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  1. Anyone kicking round Hamilton? Happy to pay for your time
  2. Hi all, could someone spare some time for me and check out a very tidy looking Mazda 626 Pillarless Coupe. It looks immaculate through pictures but really would like the opinion of someone who isn't selling the car. Happy to pay for petrol money or some beers if that's your thing. Thanks in advance!
  3. That sounds fantastic, unfortunately after 4 years of languages at high school I can tell you I'd have no hope in japan, I can't understand jack-all... On the right rear shock I found slight oily residue so I think that may be my leak point and it's just lost enough fluid overtime to be rubbish now. After I cracked the banjo bolt on he front strut it had even less pressure in the system and will bottom the shock out over even the slightest bump. So I think I'll have a crack at re bleeding the system and see if that helps it. Now to find the type of fluid...
  4. Hahaha are the shocks rebuildable? Care to hazard a guess?
  5. Yep hard lines to the strut tops, then brake looking hoses to act as a flex point from there into the strut. I'll rebelled the system after I park it over a few bits of newspaper and see if there's an obvious leak, hopefully the rebelled helps. If it's leaking or there's a bung valve, that isn't seating and allowing reverse flow then hopefully it'll be all good. I'm assuming valve or leak due to it going down slowly over time....
  6. Yeah, car is hydraulic which is a small relief. My intentions were the same, have it low but useable on low setting but able to go up for a steep driveway or something. Do either of you have any detailed knowledge of it, where valves in it that might be broken could be located. I think there's a leak somewhere in the system, so I might re bleed the whole thing this weekend to try get it functioning better, if that goes well I'll get a compressed set of shocks. I'd love to find a diagram of the system but the current extent of my knowledge comes from a Haynes manual that has nothing about injected models in it. That an what the internet told me which is not a lot.
  7. Hi all brought myself a 86 EA82T Turbo to muck sound in. It needs new shocks so here is my question, Are my shocks feeling rubbish because there's very little fluid in the system, What fluid does it use? My dad thinks auto trans fluid or something? Over time it slowly drops back to the low setting like there's a valve broken in the system somewhere, anyone have any info of where this could be or what might be causing it? And if I want to lower it, because in my opinion it handles like a whale, and I never off road, what are my options? Compressed springs? Shorter shocks? Any info widely appreciated, the things done some kms but is very tidy, so for the $1100 I paid for it it's worth spending money getting some pedigree back. Cheers
  8. Anyone know of a wagon for sale? I missed a super clean white one on pepper pot looking wheels here in chch. It sold for $2k and I\'m pissed I missed it.
  9. Trade me, not much on there. I want a wagon but missed one that was in chch because I was away. Know of any?
  10. Nope, but having looked recently at buying one I want to know more...
  11. Ahhh, well if you ever need a hand pm me. Letter ally just round the corner
  12. If "Norrie Street" on your pic is anything to go buy, you live less than a kilometre from me, looks great!
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