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  1. Anyone successfully chased this through the recall program? Would be super handy to know what SUbaru NZ's position is on this
  2. 10 points to that man - someone on facebook had the answer = where would I source one? Assuming from research that it was stuck open as it is a valve and exhaust gases cooked it. Thoughts?
  3. Hi Team, Posting here as the Exiga is based on the Legacy platform so it's the closest match. Today my partner drive with bubs to get her flu jab - she said the car was 'making a funny noise' - thanks for that hun - I instantly thought big end's ..... Turns out there was a small fire in the engine bay, standing in front of the radiator, right-hand front side as per photo's below. Can anyone knowledgable tell me what the component is and why it might've done this? Part close up General overview Noise video (forgive dirty suby - storm yesterday in chch) While engine running, dashboard chowing check engine light and flashing Sports on the Si-Drive icons