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  1. I have recently acquired a set of prodrive gc-010e wheels in 17x7.5 p50. Any idea what these wheels are worth?
  2. jdmv4


    Very helpful! Cheers guys
  3. jdmv4


    mill spec/amphenol connecters. wher is a good place to source a 40 pin male and female connector.
  4. sorry i ment the 1/4 leaderboard, not the results section.
  5. who moderates these threads? the results section is nothing but an amateur stand up comedy show after page 2.
  6. have used the search function but found nothing, if a thread exists please post it up
  7. wondering what people are running 1/4 mile on a gc or gd chassis and on what setup. boost, turbo, ecu, tyres etc
  8. ther really isnt such thing as a bad intercooler, brand name or chinese, intercooler design is one of those parts wher its very hard to improve on from the next one, end tank design being key, chinese intercoolers really only just get a bad rep because ther sold in kits and its the piping that never fits right, other then that i would be suprised if ther is much flow difference to warrant the bigger money they demand.
  9. long time follower first time poster. I have searched and couldn't find what I was after, is ther any known differences between manual version and automatic version ej20 closed deck blocks?