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  1. Yeah have the same sort of issue with not enough I/o space some trickery by my wizard of a wiring mate will hopefully make it work. Using a ej20g mani and have a adapter plate made up to use a bp/bl throttle body. Pedal also from the same car, which was the easy part. Will be running in my bf leggy
  2. Wanting to know if anyone has gone about doing a DBW conversion. I currently have a 20h intake manifold that I've made a bp/bl throttle body fit, albeit it ain't pretty.. Have a pedal from the same car and a link dbw module that will talk to my g4+. If anyone has done it and made the throttle body fit to an older intake, I would love to know how it looks.
  3. That sounds like it could be a good idea, will try again tomorrow night Cheers
  4. Currently trying to get my old ej20 out of my bg5 leggy, and am wanting to separate it from the gbox but am not having any joy... Have picked myself up a Haynes manual to try and make life a bit easier, but still nope. Is there any special technique in separating the engine off the dowels, as my technique of jacking the box up and then taking the weight off with the hoist is just making the two bind up on each other at the bottom. Have managed to get the top free of the dowels and drowned the remaining in crc type stuff..
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