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  1. Can the V5/6 STi throttle body be fitted to the Rev D manifold reliably? So I can have top feeds on my V6?
  2. Can it be done easily and reliably? Is there any other way to fit top feeds to the Version 6 STi that doesn't require a mortgage? Or has anyone fitted the entire Rev D manifold? What is the procedure /pitfalls? And how did you mount the coil pack? Or has anyone got some good reliable hi flow side feeds for sale (Sard or DeatschWerks or similar)? .... Yeah I know ... spend the money and get a Radium kit and new top feeds ... was just wondering if there is a cheaper way that is also reliable? Cheers !!!!!
  3. Any advice where I can get a front lip for a 22b bumper?
  4. The new Focus RS Limited has a Torsen type front diff !!!!! YAY !!!! er .... I think ??? Or ... About time?? A bit like the Version 4 RA Limited from '98 Gosh is Ford that far behind?
  5. I'm up for this but need a place to stay - is there a group booking at a motel that I can tack on to. Don't want to pay for track / amazing race but have no where to stay Can anyone help me please?
  6. One car plus 2 pax for the rally / track day please. Where are people staying overnight? is there another room available? How do I pay etc (yep I'm a bit of a newbie!)