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  1. Went last year... keen for next year! Great that they have moved to a bigger location.
  2. Hi All, Taking the SVX over the hill on Sunday for the show at the Tui Brewery. Is anyone else heading over? Link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/283151798988899/ Have a fab day John
  3. Hi Ryan, I have my previous (2000) and current (2008) Foresters serviced by Pit Stop in Lower Hutt. They are a good bunch of guys and probably could give the car a good look over; give them a call (04 69 7674) and ask. There is also an AA place on Hutt Road (Lower Hutt) and they do vehicle inspections (04 939 9361); not sure if you have to be an AA member. Cheers John
  4. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215346574131029&set=pcb.10215346577171105&type=3&theater :-) I have made the link public... hope that works!
  5. Here is link to some pics :-) Tried to post but some reason won't accept the link! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215346574131029&set=pcb.10215346577171105&type=3&theater
  6. I was there! Parked not far from the Jags and beside a purple Peugeot and a pale blue 1950's cruiser :-) Had lots of interest and good chat with lots of people. Was a fab day... except for the traffic at Otaki!
  7. Hi! Heading up on Sunday morning for the show... any ClubSub from Wellington heading up? Will a nice run for the SVX and looks like a great day! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/horowhenua-chronicle/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503788&objectid=12200572&fbclid=IwAR2zKoGmIoLLVZCRBwpIP7fCRJ0Pz-h4pwLR1iEg6BdHfD1zDkMvRWJC57U
  8. Turns out the valve was getting jammed open due to gunk in the tubing; to totally resolve it would mean removing the turbo and taking the engine out to replace! Their suggestion was to disable and get the codes blocked. This was done by Prestige in Petone and all is going well... total cost including investigation work came $640.
  9. Hi! I guess that would mean this Sunday is the next meet! Will see if I can make it :-) There is show coming up on Feb the 17th at Shannon... will be going up that one! https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2019/super-cheap-auto-shannon-spectacular-car-show/shannon Cheers John
  10. HI, Just tried to update my membership but it shows it is already paid (via PayPal). Are you able to let me know if anything is going pear shaped :-) cheers John Field :-)
  11. Called in to Armstrong this morning and they won't replace under the recall. It appears that although in the year range mine is not on the Vin register for replacement. Weird or what! $1700 for replacement! Eek!
  12. Hi! Have the same issue on my 2009 Forester XT. There is a product recall for this issue. https://www.recalls.govt.nz/recall/subaru-forester-impreza-legacy-outback-wrx-model-years-2007-2014 and can melt the pump! I have contacted Armstrong in regards to replacing... waiting to hear back. Here is the US info https://subaru.oemdtc.com/495/wtm-73-secondary-air-injection-pump-relay-2007-2014-subaru What does the system do exactly? It helps remove unwanted hydrocarbon emissions, air is injected post combustion for a predetermined amount of time after the engine is started. The system is only operational for a small amount of time post start (the amount of time varies depending on engine temperature, but is typically around 30-60 seconds), and inactive thereafter. It has no effect on engine performance or fuel efficiency it is solely there for emissions control. Hope this helps! Cheers John
  13. Hi! Just experienced the same issue in my 2009 ForesterXT and did some research on the web; there is a product recall for this issue. https://www.recalls.govt.nz/recall/subaru-forester-impreza-legacy-outback-wrx-model-years-2007-2014 Did you find out or were told about this? Not sure if you can be credited the US site says yes (see below)... I have been in touch with my local dealer in regards to this an waiting to hear back. https://subaru.oemdtc.com/495/wtm-73-secondary-air-injection-pump-relay-2007-2014-subaru Cheers John
  14. Hi All, Just had this issue occur with my 2009 Forester SH5. Just done some research and see there is a Safety recall for this issue (attached). Has anyone had this done through Subaru? https://www.recalls.govt.nz/recall/subaru-forester-impreza-legacy-outback-wrx-model-years-2007-2014 Cheers John
  15. Very tidy! My first Subaru was a blue XT (reg MX9138); loved it! Had issues with the suspension but the local subbie dealer did a some magic to keep it going. Was an amazing car to sit in and drive... the electronic dash was fab and the 'joystick' transmission. Clocked up a fair few ks and fun in her. Had to sell her when circumstances changed :-( Just checked out the reg on CarJam…. deregistered in 2002 and off the road at 222,000km :-( Have a 95 SVX now 360,000km and love her too! Fingers crossed for many more years of enjoyment and pleasure out all of our cars!
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