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  1. Excellent, thank you for the info! Would i just tell them all the things you told me or do you think they'd know how to deal with it already?
  2. Hi all, My passenger side lowest speaker in my McIntosh stereo system is blown. Haven't opened up the door to check what's wrong but I'm interested in replacing the pair anyway. I just want to know: speaker size and brand recommendations (I've heard they need to be slim fitting but I'm skeptical that this is true) and whether component speakers are suitable because I believe the stocks are single cone. How easy is it to do myself? Little to no experience with car stereos so what tools will I need? Thanks in advance.
  3. I just wanted to replace the speakers but if the amp won't run the speakers well then I guess I'd have to replace it. I'm definitely not keen to do all of that in the link you posted, seems like too much work. I've already got a bluetooth kit for the McIntosh setup and can't be bothered messing around with crafting a new HU cutout or buying an aftermarket one.
  4. Any good tutorials for it? Just wondering whether to ditch the stock tweeters and use the component ones or not too..
  5. Bump. Same deal with me. I've read in places you need a slim fitting woofer otherwise you have to modify the door card or something too complicated for me...
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