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  1. So would it be better to put in say a VF30 or TD05-16g and STI pink injectors? That is the only extra thing I would need to add to get a good chunk more power? Or is sticking with the stock TD04 still gonna be great? Ah I see yeah I don't launch car and I treat the box like it is glass so am trying to look after it.
  2. Hey guys Sorry for all the posts recently. I am getting ready to have my 2001 WRX tuned. What is upper safe limit on the 5 speeds? I am keeping the stock TD04 and doing DP, Fuel Pump and STI TMIC, but decided to keep TD04 rather than put on a VF30 like I originally planned as I did not want to end up pushing too much power that would cause tranny to blow. I have seen that I should get around 230 - 240whp with a stage 2 tune on a TD04? Does that sound about right? And what sort of horsepower level would be considered the "safe limit," for the 5 speed tranny? Cheers
  3. Thanks man! And yeah even if you don't use 6th speed, you still get the smaller ratios which makes driving more fun. So I am putting money aside right now incase my trans blows. What should I be looking to get? Should I just buy a used 2005 wrx trans? Or should I upgrade it to something else? Or is it better to rebuild?
  4. hey man I paid 8k for my WRX, and will end up having spent another 4.5k to go stage 2, with sti spoilers etc. Overall. that is only 12.5k on car. An V7 sti is generally going to run you 15 - 18k. yes I have seen them pop up for 10 - 12k, but they are generally thrashed or in poor condition. Also, when I eventually go to buy an STI I want a V8 or V9 Blobeye, which will run me around 20 - 25k. Which is a huge difference between an 8k WRX with 4k of mods. I definitely want an STI, but I do not plan on taking my WRX any further. It be my daily for a few years until I get a house, then I will look to buy an STI. That is why i feel like stage 2 for my WRX will be worth it. I will enetually get an STI, but I am definitely not getting anything past 2005. I am not a fan of Hawkeyes and definintely do not like any from 2008 onwards personally. I want to get a V8 or V9 Blobeye. But for the momenet I cannot afford an STI and thus looking at stage 2 for my WRX in the interim for the next 2 or 3 years until I get a house etc :). Thanks for the response man! Good to see that others have had success at that mileage. I was originally going to do VF30 as well but decided not to as I knew that would push car to about 250whp and I did not want to risk too much power. Also, it meant another $500 for parts and some extra labour, so I just decided to do DP, Pump and Intercooler and tune to get the horsepower a bit safer (aiming for 280 - 290bhp or 230 - 240whp).
  5. Cheers man! I look after my car, never launch and try and shift as smooth as I can. Yeah, I don't quite know how to describe it. The gears don't engage poorly at all and shifting slower actually makes it more pronounced. The faster I shift, the less I notice the sound and sometimes not at all and there is definitely no grind or crunch. SO around $200 - $700 for a 5 speed? What about labour costs as I don't have the expertise quite yet to put it in myself. So can I put a 5 speed from say a Hawkeye WRX in? Or are the ratios etc all different? Hi, thanks for the reply! I would not bother putting in an expensive aftermarket gearbox in as I'd just buy an STI at that point. So if my Bugeye 5 speed broke, what is the best option at the lowest price? Is getting another 5 speed box off a wrecked vehicle not a good idea since they are old as well? What would you recommend? Cheers
  6. Hey guys Planning on doing a tune soon to my Bugeye WRX. Vehicle has done 200,000km so I know that putting more power into an old trans may eventually cause it to go bang. I am only planning on running roughly 230 - 240whp on a conservative tune (currently running 200whp), so I am not planning on pushing insane power. But it got me thinking that I should put some money aside incase the tranny blows which I know it will eventually. Question is, how much does a standard 5 speed costs to fix? Is replacing it with a second hand one or rebuilding the current one better? If it blows, is there a slightly better transmission that can be put in the car that is not too much more expensive? I am not planning on swapping in an STI trans because at that point I would just buy an STI, I just wanna make sure that after tuning I have some funds set aside incase the trans goes bang. I also notice that when shifting gears, it sometimes makes a little "ting noise." It usually only happens from 3rd - 4th and 4th to 5th but sometimes as well when downshifting to 2nd. I noticed this noise when I got car actually over a year ago, but sometimes it is more prevalent. I don't know if anyone knows what that means? There is no crunch, and no noises other than when changing gear. Thanks all!
  7. Hey guys I have a Version 7 WRX that currently runs a stock 200whp and have planned to do following: Aftermarket Downpipe Install STI TMIC intercooler install 3x Gauges (oil pressure, temp, A/F wideband - Supplied with adapters and pod) Walbro 255 fuel pump install Stage 2 conservative tune around 17 psi. 3 port boost solenoid I keep tossing and turning between getting a V7 STI or modding my current WRX. I know an STI is going to be better but it would mean having to sell my car and spend probably between 2 - 4k extra to get one. Will I be disappointed in a stage 2 WRX? I recently drove a Version 8 STI and it just blew my stock WRX out of the water. I have been told that a tuned WRX will have better torque curve, throttle response and about 30 - 40 more horsepower? I have never driven a tuned WRX so I was wondering if I am wasting my time with it, or will I be more than happy and getting an STI is overkill? I should also note that my engine has 202,000km on it which is why I am wanting a conservative tune if I do end up getting it done :). P.S, if anyone has a Version 7 Bugeye STI for around 12k, I'd be intersted in potentially trading up my WRX
  8. Not a fan of V11s. Only like up to the Blobeyes so not interested in any past 2005. I'm more deciding if it is worth me spending 3k to get downpipe, STI intercooler, gauges and tune all done. Total cost I would have put into car would be 13k, but I am feeling like it is better to spend 15k to get a bugeye sti instead. That is more what I was trying to get info on. I was hoping so others on here have had their WRXs tuned and was hoping to get some responses from those who have done it :). Yeah that was what I was thinking. When I originally bought WRX I only had the funds more it, and now part of me wishes I waited and saved for an STI but the WRX is still a good car. I originally bought it for 8k, and have so far put an sti spoiler on it and sti hood scoop which brings total to 9k (had to get them painted). I was planning on doing the following: 1. X force High Flow Downpipe 2. 3x gauges 3. STI TMIC 4. Tune Total cost would be 3k including materials and labour and tune, which would mean I would have spent around 12 - 13k on car. It seems like it would be a good car, but compared to an STI I just feel like might be wasting my money
  9. Hey guys I have a 2001 JDM WRX running stock 247bhp. I was planning on taking the vehicle to a tuner and to go downpipe + tune route and was hoping to bump car to 270 - 280bhp and increase response/spool etc. However, I had the chance to test drive a 2005 WRX STI a few days ago. I was expecting a slight increase in power, but the difference was night and day. The handling, power range, everything just felt so much better. I know the STI is definitely a step up, but I was not expecting it to hit me that hard! Now I am not sure if it is even worth tuning the car. Thinking of selling it and buying a V7 STI since I have seen them pop up for around the 15k mark. It is going to cost me 3k to buy my downpipe, get my tune and do a few other little things, and was hoping that there were some others on here who have gone the downpipe/tune route on the WRXs, and could tell me if it does make the car feel totally different, or if I should just get the STI? How did you find the WRX before and after the tune? Did it feel totally different, or just a little faster but not much different? Do you wish you bought an STI? Or was the increase in power all you ever needed? Thanks all!
  10. Hey guys Been having a good browse on forums and speaking to some really helpful people on NASIOC regarding turbos for my V7 WRX. I was hoping that some others in NZ could provide some insight on their own turbo upgrades. Anyone done any turbo upgrades on V7 WRX? I was going to get a VF30 but I have been made aware of the TD05-16G turbo, and I quite like the look of those. Any other great turbos to get me around the 300bhp range with 565cc Pink injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump and STI TMIC? Also, does anyone have a VF30 or TD05-16G for sale? Cheers!
  11. Hey guys First time on this site! Good to find a New Zealand site so hopefully there will be some people here with the knowledge I am looking for! I have a 2001 WRX JDM, and am looking at upgrading the Downpipe. As far as I know, the USDM and NZDM V7 (bugeye) wrxs have a cat in upipe and downpipe and the JDM only has one in the Downpipe. Also, as far as I am aware the JDM downpipe is short compared to the USDM downpipes and the midpipes on the JDM is longer compared to USDM. My question is, all I have on the vehicle is an STI Genome axelback. If I am looking to upgrade the Downpipe, where do I begin as trying to find JDM parts seems extremely hard. I was looking at these downpipes https://www.google.com/search?q=invidia+downpipes&rlz=1C1GCEB_enNZ876NZ876&oq=invidia+downpipes&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l2j69i61l3.3919j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&safe=active&ssui=on But after messaging them they told me they won’t fit my JDM WRX as they told me they are only for NZ new/Australian vehicles. What to do? Can these be modified easily to fit? Should I just replace the whole exhaust set up with a NZ/US Turboback system? Thanks!