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  1. Looks spicy. should be interesting seeing some dyno sheets come flatnats time
  2. there are a few tidy leones coming out for sale but honestly way way too muc money you are asking for. Sadly they just arent collectible for people.
  3. redrill to 6 stud is the easist. im in chch so please fb me
  4. Marky is right. i used to work with them alot. Call Thomas down there he just started but he has worked for george stock for 2 years so he knows his stuff, he likes mx5s and landrovers but meh a cars a car. Also Darren is right about spring rates and such it will ruin your handling and feel. I used to work in the suspension game for 5 years and ive seen it all to lower a car and how much stress it puts on other things that you dont think about. just to have a nicer looking car can make everything else worse. My say is invest in tyres and swaybars.... but then no one makes swaybars
  5. there is only 2 really. http://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/suplementary_information/CertifierList-Website.pdf here is the list
  6. hey bro the leone is up for sale for 2k if your keen


    1. DacerX


      which leone are you talking about 

  7. I have to agree. I have tested ES and Z both were very good on road and track. I think that if i had to choose id go for the Z as they are good on track and and road. I have now gone to CL RS5 pads from braketech as my car is mainly used for trackdays than road use.
  8. if you want to sell those wheels i have a buyer
  9. im getting 197kw on a stock v4 engine running 1.3 bar on a vf24 but i do have a link but still on 440cc injectors
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