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  1. Tez

    Factory alarm

    Thanks boostin it has a double flash on the dash when armd i will tomorrow to set it off
  2. I have a 2005 outback not had for very long. What is the best way to set the alarm off myself just to test it. I have confirmed on the dash that alarm is on. I just want peace a mind that it all works as it should
  3. Hi i am having a issue with my central looking 90% of the time the passenger door will not unlock and sometimes if its not that door its the rear door behind the passenger. Yet when locking the car all doors seem to lock every time. I would really like this issue fixed and i want to attempted it this weekend. Does anyone have any info on what might be causing this to happen and how do i fix it
  4. Yea my light gos out around the 3000rpm mark aswell. I will keep it on unless i need the power i guess
  5. Great thanks so even tho the eco light has gone out when at " full throttle" for instance its still limiting compared to when completely tuned off using the button. Is this correct? Also thanks for your help it's new to me
  6. Sorry i should have said its non turbo
  7. Just got a 2005 outback and wanting to know what eco mode does. When on it lights up on dash but when i use a certain amount of throttle it flicks off then on again when i take my foot off. Should i be using ECO mode? If so how and when should i have it turned on?
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