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  1. Mint I'll hit up Racetech when they open on Tuesday for some GC ones then I believe (although this is by searching so who knows....) that with the weird v3 hubs (r180 single pots), all I would need would be 1. Dogbone adaptor to fit calipers 2. Some DBA brake discs (supposedly DBA 2657 is the one that works with the handbrake) or some larger shoes to use the bigger rotors. Unsure which is cheaper atm lol as apparently both work?
  2. Hey team wanting to confirm before ordering, what are the appropriate brake lines to get for a brembo conversion into a V3 type r? My searching apparently says run V7 lines but I'm unsure if a) that's correct and b) if they will screw into the V3 hardline? Will also be going through the `fun` of trying to find adaptors for the rear cos I have single pots. Any NZ recommendations that pass cert or is it better ordering from Torque solutions or the like?
  3. Figured it wasn't too bad considering titanium. However apparently they can't confirm fitment so will probably hit an Invidia instead Oh and anecdotally supposedly swapping up pipes reduces spool?
  4. Hi team, still learning Subarus and I keep getting conflicting info from google searches/NASIOC/US based results. I wanted to know if a GDB exhaust will fit in a GC8? Specifically this one https://www.redlineperformance.co.nz/product/impreza-gdb-exhaust-titanium/ and I'm guessing no length difference between coupe and sedan correct? Apparently it works mostly but no mention of what doesn't work? Second question. Is it worth upgrading the up pipe in a MY97 STi? Again conflicting results between those claiming (I'm assuming butt dyno/placebo) performance gains vs more lag and numbers
  5. New gearknob to replace the stock lightweight one.
  6. Ah was meaning to head up but forgot about it. D'oh
  7. Did brake pads, new brake and clutch fluid all around, and trans and diff oil
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