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  1. Yep - was set on ordering in heavy duty links but Subtech said they usually run factory links without issue so I'm taking a punt Will be keeping a close eye on them but I snapped steel Whiteline links in my old Legacy so I don't think they'll last long
  2. Picked up the Forester from a full service from Subtech yesterday. Impressed with their attention to detail - from tightening the handbrake to replacing a couple of missing clips in the front bumper. They also noticed the WOF had just run out so took it through a WOF free of charge. Also had them fit Ferodo DS2500 pads (from Race Brakes) and new rotors to the front and a Whiteline 22mm rear swaybar. Brakes need a proper bedding in but so far so good. Swaybar has also made a noticeable difference as expected so I'm looking forward to taking it for a good blat. Happy days
  3. Thanks Sam. Asking as I'm looking to drop one into the Forester. From what I've read the V8 STI racks drop straight in but they are hard to come by.
  4. Hi all Does anyone know if V7 and V8 STI steering racks are interchangeable and if there any other differences (i.e. ratio)? Cheers Sam
  5. Nothing today, but last Sunday I brushed off the motorsport cobwebs and gave the Forester some leadfoot at the MBOP motorkhana and autocross in Tauranga. Motorkhana: Autocross: Foz went better than I thought, although the tight slaloms were a handful with the power steering pump not really keeping up. It likes to understeer a lot more than my old legacy wagons but a bigger rear sway bar is on the list.
  6. A couple of better snaps from the MBOP Autocross last Sunday. Courtesy of YLDPIX Photography
  7. Send off rear shocks for rebuild - booked in next week Refresh brakes - new pads + fluid Basic service - oil and g/box fluid Fit bigger rear sway bar + end links Mount fire extinguisher in passenger foot well
  8. My XT after a quick clean Sitting on V8 STI Spec C suspension and 18" BM/BR Legacy wheels. Handles like a go kart
  9. Hi team Just picked up a Forester XT last weekend and it has already been keyed (was parked in a Secure Parking building in town) Basically all panels on LHS of the car have been keyed, including tailgate and rear bumper It is insured and I have been given a list of recommended repairers (below) - anyone have any recommendations / horror stories dealing with the below? - Bodyworks (AKL central or Ponsonby) - Hauraki Panel & Paint (Parnell) - Nicholson Panelbeaters - Wakefield Panelbeaters - Greg Gordon Panelbeaters - West Lynn Painters & Panel Beaters - Auckland Panel & Paint (big wait time) - Colin Waite (big wait time) Cheers Sam
  10. I got a bit angry one day when it wouldn't start so I rocked around in the drivers seat while holding the steering wheel (and swearing) and heard a "click", so I stepped it up a notch with my foot on the road and eventually it started cranking haha #no8wire #ingenuity Usually all that will happen is the dash lights will dim slightly when key is turned. If you then rock the car around it will sometimes make a single click or try to crank, and with some more vigorous rocking and a bit of luck it will start cranking and fire up. On a good day it will turn over with no towbar jumping or in-car rocking needed. [quote name='Joker said: weirdest thread today on CS goes too this one!yea dont even think the Haynes manuals mention that I'd say brushes are toast in the starter, does it have to be in gear when your "You-mum-o-lining"? or yea outside chanch fuel pump is on the fritz / loose wire in the ba-donk-a-donk end / under the seat possibly please post a video I wish I had a video of yesterday's start up, the 30 seconds of hectic towbar jumping would have been a hit on YouTube. Nah it doesn't have to be in gear. I had the fuel pump replaced last week and that solved one issue (not starting when cranking) but hasn't solved the above issue.
  11. My GTB sometimes won't turn over and needs to be shifted around to get it cranking (i.e. jumping up and down recklessly on the towbar will get it going much to the amusement of anyone watching). Most likely cause seems to be a faulty starter motor but any suggestions as to what else might cause this to happen (before I lay down a few hundy)?
  12. Round two of the Manfield Road and Track series is on tomorrow and I hear that the big right hander at Manfield has a reputation for killing Subaru engines. I know there are a few members here who have run a bearing there but is it really that bad? Risky running without a baffled sump and just a 1/2 litre overfill?
  13. Defs keen to make it along to one of these. Pretty busy with work but I'll try my best
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