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  1. hi guys first off yes I'm an idiot just to get that out of the way. I have taken the engine out of my bp5 due to a small end going in it. I have a replacement engine already bolted in. my trouble is since it's been awhile since I actually took the engine out I am having trouble find the correct placement for hoses and bits and pieces under the intake manifold. I have I believe the wiring loom correctly installed at lest. if any ones has taken photos of them doing the job before and can send me some photos as I cannot find what I'm looking for in other sites and scrolling through hundreds of photos with no joy. to be clear it's a photo without the plastic manifold on. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated thanks Rhy
  2. no lights on the dash, but i will plug a scan tool in to it and have a look at the live stream data and make sure all is well any way
  3. running fine as far i can tell. as far as the smoke, i must admit i have not check yet.
  4. hi guys my bp5 auto 2003 has lost ALL boost and has a strange sound coming from the area. the sound is kind of a knock ( sorry for the bad description ) only when boost should be starting to kick in. the person driving it at the time said it started off sounding like air hissing out ( like when you pull the valve out of a tire) i cant see any lines that come loose. but i have not been able to get the time to get in there and look properly. i did notice on a very quick inspection that there is oil around the waste gate, inter cooler area. my oil levels look fine and cant find any obvious leaks in that area with a quick look. any help or ideas, guys would be great cheers Rhy
  5. hi guys Im starting to look for a suby basically to pull apart and rebuild and learn how every thing works and hopefully make it run. i have a few people to fall back on for help with this idea. any suggestions on type and some thing that i should stay away from eg major problems with the engine ( because i cant afford to by a fully working car to pull apart) i don\'t care if it takes me a year to get it working again its mainly to gain alittle knowledge about what goes on and how every thing works.
  6. mate that is heaps of room. IV had to put them on my gt and it has the same about of clearance but the look of your photo. in most cases you shouldn\'t need chains if your on a gritted road any way but saying that, i use the rule of if the snow is deeper then the width of your chains then it maybe time to put them on because regardless of awd you wont be far from having little to no traction. and also if your on a road were chains must be carried and the police pull you over and you don\'t have any $150 -$250 fine regardless of the type of car you have.
  7. Hi guys and gals, im looking at starting to mod my bp5 gt ( im not looking to make it in to a drag car or any thing). alittle more power and make it look alittle more attractive under the hood. lucky for me parts are normally pretty cheap for me so im open to any ideas. thanks guys
  8. im another who lives in queenstown
  9. Hi guys, im at the point of needing to replace the front rotors. does any one have a TRW part numbers? the rotor size is 316 x 26 or a place to get them. i know NZ brake co can do them but there are not cheep even through my works discount there still a hell of alot of money. if some one could let me know if they have found one that works for there BP5 please let me know. cheers
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