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  1. Hi peeps, I have a 2012 Legacy with keyless/push start and I need a new key transponder/fob ... to buy from Subaru it costs (ex GST) 700 for fob, 100 for key, and 150 to program it. Is there any other way to get a new key? Thanks
  2. Do people buy aftermarket brake pads that has better stopping ability and also work when it's cold? (ie not racing pads) If yes where do you buy them from/what brand? If no why not? THanks
  3. Is there any place that can roll my legacy guard in Dunedin? Cost? Thanks
  4. Anyone selling or know anyone upgrading their wheels?
  5. Hi I have a LEgacy CVT. Front tyres are 6mm, 6mm, rear is 5mm. One tyre missing due to damage. Will you change, 1, 2, or 4 tyres? Thanks
  6. Hi my 2012 Legacy (has HID low beams) - the high beam is too low. Obviously I'm not trying to shine on oncoming cars, and I would like to make them point higher. Thing is ... internet says there is no way. Is Subaru kidding me??!
  7. Recently I posted asking to recommend transmission specialist - turns out my problem is a collapsed cat converter (the honeycomb bit) ... was told $1300 to have a new one fitted ... mmm .. Anyone can recommend a good exhaust place? Thinking of cutting the cat out and welding a pipe in its place. Non turbo, no engine management needed
  8. Sorry if this is not allowed. I have a Legacy and an Estima. My Toyota Estima V6 2008 162,000ks (tranny oil changed by Toyota at 156,000) has a tranny U660E - just today it gave a grinding/whining/whirring sound at 2500rpm and higher, not below 2400 rpm. It happens both when accelerating, and during engine braking. IE Only when tranny engaged. In park and neutral I can rev as high as I want and it doesn't make that sound. Any ideas? I have asked for referral for transmission specialist in another forum.
  9. Any tranny shop you recommend or don't recommend? Thanks
  10. Was driving this morning and suddenly the left HID light went off. I am hoping it\'s the bulb blown (after all it\'s 13 years old)? Which would be the best replacement for the best price? Thanks
  11. Thanks. I might bring it in during a woof which is August.
  12. It is only slightly noticeable, if it gets worse I\'ll take a video ...
  13. cambelt\'s already been done. but the *&^% cheapie owner didn\'t do the water pump I think *sigh anyway, so I gather head to sim\'s brothers, change spark plugs, and the cold cough cough jitter jitter is normal
  14. thanks all ... so a 2nd hand V1 or Bel STI or nothing ... cheers
  15. I ave a cannon muffler and it is loud as hell at wide open throttle past 4000 rpm a bit like f1 volume. Other uses (ie below 4000 rpm or above 4000rpm but not flooring it)is completely fine no volume issues. If i remove the cats will it make it even louder? Anyone has stock muffler who wants to swap?
  16. Time for a new service, where in Dunners would i send this baby to be worked on? In town is best but willing to go the distance. Anyway, when it\'s warm there is no problems but sometimes when you first start it the throttle response is shaky, jerky at low revs. I have not changed the spark plugs or the leads - it\'s 2000 bugeye jdm no mods, runs 98 bp fuel, using 0-40 mobil 1. Should i change both? What else to do once there - i\'m told by mcleod it\'s a bit of work to get to the spark plugs but when i asked what else should i do once he gets there he says erm ... A tune up ... But then he can\'t explain what a tune up is ... Thanks
  17. Sorry don\'t know where this should go so put it in the legal section; Anyone knows if i bought the 59, 69, 89, 99$ ones from trademe will they work? Which ones of those under $100 cheapies would be the best and what are the downsides compared to the $1000 valentine one for example? Thanks
  18. Does anyone know if it's safe to install catless downpipe in a 2001 STI with no tuning? Also - just in case ... Will it make the exhaust sound much louder?
  19. ahh good to know the uppipe uncatted (have been reading on US sites you see) the downpipe it is then - apart from waiting on forums where to get one? I'm in Dunedin and there is no way to go to Chch for a tune so either 1) don't change downpipe 2) change downpipe and don't tune 3) use tactix / romraider and do self tune (is that do-able?)
  20. Hi all, 1) When I was last in Dunedin there were some dudes in orange overalls in King Edward St that were very good with wheels and tyres (now the place is taken by mag n turbo??) ... Where is best place for CHEAP mid-range performance tyres? - I used to have federals but they wore out super fast and were noisy as hell - If you want to recommend which performance tyres in the $200 mark? Need it to be sticky in wet due to Otago weather In ChCH I'd go to Tony's tyres no doubt 2) My suspension is knocking at low speeds and uneven surface. Googling suggests the strut grease is caked (read on a UK forum) and treatment is to regrease ... ever heard of this? Where to get done in Dunedin? If i don't get it done will it cause problems (never failed a WOF)?
  21. Hiya, Got a 2001 V7 STI wagon ... If i replace catted uppipe and downpipe with non catted, how much will turbo lag reduce? Will it come on spool earlier (atm not much going on before 3500rpm) ... Where to find/buy/how much for uncatted uppipe/downpipe? Cheers
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