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  1. Haha, Nah I just mean a vortex which is road worthy.
  2. When I say I want it to last AND that I want to lower it, I mean I want to lower it a little to where it doesn't look like a mix between a Lamborghini and a ford ranger. Just enough to where the wheel gap and ride height are enough to escape my driveway without grounding my sump to a stump.
  3. I recently purchased my 2nd SVX from a friend and I'm very very happy with the car so far! Alcantara trim, Sunroof, Fully spec'd and loud. However now starts the modification stage! I've put some effort into research so far and I've not come up with any simple way of lowering it without drilling new holes for suspension, which I don't know if it will be cert-able or not. Does anyone in NZ have some decent experience with SVX and modifications to them because I've found there are always some differences between them and the overseas versions. Is there any directly interchangeable suspension from maybe even another brand of cars? If not does anyone know a good place to take the car to get the drilling or whatever done so It can be lowered legally, I mean after all I'm not after the "sacked on 20" Chromies bro" outlook on this car, I want it to last me a very long time.
  4. If I manage to get myself a vortex ill keep in touch
  5. Does anyone know someone with an old vortex they could potentially part with?
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