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  1. Hey guys Just today I noticed my WRX making a high pitched constant sound I have never heard before. It kinda sounds like when someone is whislting/blowing into a glass bottle is probably the best way to describe it. It seems to only be there when I am maintaining speed generally in 4th or 5th gear for example it was most prominent at 110km/h in 5th gear when I was neither accelerating or decelerating. I don't notice or hear it when boosting and still hitting 15.5 psi nicely it seems to be occuring between 0.4 and 0.2 vaccum pressure when I am just maintaining speed. I have just had ALL fluids done to the vehicle about 4 weeks ago so they have all been bled, drained, refilled etc. Cambelt was done at 169,000km and car sits at 210,000km currently. So I'm not sure where else to begin as this noise is really irritating when I am trying to enjoy my drive and listen to my car and I hear that. Any suggestions?
  2. Hey guys Just wanting to know if Open ended lug nuts are as bad as people say. I currently have some basic 38mm silver spline lug nuts atm but I am wanting some that stick out because I like the look so looking for 45 - 50mm lug nuts. Problem is, I wanted to go closed end but there are almost 0 options. I have seen circuit performance ones but after reading reviews I wont go near those. Project Kics Heptagon look really good but at $150 and then having to paint them red (I want them red to match car) it just doesn't feel worth it. It seems that all the extended ones are open ended for some reason so I just wondering if I bite the bullet and get open ended ones. Just wondering if the issues with rust, seizing of the studs are a real concern or are they not as bad as people make it out to be?
  3. Colour :). I have done purple for everything else and this is the last thing to do. Ok ill give it a go without the resistor!
  4. When I talked to jaycar, they said that the LEDs like that needed a resistor or something when going into a car. I am not that savvy with electronics so I dunno if this is true or not but I tried wiring up a resistor to one of those LEDs and it cannot fit back into the socket.
  5. Hey guys Anyone done the HVAC replacement on their V7 - V9 WRX or STI. I have done all the cluster, floor, keyring etc in purple but the HVAC ones are really weird. I have attached some photos of what they are. For all the other bulbs, it was just t5 wedge bulbs but for these they are very different. If anyone has done them please let me know what you did!
  6. Oh 1,500 is allgood for an engine and I assume STI engine as well? So if I bought for example a used EJ205 engine if mine blew, how much would I be looking at roughly in that case to get it on the road again including replacing all the oil pump, seals and cooler. Haha that sounds like they are both good points. Thanks a lot for all the info tho I definitely feel like I understand the options more! Thanks everyone for the replies! I definitely feel like I understand the options much better!! Can an EJ207 be dropped into WRX easily?
  7. Thanks everyone for the responses really appreciate it Wowsers that is a ton of money haha! At that point I'd rather part the car and just buy an STI. But if I had an STI already it would be a different story. Is that similar prices for WRX short blocks or getting crate motors? Would be around 10k? Ah ok so you don't reckon getting new short blocks etc is worth?
  8. Wait why facepalm? I was genuinely wondering what others had done and if they could maybe offer some advice on things that worked well, didn't work well etc? I didn't mean it to be a stupid question I was genuinely curious?
  9. Hey guys Seems like there is a huge avenue of lines to take when your engine goes boom after I did some reading. Just seeing what others out there have done and based on their experiences what they would/wouldn't recommend? I assume it also has to do with how the engine blows as well that will determine your approach? I have not blown my engine but it is getting up there in KMs and is running 311bhp and while I do look after it, I am aware it could go at any moment. Even if it doesn't for a while, I'd rather gain knowledge on what to do and what options there are anyway rather than something happening and then scrambling around trying to sort something while I don't have a car haha. So yeah, Rebuild? Replace with used longblock? Buy new Shortblock off PBMS? Dropping in an STI engine instead? Other options? What should you usually budget in the case this does happen? 5k? Thanks all!
  10. Hey bro same boat can't get some OEM stuff for my service. Luckily it was only 1 thing and fairly minor but they said their suppliers can't get things atm.
  11. Just a quick question. I got my car serviced a few weeks ago and needed new rear shocks and had no rear bump stops so basically rear suspension is shot. Had it booked in to do this work tomorrow but since we have been plunged in Lockdown unable to get the work done. I have avoided driving my car as much as possible but I notice that every time I drive over bumps in the road my back goes "thud" so I know the suspension is pretty bad. I'm really pissed as the other day I hit a HUGE pothole where I scraped my exhaust (already posted about that), and I hadn't driven car since (lockdown). Had to drive today and I felt like the car just felt a bit "cheaper." If felt like it was thudding/clunking worse even with smaller bumps. Just wondering what things would bear the brunt of the assault on hitting a massive pothole if the shocks are bad. I assume control arms and ball joints primarily? I had a look and can't see any damage to them but what else should I look out for that could be causing this worse ride? is there anything specific I should get the workshop to look at when they do the work.
  12. Bro that exhaust looks mad! Mine comes out on an angle now and I love it! I can see literally most of the muffler and it just looks aggressive and wicked. Honestly bro I would not change your exhaust it looks bloody awesome!
  13. Hey guys Hit a big pothole today (stupid road) and because I need new rear shocks and my bump stops have gone (they were getting replaced next week), my car completely bottomed out badly and I heard the dreaded sound of the exhaust smashing against the road. I jacked car up and checked and it scraped on the midpipe right on the lip of the resonator. It took a few gouges out but it seems like there is no hole and no dent. There is also a VERY slight dent in the muffler at the outer edge. Again, just a few gouges and a small dent probably the width of a finger tip and only very slightly caved in. Based on that, as long as it is not leaking and sounds the same, just carry on? To me it seems just surface but I am really pissed at myself for 1. not seeing the pothole and 2. Because this was a nice new exhaust I have JUST put on. I'm just wondering who else has scraped/hit their exhaust and had to replace it and what were the obvious signs. First 2 photos are the muffler damage. Last 2 are the Resonator damage.
  14. I probably wouldn't go from a 3 inch downpipe into a 2.5 inch Catback. There is conflicting evidence as with anything but if you research I think there is something about increased backpressure compared to just running 2.5 inch straight through. Also something about the gases expanding and contracting etc with some people doing dyno runs with this setup and getting worse results compared to either 2.5 inch through or 3 inch through. I just would leave it with 3 inch personally or redo the whole system 2.5.
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