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  1. Hmm ok so an upgrade to those http://drivingsound.co.nz/product/fusion-pf-cm650-6in-component-speakers/ would still be best bang for $ vs the 5.25 JVCs? Haven't looked into what the computer would be for but I do have the jap nav unit in my car which I'm guna biff and also radar cruise control which I use daily
  2. Thanks for tips guys... I don't think I can justify getting Type R's running directly from kenwood headeck but I'm leaning onward n up to these now http://drivingsound.co.nz/product/infinity-reference-6500cx-6-5inch-component-speakers/ and throwing JVCs into the back doors.. Read some good reviews about running them through factory thin wiring Maybe if that's still not enough I'll keep pushing further...
  3. Ok swt seems the passenger seat has less room with a computer or something there so guess I'll look into mounting above space saver.. Have standard kenwood headeck so haven't thought about how to power it either yet Not sure what Type R components are but with stock HU maybe these http://drivingsound.co.nz/product/fusion-pf-cm650-6in-component- or if I'm better off with better brand a no crossover unit: speakers/ http://drivingsound.co.nz/product/alpine-spj-161cs-6inch-250watts-components/ would be enough for it to power
  4. Hey guys, Looking to do an easy upgrade to my existing speakers - I went a bought a these 5.25 JVCs for $35 but they seem pretty rubbish so maybe I'll just use them in the back doors and get some 6" components for the front.. Any suggestions of mounting.. I'm thinking I'd jigsaw some mdf mounts with 6" wide hole and screw them into the metal door frame shell? Also any suggestions of speakers that are good bang for buck maybe around the $100 - 150 mark? Also I'd be keen to get a little extra punch from a sub somewhere but don't know if one can be fit under the electric seats? Alternatively I saw a pic of someone plonking one in above the space saver in the boot... Ideas here?
  5. Hey sknarfm just looking at that bluetooth adapter you got - have got a plantronics K100 visor BT handsfree but this looks a much better solution all round.. What's your take on it a year later?
  6. Thanks man - pic may help a little, tho yes they hacked off the loom plug completely so in the car there are only the coloured wires now (which look different to the colours in the pic linked doh).. I have a new loom plug however
  7. Hi there. I've got a 2006 facelift legacy wagon with kenwood headeck incl 6 disc stacker and MD. It's been terribly reinstalled without even using the correct headeck plug and half the functions don't work. I've tracked down a replacement plug/loom and i85 connector but not sure where each cable connects to the car. Does anybody have a diagram or photo of the connections by any chance?
  8. I've been driving over a week with new airfilter replaced by sublab but this seems to have reduced my economy (they thought this would improve it) from 8.5km/litre to around 7.7km - hopefully the AF ratio sensor sorts it out Had a look through those opposed forces diagrams but couldn't find where this sensor would be.. Any other ideas where else I could track down the part number? On another note - do you think I could get a replacement smart key for push start from partsouk :-)
  9. Cool keen to save some $$ on partsouq but not sure how to order it. Do I need to poke under my car and try find the part number on the AF Sensor itself? Also had the air filter replaced and AF Meter cleaned so hoping this makes half as much different as I'm told..
  10. Hey guys.. I had sublab take a look at it and they said the main problem was the AF sensor behind the turbo not doing a thing.. Suggested a secondhand or aftermarket one might have issues or not work but a new one is $575 They didn't mention anything about flushing the tranny either
  11. So having had a lot of trouble tracking down the parts I've finally got into this.. Got all the connectors into i85 housing connector but when trying to pull one of the cables back out of it, it snapped inside it uggg. So now its working but only have one channel :-/
  12. Thanks Andy... Yeah I'd honestly be more keen on getting more economy than power but if removing the cat would be an easy improvement to efficiency and need an etune afterwards I guess I should do this all at once.. Its a face-lift n has done 160k so guess I'll try the tranny fluid.. Any idea what the lurching up a mild hill when cold could be?
  13. That's a bit of a problem then as I'm in Whangarei and Gull, slightly out of town, with force10 is the only option over 95 octane...!! Yes auto.. :-( It does seem to really suck the gas in general.. Driving at maximum nana style with or without i-drive ECO mode, i seem to avg about 8km/l... Wouldn't mind if it had some decent power or I was using it's power now and again.. So.. Would a retune - maybe along with a larger downpipe / cat removed, help get better power / efficiency - ideally even let it run better on 95 at all??
  14. Hey guys. My cars been making this whining noise whenever its cold and I pop it between neutral, drive and sometimes when accelerating to and from standstill.. Have had a couple of mechanics try to replicate it but they don't know.. Yesterday I found driving up a hill 1 minute after starting, it was really struggling like it was misfiring or out of gas (its a turbo and tank half full of 95).. fuel consumption at this time was about 1 kilometre per litre just trying to cruise up at 50 kph.. Ideas?
  15. They're not hid ones.. Could it be the contacts on the steering column switch??
  16. Hey guys. Ive got a nz new wagon - from memory with h3 headlight bulbs - these were working fine when I got the car then one light stopped working and now both failed.. I got replacement bulbs but that didn't fix the problem. I think the wiring is a bit rubbish - any way to diagnose or fix this easily myself or best to take to auto electrician (85+gst/hr uggg)?? Cheers!
  17. Awesome thanks man I'ma get stuck in this weekend!
  18. OK swt thanks will check that out.. Call me tithrifty but I can't handle spending 1/10th the price of the car for a spare key :-P Was also thinking I'd only need the key and it programmed on the off chance that i lose my current one so maybe there's a way to collect my current programming code quickly then I just buy it if it gets lost....
  19. Hey guys - I have only got one smart key for my push button start 2006 legacy... A spare OEM one costs $650 Any ideas for alternatives?
  20. Cheers subanoodle - haven't tried unbolting the seat yet so I'll try have a crack at this tomorrow.. Could the steering wheel control also be in behind the stereo too? Want to remove that to try connect an AUX cable too (I'm guessing in behind here as there's an aux input option but I can't find any plug)
  21. OK I tried to add pic here but can't upload or link it so here it is: https://goo.gl/photos/5hFmsPmcfhPBqq8Q8 Any idea if these plugs relate to any of the above or just electric seat n seatbelt alert controls? I'll be heading down to AKL this weekend so if anyone wants to help check it out I can meet and bring beer mmmmmmm
  22. Thanks I had a poke under the seat n found 3 white plugs that were disconnected.. Couldn't figure out how or where to reconnect them tho... Is the easiest way to take the seat or rails out?
  23. Ahh thanks for all thw info guys! I didn't get any email alert on replies so thought I'd login and bump it up again :-P Swt I was wondering where the eyesight cameras were! How do I reset the trip meter? I thought this was what the i/set button was for but no dice? I'll check for the computer under the seat.. Also I've been hunting for the fusebox n only seen pics of the one under the bonnet - would anything there maybe contribute to the issues?
  24. Hey chaps.. I went on a big 9 hour return road trip to pick up my new GT last week and for the most part I'm loving it.. Seems it's even got the EyeSight feature - which wasn't advertised either - I think this is a good thing... Got it for a really good price too here but there's so many things wrong with it.. 1) On steering wheel the cruise buttons on RHS work but the audio buttons on LHS dont. 2) The button label lights for aircon and stereo don't light up at all, though the temp display is on fulltime. 3) The CD stacker works but forgets which CD / track has played last and always reverts to CD1, Tr1 after starting the car. Also the radio doesn't pick up any stations. I think it has a band expander. 4) Fog light indicator on the dash seems to only engage intermittently but the lights themselves dont work. (also the display on column button shows a left and right facing bulb but only the right facing one ever shows on the dash - sometimes) 5) The I / Set button on steering wheel for trip meter etc doesn't work - but the up and down display buttons do. 6) There's only one remote, and being push button start, it's really hard to get a replacement. 7) It has electric seats and the driver memory setting buttons beep correctly but it doesn't seem to remember / restore setting. Ideas? Should I pull the dash / steering wheel to bits and look for any easy fixes / disconnected cables... Or just get a professional to do it all. I guess I could try to pass on the cost to the seller MTF Tauranga as the problems weren't described in the trademe advert... None of the above issues appeared on the WOF check sheet either.
  25. Thanks Marky. Ahh I didn't realise they were softer.. Would it sit much higher even within the shorter std shocks? I'll check out some chamberlains too cheers.
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