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  1. Shady looking bunch in your pic Jared... Some of us have been here somewhere between a long time and too bloody long
  2. Aaaand talked out of it... That was quick lol
  3. Sounds amazing! I wouldnt mind one of these.
  4. I ran Gull 98 almost exclusively for a number of years and never had any issues. That was back when I brought the car and I have had it almost 10 years now. The chat about fuel lines etc was mainly better safe than sorry warranty backside covering by Subaru (and most car companys) I think.
  5. Lol politics... Until we stop treating Political parties like sports teams we wont get very far. Bottom line is if you want to play you have too pay, neither the Govt (of any denomination) nor oil company's have any interest in lower fuel prices. Much like many home grown NZ company's the gouge is on so they take it with both hands. You dont have to look far in NZ to see local company's who charge a ridiculous mark up in NZ simply because they can while exporting far cheaper. They gouge locally to subsidize internationally because they work to the mentality that they would rather have 1% extra profit than 10% extra customers in a local setting. A little OT there, sorry... I must admit every time I fill up in the U.S. the petrol head in me gets a little tingle. Last Tuesday I took a Chevy Suburban from Quarter to full for about 60 USD... God bless America lol
  6. If the WRX is legal and squared away I will be at the track. If not I will come for lunch, visit family and drop in for the track day.
  7. Just waiting for my schedule to firm up but if im in NZ I will be there. Excited as always for MM!!
  8. I have put in plenty of laps there with the 1/2 litre extra oil and had no issues even on Semi slicks. Does seem to claim the odd Subi but I always wondered about its reputation as a Subi killer tbh. Enjoy your time, it will be a blast im sure.
  9. Its really weird when I think about it because everything else is serviced and changed probably too regularly. Its just something I have overlooked now I think about it. And if I remember right its a prick of a job.
  10. I have changed my diff oil once in about 100,000km
  11. 220 seems a bit soft for that sort of HP. You sure you were doing it right?
  12. Next year 24 categories, 16 months to get photos in, rework a year to 24 months to accommodate. C'mon Ray, up your game mate, theirs millions of guys who want to do it!!!!!
  13. Lol I got used to it. But I must admit my hand is a bit sore after a day on the track with it, but then going back to stock doesnt feel right anymore.
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