,injectors etc,it apparently ran a 10.2 1/4 and has had over 30k pumped into it.ill have a better idea once i get to check it out properly
  7. are they anal on getting modified cars revinned?,as i know where a 10sec gsr/evo thats been sitting for 6years in a garage.ive only seen it quickly and havent seen the engine yet (still locked up),but its pretty nice,evo3 kit,enkeis,re-upholsted interior in white leather etc.if so ill prob still get and strip but id rather drive it.ive met the guy who owned it and id say its got a screamer and no certs.
  8. least it would be reliable lol and it sounds pretty tough
  9. i havent used them but pf automotive (a subaru place here in tauranga) rates them very highly
  10. Just spend 60 on a tow truck its half a tank of gas
  11. My forged engine started doin that a few weeks before it died (suspected beb),i thought only stis sounded ugly from start up not wrxs because of their "forged" pistons?and even then my wisecos never sounded as ugly as a beb,but my last 1 was making that intial 1-2 sec hideous beb noise,then it would be fine,i could turn car off straight away and start it back up and it wouldnt make the noise.prob get it checked out to be safe.
  12. my old 1.8 primera was the shit,was super cheap on gas,a tank would last me weeks
  13. im not bagging ya mishy,hes not lying i love thrashing my car,the 1st engine was the original 150000km 1 and i gave that constant punishment for 20000km before it finally did the inevitable and died,the 2nd was a nice forged engine,i still gave it shit but nowhere near as much as the standard 1 receievd (but still lots),and like i said earlier was prob my fault cause was only getting the water up to temp before giving it some spirited driving,i didnt realise youre not supposed to give them boost until the oils up to temp,whoops costly mistake,the last forged engine was done for me quite cheaply as a favour,so like said i get what i pay for i guess,but was driven like a nana most the time cause it was so sick from whatever gremlins hiding in the car.i really shouldve done what everyones been telling me to do for years and thrown a match on this never ending money pit though.
  14. Lol maybe tga just sux for mechanics i hate all those aucklanders talking bout their awesome pbms engines,i still maintain some kau matua put a hoodoo on my car as i overtook their whanau wag
  15. lol do you take a commission at dtech,yea i wish i never went there in the first place,but then most people i talk to rate him,and i spos PF still couldnt tune it right either (but thats prob the engines fault) and charged more than twice what they quoted
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