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  1. Making perfectly linier boost and running high boost pulley making 9psi at redline. 300wkw is what the general consensus is but being that torque is kept down I think you could do another 50kw if careful. 


    Will get a video. Had to swap cannons for 3 pass mufflers as was too loud but very good now. Idle sounds amazing with supercharger now. 

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  2. It's not as common as people are led to beleive. Our rally car uses genuine standard subaru parts for cambelt and no extra tensions etc with a sequential gearbox and over many jumps all year and have not had belt jumping. Never had one just jump using genuine parts. I have had a newer style tensioner go slack when reused and now never re use them. 

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  3. Coming from the other side the amount of s*** Chinese parts especially fuel parts like injectors and fuel pressure regulators is astounding and means we need to have a disclaimer for problems not arising from our work. Any tuner should stand by any work they do And parts they supply. 

    The other problem we are getting more and more of is people are buying project unfinished cars that have had 3 different owners, Chinese whispers turns it from being a rb25de+t motor to a fully forged rb25 will head studs etc. Its not financially viable for us to pull off heads to check so if we are informed that an engine is forged we treat it that way. 

    It also goes both ways, we have had many customers that try and drop car for tuning on 98 or npd100 then bringing it back a few weeks later down on power and surging etc on boost and we find 95 or even 91 in the tank because it was cheaper. This fuel grade clusse is in our contract but still gets ignored. 

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  4. We have a car being tuned in next month with same long block but efr and process West intake will be able to tell you if it works or not. 1 car is at 400kw for 40000km so far. Drag one is 6000km and 510wkw. Will have 2 more soon. 

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  5. A little information based on cars we have built. A v8 sti manifold will get you to at least 510wkw and 1/4 mile trap speeds of 142mph on a v7 sti street car. The rcm super 14/12mm studs are awesome bit of kit and we have used them multiple times to high power. With great success. 

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  6. 10 hours ago, pl0x said:

    Got my long block fully back together and timed last night. Need to merge the avcs wiring into my engine loom and run some wires to the link.


    FYI for anyone interested - BP/BL dual avcs and V11 dual avcs aren't exactly the same. Few differences I've noted where parts don't cross over:

    Driver side exhaust cam sensor bolt hole spacing (bit rough but can drill out the bp/bl sensor so it's slotted)

    bp/bl intake cam sensors are 3 wire (link wiring suggests you just join 2 of the wires into sensor ground, assume factory has a ground and a separate sensor ground?)

    Newer model heads have secondary air pump ports on the back. (Need to block them with the sensors, blanking plate or tap and put a blank bolt/plug in)

    Driver side oil feed lines are supplied from a different point (both heads have both gallery bungs so can just switch them around)

    The 3 wire sensors are hall effect and need 12v,gnd and signal

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