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  1. Hey guys I haven't been driving my car much, maybe only once a week lately. I've been super busy with work and other things and totally forgot to check my fluids like I usually do every week or 2. I took the car for a big drive, 2 hours the other night. I had not had the car out for a good spirited drive in a while so I was doing pulls and that. I was hearing this sloshing/water sound and had no idea what it was. I checked my fluids this morning and realized my coolant was quite low! It was below the 2nd line by about 1 inch. I still had coolant in there but it was below the line. I never had my temperature gauge go up or coolant light come on but I am a bit concerned at the damage I could have done during that time. Is it likely to have caused damage or because I still had some coolant and I have not driven much I might be ok?
  2. Hey guys I'm just wanting some recommendations on some new lug nuts. Mine are pretty worn out and yuck and I'm just about to have black rims so want to get some red lug nuts to add some flair and because red lug nuts look good on black. Anyway, I didn't want to cheap out or get a crap brand seeing as they are LITERALLY the only thing holding the wheels onto the vehicle. I'm specifically after a more extended or "bullet/spiked" style looked but anything Red will do as long the quality is good! I've come across many brands like TORQ, CIrcuit performance, Rays, BLOX, Cusco, Gorilla etc etc. I know to get steel NOT aluminium and to get closed end not open ended. But the prices range from $50 up to $200 and unsure if these $50 steel ones are fine or crap. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Yeah that is maybe what I thought actually. No issues with that I assume? Will just dry off and continue as normal? Weird it was only doing it first to second gear. I'll see how to the car drives tomorrow. If sound is gone, can chalk it down to that. If not, well we'll get to that later hehe.
  4. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had heard of this sort of noise before and could tell me what maybe it was? I drive my car home as usual, decided to give it a wash then I had to go for a small drive to the shop. It was after washing it I heard this weird noise. It is kinda hard to explain but it isn't a clunk, crunch or anything it sounds like if you grabbed a plastic belt and quickly pulled it along a table and creates that kind of noise. Or like if you start a small ICE engine with a pull cable and it doesn't quite start it makes a sort of "ngeow" and dies. That is the sound that the trans started randomly making. The ONLY thing I did was wash the car so unless some water has got in somehwere it shouldn't have I can't think why it would have just started. Anyone know what the sound is? Unless it isn't coming from the transmission at all and it is engine related?
  5. Hey everyone I'm about to purchase some SEM Trim paint to redo my window trims etc. Been touching up a lot of things around the vehicle lately including painting some interior bits to colour match, some lips and diffusers and now I'm onto the horrible window trims. Mine are peeling/have chrome showing and look awful. I can't decide between going gloss black or satin black for the trims. Would gloss black look out of place or nice? Or would the sleek satin look be more fitting? Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone I've been in the market for new rims for a LONG while now. My Bugeye still has these awful and ugly 17x7.5 rims since I got the car and I just haven't upgraded yet for various reasons. I decided to go 18x8 as I like the 18 inch look. I'm after a nice concave (not insanely concave), with the smaller spoke design. Kudos Tokyo are my favourite wheel as an example of the style I like. Anyway, I have not upgraded as I: 1. Can't seem to find a wheel I want in the right size, width, offset, stud pattern and color. 2. Am a bit stuck on how big I can go, in regards to rubbing, clearance, etc etc. So, I was wondering if I can go 18x8.5 on a Bugeye without modding, or with minimal modding? I'm on stock ride height currently. Also, I've been adverse to going TOO big or TOO wide because I kept hearing about performance loss due to heavier rims/tyres and a greater rotating mass. How much of a performance difference would 18x8.5 be compared to 17x7.5? Cheers!
  7. Oh yeah! If I wont get an increased Light output I might just go back to my original idea and paint the housing myself. Thanks Boon
  8. Oh sweet so the HID lights I have are exactly the same as the STI ones? How come they have different connectors I would have thought that might have had something to do with light ouput. yeah I might check my bulbs because they do feel pretty s***.
  9. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone can help me with the different types of Headlights for bugeyes. I have what I have been told are "factory HID WRX headlights." They are chrome housed and have the 2 circle lights at the bottom with the half moon at the top. I also see a lot of Bugeye WRXs especially USDM or NZDM ones with these uglier looking ones. Anyway, I've been wanting to black out the housing of my lights and was gonna just paint my existing lights but was thinking it might cost just as much to get a pair of already black housed lights. It seems it is the JDM STI headlights that come with the black housing?? Is that correct? Can they be wired directly up to WRXs or do they have different connectors etc? Is the light output from STI headlights any better? I find my low beam on my WRX to be absolute and utter garbage that I can barely see infront of me at night, however my high beams are amazing. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. That is a good and sad point tbh. https://www.amazon.com/Kics-WHPF3BL50-Kyokugen-Heptagon-Length/dp/B00EQ4NJZ4 These would stop a potential thief for a bit as they are heptagon (7 sided) and not many tools are :P. I'll have another look at some of the wheel shops and see what else I like. I quite like the rota-gforce from mag & turbo
  11. Hey bro so sorry missed this message didn't get a notification! Palmy mate but can travel and have the means to pick them up. I'd be keen on a set are they good seats for a daily you reckon? How do they compared to the bugeye ones?
  12. Ahh gotcha so there is more Replicas and Fakes. That makes sense! If you had a budget of around $1,000 - $1.500 for four rims, what would be the best to get in your opinion? Rotas or Enkei seem popular. Thanks for those links! So basically the top wheel brands like Volk, Work etc are extremely hard to get in NZ and you usually have to import from Japan etc? So all the "wheel shops" like Mag & Turbo etc just have replica rims etc that are pretty average quality then? It is tough because I try and keep an eye out for second hand rims Volks, rays, bbs etc and when they do come up they are either still very pricey or they are not the style I am wanting. If I was gonna get a decent looking set that was ok quality wise for the moment just so my car stops looking like ass, and saving for new rims, what would you recommend? If say you were to spend $1,000 - $1,500 on a new set of 4 rims. Rotas and Enkei seem popular around that price. XXR seem to have really good reviews and really s****y reviews.
  13. Can you elaborate more on reps. I get very confused by them as I am constantly seeing the word "rep" thrown around and no idea what is actually a rep etc. To me, I thought rep meant replica so if we took for example the Volks, I thought a rep would be a company in CHina making wheels that look and are branded as Volk but are not as they are replica/knockoffs. But I keep seeing comments like, "rotas are reps" or "Kudos" are reps and when I search these rims they seem both popular and also they are their own brand and don't seem to be mimicking other established rims. So yeah I get a bit confused. I've seen it mentioned that a single wheel should cost a grand to be genuine but that seems insanely expensive as I check most wheel and tyre shops like Mag & Turbo etc etc the rims are usually around $1,000 - $2,000 for MOST sets of 4. If I wanted absolutely genuine wheels, can you list me the brands? And if I didn't want to fork out $4,000 for a set of rims, what would be some good brands? I'm not planning on tracking the car it is purely a daily driver.
  14. Hey guys I've been in the market for some upgraded rims for a while now. I still have the ugly rims on my car since I bought it and just never got around to upgrading the rims. Well I have narrowed down my choice to a nice set of 18x8 with an offset of +38 - 42. Anyway, I've been keeping an eye on some second hand rims but nothing has come up in the style and specs I want for months no so thinking of buying new from like Mag & turbo or something. Anyway, I really like the Work Kiwami or Kudos Tokyo style with the small spokes and the nice concave look but the Works are way too pricey and the Kudos don't come in 8 width. Anyway, I found these Orbit Senna's on Mag & Turbo that are 18x8 with a +38 offset and nice design. Anyone got a review on orbit? Are they reps or genuine? (https://magandturbo.com/wheels/orbit-senna)
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