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  1. Hi all, Was driving my legacy around town the other day when all of a sudden it developed quite a nasty miss. Replaced spark plugs yesterday with the NGK recommended iridium plugs (ILFR6B). Made a slight improvement but not much. After that then removed the connector to the coil pack on cylinder (front of car passenger side) and made no difference. Replaced with a known good coil and still no difference. Is there any other condition that would cause the front cylinder(s) to not be getting a spark signal or is it likely a wiring issue? No CEL and no stored codes either. Any ideas are appreciated
  2. My Mcintosh amp is pretty noisy when nothing else in the car isnt making a sound. Do the Kenwood units have an amplifier?
  3. So after some quick internet research on the factory McIntosh system, i'm led to believe that the BP Outback is fitted with the EF-1080i amplifier, with 11 speakers including factory boot mounted sub. Further research also leads me to believe that the front woofers are 6.5" and 8ohm? Unfortunately my speakers foam surrounds have fallen apart. Re foaming them isn't an option as many people say it sounds worse. So i'd like to replace them with some 3rd party speakers... But only 8ohm speakers I can find locally have an RMS of 250w, I assume they wouldn't sound great with the factory amp. Can anyone enlighten me as to a good replacement for them that will match with the amp quite nicely? Cheers
  4. The man with the Snap-On truck comes to my work on a weekly basis, he has a torque scale.. My cheap $80 repco one was almost spot on
  5. Drove it Waited for it to stop overheating Started unplugging things on it
  6. i live in the hutt im not bogan - well at least I dont think so someone sell me a healthy turbo motor plz
  7. Just having a look through pics, correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't this have a 6s with yellows and orange afm? Or is that v3 type r only?
  8. I think I have a set of those coils here if you need them
  9. Ah right eBay it is man that sucks
  10. I feel like i'm missing out on something here
  11. Redo the video, the legacy in the background takes all the interest
  12. Been there - didn't have the all you can eat but its pretty nice
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