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  1. Brilliant, thanks for all the help guys
  2. Righto, this all makes sense, thanks. If all this is done is it a good idea? Or would I be better off saving for a 207 over the 205?
  3. @Pappu1 still just the td04l. Not wanting to wind the boost up any higher than what the Sti ecu is programmed for so figured I'd be okay with it
  4. @Pappu1What kind of afm am I after? The reading I've done suggests that wrx and Sti should be identical. I always run the thing on npd 100, is this still poorer than Japanese stuff? I'm in Marlborough Cheers
  5. @Pappu1 haven't tried anything else so far, have left it until I can have a proper chat with someone who knows what they're doing
  6. @RaKid yellow injectors, afm is black and marked U11N24-AFS
  7. Ah that makes sense. Do you think this will be the only issue? If so could I just throw a boost tap I've got lying around in and wind it to 1 bar or will I be better off buying a 3 port?
  8. I did. From the brief reading I did about it, 99-00 wrxs had the same injectors and afm as the equivalent stis, but I could very well be wrong. I didn't see anything about compression ratios Not fussed about getting it working, got the thing off a mate for $50 so thought why not? Cheers
  9. Hi, apologies if this has been covered but I'm well lost. Have bought a v5 Sti ecu to swap into my MY99 wrx hatch. I was lead to believe by the aussie wrx forums that this would swap in no worries, aside from having to swap two wires on the blue connector. The car runs and drives no worries after plugging it straight in, and swapping the pins over means it won't start. After this, the car will only boost to ~10psi and is now drinking fuel even worse than normal lol. Is there something I've missed? Markings on the board are A19-001 DS2 [N]
  10. Hi all, I've had my 99 gf8 wrx for a month or so now, which has mainly been spent undoing some very questionable modifications and generally tidying it up. I know most of my questions will have been asked countless times here and everywhere else, but I'm not sure where to start learning more specific things so even any pointers on where I should be looking would be much appreciated. First off, I've noticed that at times, according to my gauge at least, that my boost will drop about 1psi. This seems to go away when I get in it the next morning and it truly has me stumped. Any ideas what I should be looking for? (gauge normally shows 11.5psi, after I removed the .9mm welder tip crammed in what I think was the wrong side of the tee with the factory pill still there. Next, I have a clicking CV in the rear and no shop that I've spoken to can track any replacements down. From what I understand this is pretty rare so I'm looking at going for second hand shafts, so how much cross compatibility is there? Do they need to be from a hatch, can they come from a forester or something etc Finally, I'd quite like to get a bit more power out of it as I can't keep up with my father in his type r. I've got a bogan mate who reckons that the ecu will be able to keep up with more boost and that I should be able to put an STI restrictor pill in it without any issues. Is this true, and what adverse effects am I going to see? I know absolutely piss all about that kind of tuning. As I said, any other good resources anyone could point me to would also be brilliant. Cheers
  11. having a bit of trouble with the site upload method, but here: https://ibb.co/mAG77b https://ibb.co/eDqpLw
  12. Hi, My father is in the market for some equal length headers for his v4 sti type r. i happen to have a friend who has a set that came off his v8 who's willing to sell them quite cheap, and i just wanted to find out whether these would fit or not on the other car. TIA
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