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  1. updated your DP's too : hope that's ok!

  2. Correct people always ask hp at the engine. And it really doesn't matter. A 300hp car at the wheels could make 320 or 500hp at the engine all that matter is what comes out the axles
  3. Not a correction factor. Just means if you do it in 5th and sync rpm to hub speed then do 4th and recalibrate ratio it will read the same. Otherwise you will get different torque readings in each gear
  4. Yes correct but remember engine torque measured at the axles after all drive train loss so same engine on a engine dyno will read higher
  5. Some rolling roads do read a higher torque reading wgich I guess is measured axle torque. Our dyno does that too but then decides it by diff and gearbox ratio to give engine torque
  6. Did you start it multiple times cold? As Subaru's will do it when they bore waste and flood it.
  7. So it's been a while. This is a v7 sti standard crste motor with second hand standard heads off a v7 sti. Supporting fuel system and a link ecu. Fmic and bolt on twin scroll blouch 3.0xt-r turbo. We wanted 400hp with bolt on turbo on pump gas. This is I think the limit of what is achieveable on a bolt on turbo. It is at 26psi to achieve it.
  8. Fabricated will never be as cheap as bought if done right
  9. #Aliexpress NZ$ 382.59 51%OFF | PX6 IPS 7" 2 din Android 10.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 6 Core Car dvd player for Universal RDS auto Radio GPS navigation Bluetooth wifi https://a.aliexpress.com/_d8Dp9LB I've got 2 of these in bpe cars. They are really good value for money
  10. If you download the g4 software under legacy software and go to help file there is all the pinout in there
  11. The car is in my workshop atm. Engine bay pic can be added once its back together
  12. These are avls solenoids not avcs solenoids. Just be careful
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