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  1. I have no clue of part numbers or where I should be looking for a MAF on partsouq.com.. can anyone assist please? Legacy BP GT-B 2007 MY08 2Litre
  2. It is a worry they blamed the turbo to begin with.. I know your pain though not knowing what the outcome/bill is, I had my engine pop last year. As it seems to be fuel related could it be bad coil packs?
  3. Winger Subaru economy service is $200 .. no air filters. And I think about $350 for full service with airbox filter. Main difference seemed to be that they don't take the wheels off to inspect just look at brakes and the like with them on.
  4. On mine, it was obvious, but I missed the bolt that is behind the badge on the back , I though maybe that just slid on to a stud.. but no theres a bolt. I never managed to get the hand pull bit off the right hand side so I could fully remove the plastic but it was enough to install my reversing camera where the number plate light is
  5. "when changing gear. Instead of the revs dropping , it stays at whatever rpm it was before the change. " is that when changing down the revs stay the same, changing up they will stay the same if in the same rpm range "clutch depressed (in gear), foot off the accelerator and the car just rolling along, the RPMs rises suddenly to about 2500 then drops down to idle. A few seconds later it does this again. As long as the above conditions are in force it will do this until I put the gear in neutral.or stop completely. " So you have the car in gear and clutch pushed in .. so the clutch is engaging again, lower clutch fluid/pressure/spring
  6. I don't think so .. its knocking under load, quite heavily. Anything over -2.81 is bad If it was a vac leak it would add fuel. Just this week my BTSSM was showing at idle it was adding 15%, luckly for me it was just a little vac hose had popped off my the intake manifold. It does add fuel under load but I think that's normal but obviously not that high... should be <=5% You should add fuel learn % to your logs as well as FKC FLKC. You should be able to log the major counters with BTSSM. Resetting your ECU will just mask the error. IAM needs to be at 1.0 before the car is happy you are back at normal operating levels, reset drops that to 0.5, yours dropped lower than .5
  7. I got for 2007 Legacy .. interesting that it says the Passenger airbag might need replacing if not already done in japan (mine was imported 2008 so doubt it). Doesn't mention drivers airbag though?? I have to wait for a second letter to confirm that it does need doing
  8. You need to use BTSSM like tool or what ever the tuner uses. With SI Drive yes you can .. I have different requested boost levels for the different modes. If they do start seeing knock when it gets up above 5k .. I dunno i'd tune it to low safe then leave it alone. They will of course stop if starts knocking where it shouldn't but just be extra wary based on other peoples experiences. Manual's seem to tune different to the autos. Not sure if maybe a rolling road instead of hub dyno wouldn't be better too Oh and 3-port boost solenoid gives the tuner better control.. maybe consider adding that before starting
  9. Autos seem to be problematic either for some tuners or in general.. I fully recommend checking the Learned Values in the ECU, if you are seeing lots of negative numbers that's not good, I think this would give an indication of overall health. If you find even in sport # it doesn't have punch then it might already be down on power/health. My engine popped on the dyno, new EJ207 short block + recond heads and '000s later its back to just above stock power levels
  10. mines working with a $6 VAG cable to an Android tablet. You don't need the $100+ cable just to use the BTSSM dashboard
  11. I went with an Android heat unit to replace the factory stereo .. mine is huge but you can get smaller single DIN models. Takes away the hassle of mounting solutions + power management. Auto shuts down with car and stays in sleep time for 30mins then full power down(configurable). still haven't take the plastic film off the front yet but the VAG cable,etc is nicely routed now
  12. On my AV cable it has a trigger wire .. carries the 12volt signal from the reverse lights where the camera is to the stereo
  13. Gauges are good I guess.. but if you are too busy hard out driving it you won't even get to look at them .. digital with peak hold,etc would be ok. I've got Android car stereo with the 10.2" screen($450) and BTSSM running, so I get gauges and logging/alerts, just using the VAG cable too ($8)
  14. I park brake on, put in neutral, Start/stop then shift to park. Just saying as it sounds like you leave it in drive, id prefer to cut the engine load before turning off. Side note I have a 2007 Legacy BP - have you tried the morse code drivers door handle trick to get in without keys/fob - doesn't seem to work for me
  15. Update I'm on drugs. Seems to all be working, now no changes made... Someone nuke this thread
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