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  1. Had to remove the air filter to hear it to adjust😂. I’m surprised how much better it feels between gear changes when on it. Even the electronic boost gauge seems to move faster on the down. Was a bit hesitant on the up to 30% claim for the price. Glad I adjusted it as there’s definitely a difference between out of the box and wound up lol.
  2. Finally got around to putting in the bpv 😂, got to wait till Friday to adjust and test it tho 🙈
  3. Still stock but still deciding on which catted downpipe to get😂. Still have a few more parts to get before I get them put on and tuned
  4. Ive had mine on for a year now, lack of drone at 100 is still awesome.
  5. Black number plate surrounds would help. Always change mine as they don’t pay for advertising 😂
  6. Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105s grip ok but have a tendency to drift if pushed
  7. Not wanting to drop to 18”. Need some better 245/35/19 tyres then stock. Whats everyone running?
  8. Wives and kerbing come hand in hand unfortunately 😭
  9. Maybe an etch primer first?, bumper black paint maybe an option as it’s flexible
  10. Are they doing a non track meet?
  11. Not interested in going front mount, after a reliable Bpv
  12. Lol, last thing I’d want is it breaking off and coming up to say hello while driving 😂. was hoping to see what a nz plate looked like on a grimmspeed one🤷🏼‍♂️.
  13. As the American plates are different, which kits are people using?. Judging by the useless perrin plate surrounds theres a big difference in the plates😂 pics of finished setup if possible
  14. Yup clamp was upside down on the weirdest angle🤯
  15. Alldone, I’m guessing theres a special place in hell for the guy that locates the clamp from the blowoff valve to the inlet😉.
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