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  1. ive got a fuel pump for sale in chch for $50 if you keen. off a v9 sti
  2. i was told by frazer at m45 that the v7 is common to have fail afr sensor, i wanted to check everything i can before splashing out on one of those because they not cheap. also no point buying and turns out thats not te issue
  3. i've changed new fuel filter, cleaned throttle body, cleaned afm and it seems to have made it a little better but not completely sorted. what else should i check? what would cause a strong petrol smell from exhaust?
  4. I have a 01 v7 imprezza non turbo and It has a very strong smell of petrol coming from the exhaust. Smells like it's running very rich. I was wondering can this be a direct result from a failed o2 sensor? The car also hesitates abit when accerlation. If it is the o2 sensor, would it be better to get a 2nd hand one or new dense or even a Bosch? I heard a new denso is like $450!? Even better if anyone here sells them or know someone selling one, I could be interested. In chch Thanks
  5. It's not a squeeking sound. Won't be belt Because I know what that sounds like. It's hard to describe the sound from start up. I might not even be describing it right..
  6. Hi all, recently I've noticed my car sometimes makes a strange sound on start up. I've only noticed it when it was cold. It's kind of a grinding/ screeching sound. It Makes the sound for about. 5 second then goes away. Anyone knows why or what is causing this? Car is a v9 sti. Thanks
  7. This from member here call gtlegacy Hi guys Anyone looking to have auto electrical/light mechanical work done A/H or weekends for good prices Things fixed installed or removed codes read or cleared ABS ENGINE SRS lights etc etc alarms, central locking, radios speakers amps etc etc Lights, HID wof issues Starters alternators Can also offer LINK ECU installation, adaptors for wire in for plug and plug, modification or additions to set ups and tuning through another member on here pretty much anything that involves electrical in a car Flick me a pm or a txt 0278637756 and we can discuss
  8. I heard subaru in America are recalling some subaru including 2004 impreza. Just wondering if that includes mine.
  9. god damn flys wont f off and let paint dry lol.
  10. Finally had the guy over today after some mucking around. i must to say it looks a lot better than when he started. the wheels were very stone chipped before and now it looks very good. Cost $80 to do each. only con i would say is his time management and communication was quite poor, the results were good however. Pic is of left front and left rear picture share
  11. the key to selling a car or in fact anything is how it's advertised. you need to write down important details that people would want to know. I.e: what's done to it, any service history, show any receipts for work done, how it drives, what the engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension, body and interior is like. mention any imperfection it might have. basically you want the person reading it to know just about everything about the car before he sees it in person. you need to make the person reading it confident that what you are saying is genuine and honest.
  12. thanks, i will send a txt and see what he says.
  13. its my girlfriends idea with the tyre and im the one paying to fix it. i've brought 2nd hand tyres before and they never had any issue. i probably wouldnt buy 2nd performance tyres tbough. anyway it turns out it was the person(mate) that ****ed it when he fitted it. had to buy 2 new tyres in the end.
  14. sweet thanks. i want to ask just incase they try to break out some legal **** to me. i know its a 2nd tyre but end of the day if they are selling them then atlease they should be safe enough for use.
  15. hi all, i purchased a 2nd hand tyre from osaka motors in christchurch and had the tyre fitted by 4wd specialist on monday. i've noticed that today there was a big bulge on the tyre on the car. i want to ask if anyone knows how something like this could happen? is it the tyres fault or the person that installed it? my gf said she felt the car swaying left and right for a bit when she was driving it on the motorway. i want to get this sorted but first need to find out what is it that cause it. it doesnt look like she hit a curb because there are no serious curbing on that wheel as you can see. if it was the tyres failt, could i go back to them with the tyre and ask for a replacement? or can argue that 2nd hand tyres are not covered by warranty? let me know whats the best way to go about sorting this. money is not an issue but i just want to find out how something like this could happen. thanks all
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