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  1. Cheers sobanoodle, you're a star! Yep, you're also 100% correct: it's a spec B, non-foldable mirrors, non-alloy stalks, non-honeycomb grille. It's a perfect sleeper! Thanks Divine, these links were really interesting. Cool to think it's one of only 42 with that trim spec.
  2. I'm wondering if it's a variant of some kind from the 2.5 GT, wondering whether that's related to the washers on the headlights and whether there are any other unusual aspects you guys may now about related to this, also when I put the model code in the deciphering site, it doesn't recognise it, so I still haven't found out definitively what this model is. Also wondering what the 4F option code refers to. Right, so when it says 'Subaru B-4' on the ID plate, any idea what it is referring to? Cheers.
  3. Some advice on working out what my Legacy is please. What I know so far: It's a GT stationwagon with a 2.5 engine and is an auto. It's a B4, 2007 year, 250 BHP. And that's about all I know. I think it's pretty unusual in that it has a big sunroof and wash jets on the headlights. The codes are: VIN: JF1BP9KV57G054026 Applied model: BP9DKFV Option code: 4F Trim code: D20 Engine type: EJ255LLDLE I've tried all of the online code identifiers but cannot get more info than this. Any advice on what/where to try would be great, thanks.
  4. Mate, have to driven both the auto and manual of this or similar models? Trying to work out if the manual really is any better to drive, as there are so few about I'm not sure if I can wait for a manual, plus they're a lot more expensive?
  5. Very interesting. 'Issues, the early legacys are renowned for destroying turbos'. When you say early, when is that exactly; 2003 or older? I'm looking for one now, so would be useful to know.
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