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  1. 10 will be a beast. We have a couple of 5's for things that don't get used often. As mentioned, they pull off some Lazarus-grade resurrection of batteries. I've got a battery that hasn't been used for 5 years on "Recon" now, will be interesting to see if it can get it usable again.

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  2. Gonna say an EJ15 ECU is not going to happily run an EJ20 :/


    Honestly I don't know about the engine mounts. I'd probably grab a subframe from an EJ20 donor unless you can confirm they are the same (which wouldn't surprise me).


    Don't forget you'll need to cert it as well.

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  3. I used a KKL 409.1 VAG-COM Cable successfully with FreeSSM and my '05 Legacy.


    Been ages, but I remember trying to get the drivers working was a gigantic f***-around.


    I'd probably skip the scanner and work out how to get the dash diagnostic codes to read properly.


  4. Dude if you're paying the custom fabrication for a 2->1 uppipe you may as well just have them build you an adaptor and go twisted. Spending $$$$ for like a 2kw gain and 200rpm of spool, no thanks.


    Also you would need the engine _in_ the car to build it so you didn't build something that hit the subframe/gearbox/steering, and you also have to make it line up with the downpipe.

  5. That guy's a dreamer.


    To be fair, so is @Niran and what he's selling is way tidier. But who knows, maybe someone spectacularly optimistic will pay asking.


    People mistaking immaculate, completely original, 25000km cars for their daily-driven, somewhat modified, obviously "used" 120000km+ cars.

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    19 hours ago, Bugeye01WRX said:


    Oh 1,500 is allgood for an engine and I assume STI engine as well?


    So if I bought for example a used EJ205 engine if mine blew, how much would I be looking at roughly in that case to get it on the road again including replacing all the oil pump, seals and cooler.



    Haha that sounds like they are both good points. Thanks a lot for all the info tho I definitely feel like I understand the options more!


    Thanks everyone for the replies! I definitely feel like I understand the options much better!!


    Can an EJ207 be dropped into WRX easily?


    $1500 is for a long motor that the seller thought was toast. Which is about the value of the things that bolt onto a dead long motor.


    Used low-ish Kms EJ205 long motor, let's say $2k. Gaskets, seals, odds and ends that you would want to refresh, coolant, oil, probably $1k, 1.5k if you want to do the cambelt.

    Can you do all the labour yourself? If not, engine out, refresh replacement motor, engine back in, probably $2k+. So you're looking at $5k to revive it.


    If you went to a 207... shortblock or long motor? If I remember right the shortblocks are a couple of grand, then all the misc you would have to do, at least a couple more grand, then labour, a few more, then you would presumably need a retune as your compression is probably different, I'd say $10k all done and you would have probably the same performance as you do currently.


    EJ207 long motor, let's say $4-5k for the motor and bits hanging off it, $1k refreshing it, $2k labour, $1k tune (or maybe you could swap in an STI ECU?) - $8-10k and you would get EJ207 performance. But you would be better off selling yours before it blows up and buying an STI.

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  7. I feel like a '98 may be too old for FreeSSM.


    re. the cable, I used a VAGCOM cable with an obd2 connector with my '05 Legacy and it worked well.


    In terms of which connectors need plugging in to put it in diagnostic mode... ugh it seems to vary hugely even with supposedly identical cars... different markets, trim levels... first get confidence in your reading equipment, then you just have to experiment until you get the output you expect.

  8. The genuine price for the Brembos, last time I looked, was pretty vomit.


    I'm running Znoelli slotted cross-drilled rotors cos that's what the last owner put on the car. So it's fair to say I've had epic mileage from them. They stop good enough but make an annoying buzzing sound if you're driving alongside a wall such as the median divider on the motorway.


    (They look pretty racecar too)


    EDIT: Just had a look, Brembo front rotors >$1000/piece, no thanks.

  9. Well, after 6 years and 95000km of relatively trouble-free motoring the $145 Legacy cooked a head on the weekend just out of Ohakune and is shortly going to be stripped and then crushed into a cube.


    It was.... surprisingly good while it lasted.


    (There may soon be a thread for some cheap BPE parts)

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  10. 17 hours ago, blitzd808 said:

    Interestingly just went in for a cert this week and was told that my whiteline sway bar (OEM fitting as above) failed for being too close to other suspension componentry 


    Man, f*** these eggs. What constitutes "too close"? Are they aware that under normal operation of a perfectly OEM car heaps of stuff is flying past within a few millimetres of other stuff... have they ever looked at the clearance between a Brembo caliper and OEM V7 STI Rim? Did it cause them to s*** their pants and die because it was not a stock-as-a-rock Toyota Corolla?


    If your suspension clears everything through the full range of travel then it's a non-issue. If it almost touches at full droop then something incredibly major probably has broken if it actually does touch. "Oh your tyre fouls the bodywork if the control arm snaps completely off, fail."

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