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  1. Based in North Shore, Auckland - any recommendations?
  2. Looks like the lines are factory as they are all numbered. Doesn’t appear to be any restrictors in any of the lines i changed either
  3. Ive been doing a lot of reading but now looking for some advice from people in the know. Ive replaced a couple of dodgy aftermarket vaccum lines which has made it run better, but still mostly the same. I havent yet removed the intercooler to replace those pipes with silicon ones. here are the symptoms currently: - Sometimes the car feels gutless, although boost gauge registers boost it just sits below 10psi all the way to redline (slight VOD feeling) - Even when it pulls well it gets to 10psi just under 4500rpm, then hits VOD, drops back to 5psi and then gets to 12psi until redline. Albeit the surge of power kicks quite late in the rpm, so you dont have much before redline - primary turbo has its own actuator ( vacuum pipe disconnected) as well as the one the twin turbo system uses (connected) will have to verify the RPM next time im driving it the above seem right? Any advice or tips on where to start? are the solenoids in the passenger gaurd and the main one in the BBoD replaceable with new genuine, or even aftermarket parts?
  4. Could be reading too much into the retune, potentially the owner is just referring to straping it to a dyno for a power run to confirm all is okay. If its a good car it will surely be a lot of fun!