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  1. Hell yes I'm jealous as S***. Currently the budget and skills won't let me find a decent one without looking at 5k plus =( one day, one day.
  2. I got a brumby too! My old man had one when I was a youngun so picked one up for a cupla hundy buuttt upon tearing S*** apart to see how much work it was I found so much hidden rust it wasn't funny. The hunt for a reasonable one continues.......
  3. Righto point taken, CS does not support street racing. Neither do I by the way and I quote myself "street and track spec" but never mind dream killed cheers all.
  4. I think everyone is missing my posts point lol get a tarmac wrc car, mod the engine to suit road and track spec with the engine of your choosing (think of the ex possum bourne vantage sposored GC8) and then it would dust up 99% of any vehicle out there. And money no object, are you subie lovers saying you would rather a mclaren?! Blasphemy!!!
  5. True that mate. But imagine getting rid of the restrictor and/or giving it new mods to make it more streetable and faster. Granted a lot of the work done to them is to help durability in a rally but how badarse would the real thing be compared to converting a standard issue (or spec c as you say) rolling around. Yes compliance would be a bitch. Probably the only real hard part to make road legal. I wonder if you used a fully compliant (NZ) engine and then modified that, would it be deemed emissions compliant? If I had the dollars I would be sorting my own spec c into a widebody monster but alas I didn't purchase my lotto ticket from Thames.
  6. lol Yuck, no kerb hopping for my dream haha all about the (tarmac spec) lows.
  7. This is a bit of a dream of mine (and by no means do I have the money to do it), but I have seen a Japanese dude on instagram (@junya1730) who dailys an actual ex-wrc subaru coupe. It got me thinking- how would you achieve this in NZ? Forget driveability of the current engine as it would need to be tuned accordingly but I love the look of the S12 hawk-eye model wrc model. Hell, I even love the S10 (I think) blob-eye model too! Money would solve everything but lets hear your comments! Tarmac spec wrc car rolling down the road ready to put the shits up anything it comes across!
  8. Any idea on the legalities of drilling the hubs?