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  1. Oh that is cool! I like that. yeah I was thinking this haha!
  2. Hey guys was hoping to get some feedback on where others have placed their gauges? I currently have 2x Prosport JDM gauges mounted in the A Pillar. I have a new Defi Boost gauge getting installed next week. Currently, the Pillar Pod is only held in by double sided tape as I am waiting to get this final gauge put in before I drill through the pillar and connect it and feed it all properly as once I do that, it is basically locked in. I always wanted my gauges on the A Pillar as I thought it looked amazing and I love the look. The only issue is driving at night. If there
  3. Hello all! Just wondering what could potentially cause this. My check engine light has flashed (by flashed I mean appeared and disappeared a split second later) a few times in the 2 years I have had car but never had any issues and had them checked/diagnostic and never shows up anything. Today however I turned car on and was letting it idle for 1 min as I always do before taking off and noticed Check Engine Light and it was staying on. I turned car off and back on just to double check and it was gone and when driving it did not come back on. If it is not coming up again n
  4. Nah I am not worried I am relaxing more now and am actually just enjoying the car :). Was just curious what it could be and if it is something I should just leave chur
  5. So today I noticed a whining noise in 5th gear. It sounded like a high pitched noise but it ONLY occurs at 94 - 96km/h in 5th gear with light throttle. If I am off throttle or building any boost I don't hear it and I don't hear it in any other gear at all, and I don't hear it in 5th if I am below 95km/h or above 100km/h which is really weird. What could possible be making this noise? Diff? Bearings? Is this something worth getting checked or should I just leave it for now as it only seems to happen at 95km/h in 5th. I should note that trans shifts with 0 issues at all a
  6. Sweet I will definitely look into it :). Yeah I definitely have been thinking about over capitalisation of the WRX. So far I have bought it for 8k and spent about 3.5k on it. SO far it is just a tune, STI SPoiler, STI Scoop and 3 gauges. If I did buy a blitz (would cost me $1,000), i would just take it off once I got an STI anyway so it is not like I'd buy it and leave it on the WRX if I sold the WRX or bought an STI and kept the WRX, I'd take the blitz off. I am not planning on taking the WRX any further, I am super happy where it is I was just looking into
  7. Haha you got me good bro! Ahh I suppose it was fun for a bit but then it got old quick? Yeah I am just wanting a bit more sound because honestly my car is so quiet. I suppose it is good for subltey tho. Do you know any other catback options that might sound a bit more aggressive but that you wouldn't consider "cover your eyes in shame" material haha.
  8. Oh ok looks like I'll have to do some research into that. I assume I am not going to get much change to backpressure as I am keeping stock DP with cat so will have most of the backpressure there so it shouldn't be too much less backpressure for a blitz anyway. but thanks for letting me know. And yeah obnoxiousness is subjective wish I could hear a blitz in person to know how loud it is.
  9. Wait so what was all that bable about exhaust valves? Never heard of anything like that which is why I thought you were just having a joke hehe. Also yeah that was why I was asking I didn't want to get the blitz if it is obnoxiously loud and was wondering what other nice options there are. in terms of "I don't mind it being loud for others" I mean I am not worried if other people find it loud because 99% of them will only hear it for a second. I just wanna make sure it is nice sounding in the cabin since I am living with it ALL the time.
  10. Are you taking the piss because of all my stupid questions haha. I'm trying not to ask stupid questions I thought the one above was a fine question>?
  11. I am looking at a nice Catback Exhaust. Currently it has stock DP, stock midpipe with resonator and an sti genome rear muffler. While the car sounds nice, you cannot really hear it. Whenever I turn it on at idle, you barley hear it. When you open it up it does roar a bit but it does not sound that loud even with windows down. My favourite exhaust so far is the Blitz Nur Spec R. Absolutely love the design, sounds amazing and it bolts right up to my stock DP. However, I am really worried about just how loud it is. I don't want to spend $1,000 only to find out it is t
  12. For the bugeyes and a lot of the old 5 speeds you do. Unless I am literally stopped or rolling at maybe 2-4km/h the gear will crunch and not go in very nicely at all. Even rev matching does not help. it is quite a common thing with early 2000 WRXs.
  13. Sorry yeah I am that guy. I really don't mean it to not be taken seriously I have anxiety with certain things and I guess my car just triggers it when I do silly things that I just think would cost me stress/money. Sorry for you guys having to look at my stupid posts haha. I have been trying to learn more and more about cars so I can hopefully turn a wrench myself one day, which would really help with these worries haha. Thanks for responding tho
  14. Haha no way I am giving up my maunal I hate autos :P. Ok yeah I'll slip clutch if I need to. So I should not worry about any damage? Just don't like throught of doing things that are bad to an engine with over 200,000km ya know, especially since it has just been tuned :).
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