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  1. Thanks man and yeah I will look into it. It has not been an issue since I topped up and it is weird as the engine never chews oil and I topped it up recently so will keep an eye on it and get the sensor replaced. Cheers! Haha I feel you man. It is weird tho as it has never consumed oil before. If it continues to do so I definitely wont tune it and will get that addressed very quickly. Cheers!
  2. Haha sweet! yeah it was concerning me as well as I definitely topped it up, although I did take car for a very spirited drive through some windy backroads for an hour last weekend, probably more than she is used to :P. I'll definitely keep an eye on it but thanks for letting me know about the oil cap. What about if oil is overfilled? It was sitting probably 5 mills above the full "hole" amrker. Should I drain it or should I be all good? Cheers
  3. Hey guys So I turned my car on today to go grab lunch (Bugeye WRX), and I noticed the oil pressure light on which was weird. I checked oil and it was really low for some reason which was weird as I topped it up a few weeks ago and my car never really chews oil, but regardless, I topped it up and then drove 5 mins down the road to grab some lunch and came back. I got home and realized that the oil cap was off as I forgot to put it back on in my rush to get lunch and now wondering if this is bad? I researched and most said that oil would piss everywhere but this did not happen to me I checked under hood and engine bay. Should I be worried about any damages? The pressure light or oil level light was not on during the drive but I did notice the car was driving a tad rough (almost felt like a slight misfire), but it might have been my imagination as no engine light or anything came on. I only drove for maybe 5 mins, 10 mins at MOST and I was just cruising as it was raining. I assume the oil filter would have captured any contaminents? Am I all good? Also, any issue with slightly overfilling oil? I usually never worried if it was but just thought I'd ask. It is sitting just above the hole in the dipstick that indicates full. Cheers!
  4. Yeah but I wanted a little more out of it and for $1,000 I can get 20 - 30hp as well as some better torque. For a year or two I think it is well worth it Insert other media
  5. Not quite going back to study next yeat and have decided to just spend $1,000 and get a retune. That'll do me until I can get an STI in a few years.
  6. Haha thanks for answering my queries. I'll do my best to move on and try to forget about it and look forward to getting car tuned in 4 weeks :). Last question, if the engine was detonating and I have not noticed any adverse affects yet, if I fix the issue then I should hopefully be all good going forawrd? I understand the engine can go boom at anytime tho so gotta be prepared for that.
  7. Oh jesus now I feel worse again. So you saying that the 6 months or so of driving without it could be causing detonation? Is there anyway to know if I have done damage? Any tests or anything I can get looked at to see?
  8. Cheers man yeah I do panic it is part of my personality can't help it haha. Oh well that makes me feel better yeah I can put the splitter back on no stress I was only worrying about long term damage or any damage I could have done. Reason I was stressing was I asked my tuner and he said that it could cause detonation and knocking and I might not hear it and think everything is fine. Yeah I considered getting an intake temp gauge actually and I am also tossing up between putting an STI intercooler on. I have it sitting there and car is getting reflashed in 4 weeks so might just get the intercooler put on at the same time.
  9. Haha good point! What would indicate that it was overheating btw? The factory temperature gauge on the dash? Yeah will do I am getting vehicle reflashed in 4 weeks super excited so finding out I have been running my car wrong was a kick to the stomach haha. But basically I can stop worrying about any damage as if anything was wrong I would have noticed a loss in power right? Also if it was running hot and pre ignition was occuring the ECU would retard the timing/richen the mixture correct? So if the vehicle was not getting cooled properly then the ECU would I guess prevent engine damage to an extent? Am I correct there?
  10. Yeah I should have realised I just thought the bigger scoop and having the WRX splitter was pointless but I see I made a big mistake. It has been like this for 6 months, would I have caused any long term damage? Or would it just have caused power loss if there was issues with cooling?
  11. Cheers I'll put the splitter back on tonight. Any long term issues the more I read the more worried I get as a lot of posts are saying that most of the air wont even be going through the intercooler and I have been driving without it for 6 months! I just hope I have caused lots of wear on my engine or turbo etc? The car has had no issues last 6 months so would I have noticed if there were issues already? But I will put it on going forward
  12. Hey guys I have a V7 WRX and put a Version 8 STI Scoop on the vehicle about 6 months ago. Because the Scoop was much bigger, I decided to take off the splitter as I thought a lot of air would bypass the Duct and not even touch the intercooler. However, been reading and it seems like that is not a good thing to do? I have been running without a splitter for 6 months and car has had 0 problems, but is this bad long term? Also, can you use the WRX Splitter while I have an STI Scoop? Is it better than having no splitter at all? I have a stock WRX intercooler. Cheers
  13. Hey guysI don't usually rev my engine in neutral ever as it has done 200,000km and is a bugeye WRX. Had some friends around and they wanted to hear it and I revved it to 3k rpm in neutral maybe 4 or 5 times. No further than that and also car was warm as I had been driving in 10 mins before this happened.I read that is not necessarily good to do while engine is unloaded but I assume a few revs to 3k in neutral would cause minimal additional wear correct?I am just wondering since vehicle has high km and also going to get it tuned soon! Cheers
  14. Haha cheers :D. Car is going for a tune in January so super excited!
  15. I know man sorry it is just my anxiety I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to things I own I hate having s*** damaged. I don't even park my car next 2 cars as I am scared people are going to open the door on it haha. Sometimes it can be a burden...
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