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  1. Push button non start. No repsonse to either of the two fobs. B2203 Abnormal immobilizer power supplyB2204 Abnormal Steering Lock power supplyB2215 Abnormal ID Co The above 3 error codes popped up by the auto electrical guys. Apparrantly this was rectified. Following day car a non starter again. Returned to auto electriican. Claims no fault codes and starts for them. Anyone encounter these issues? If so what was the remedy? THanks A
  2. Even though my new bestie 'lachlan' tried his best to scare me off from ever using this forum again... I will share an answer I received by Subaru NZ to explain my question... Hopefully this will be of use to other forum users... Thanks again to Subaru NZ for answering. " Thank you for your email. I will try to answer your questions in understandable terms (difficult as the questions you’ve asked involve some fairly technical components, but I’ll do my best). 1. The car will roll backwards on a hill as at idle in a stationary position the transmission is effectively ‘decoupled’ from the transmission via the torque converter. This is good for fuel economy as there is no ‘load’ on the engine. As you apply throttle and therefore engine speed/torque, the torque converter transfers this drive gently into the transmission itself. There needs to be a specific rotational speed difference between the engine and transmission for this to result in forward motion (different depending on engine/transmission combination and engineers design). When the car is stationary, there isn’t the rotational speed difference to provide drive – this is the same on a hill, hence the ‘hill holder button’ which uses the parking brake system to hold the car. Will the car roll uncontrollably down the hill? – difficult question. If the directions and cautions in the owners manual are you should use either use the park brake, foot brake or hill holder on a steep hill as using the accelerator to hold the car would result in a possible transmission overheat situation. I’d say that at some stage the engine/transmission speed differential would slow the car but this is not how the system is designed to be used and the onus rests with the driver ultimately to operate the vehicle correctly when stopping on a hill. 2. Difficult to answer this question exactly, but I believe the ‘bite’ you are experiencing is the ‘lock-up clutch’ inside the torque converter engaging or disengaging. This is the component that changes the forward motion of the car to and from a fluid coupling type (as described in the previous question), to a 100% mechanical type. Hope this makes sense? Not sure of another way to describe it. "
  3. Ahhh...thank goodness for that... normal friendly people... amongst the cranky middle aged fella... As for my question... it was more to see if someone could explain a few of the nuances on the finer points of how the CVT tranny works... not concerned that is faulty... it works perfectly fine... thanks...
  4. My bad lachlan. I forgot some of us were home schooled back in the 70s. Just dont reply to forum questions if you are unable to contribute anything whatsoever.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to provide an informative answer to my question. Much appreciated.
  6. Hello..are there any translation apps or sites that can run on non-Apple gadgets?
  7. OK, I am enjoying the new BR9 wagon. Has CVT trans. Takes a bit of getting used to in that it behaves completely differently to the 'conventional' transmission in our 6 cylinder auto BMW. I understand the concept, broadly, in how CVT differs. But can someone explain the following please... in easy simple terms... 1) Why does the car roll backwards on a hill? Is this because it lacks conventional clutches? I have used the hillstrart button to hold the car... but will the car roll back uncontrollable when on a steep hill if I were to let it? Or is there a point where the transmission will 'bite' to stop this? 2) When driving very slowly, say 40 km/h and one takes the foot off the gas pedal there seems to be a 'bite' from the CVT transmission that I can feel. In a regular auto transmission you just decelerate but dont feel a 'bite'. Whats happeninf in the CVT in this instance as I dont understand how the pulley systems produces this resistance (the rev counter hardly moves if at all but the petrol useage gauge moves and you feel a distinct resistance). Thanks.
  8. Sofar all the info I have seen suggests that the CVT merely be inspected. Nothing about replacing oil etc at certain intervals. Who inspects the gearboxes? Is it checked at a routine full service or is it checked at an auto trans specialists? Ex Japan, service history to 35ooo km at Subaru Tokyo dealer. Just had full service here but I dont use Wingers, I use my local MTA/AA approved workshop. Mainly because the places like Wingers are too inconvenient to get to easily etc.
  9. Recently bought a BR 9 wagon. Runs nicely. Just out of warranty so when, at what age or at what mileage, would a full transmission 'service' be required? And who in Auckland offers an excellent service at a reasonable price? Thanks
  10. For a BR9... Am going to replace the airfilter and glovebox compartment filter... Also going to replace spark plugs. For air filters I am not interested in the ones that last a lifetime and can be washed... so for the 'regular' ones are there differences between those from a Subaru dealer vs the ones you buy elsewhere? What OEM ones can be purchased that are as good as the factory ones or maybe better but at the same or lower price? Again for spark plugs... all look the same to me... any suggestions on factory vs alternatives. Thanks
  11. Hello, car arrived ex japan. Everything in japanese. Anyone know a link where I can view the user manual in English please? I have yet to find this online. Thanks
  12. Awesome... thanks for that. Basically want to use it for radio/CD/Reversing camera/iPod. Am happy to use my TomTom for nav. I have heard that a band expander reduces the quaility of the sound or there could be interference issues. Car currently waiting to pass compliance so thinking ahead. It seems a waste to throw out a system that can be used, esp as its only 3 years old.
  13. Anyone used... Am waiting for a quote from them as we speak.
  14. Nope, wont be installing myself. Am happy to pay the professionals to do this. So with a 2din stereo how/where would the Eyesight reversing camera be installed... I cant quite see where the monitor would go thats separate to the head unit...