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  1. Sooo with a second sprog on the way we need to replace the trusty Axela with something bigger and the missus has caught the subie bug and wants an Exiga. Are there any specific things we should look out for that don’t apply to the rest of the Subaru range? Also does anyone know if the Exiga’s have the same auto transmission as the BP/BL Legacies? (I’m having no end of trouble with mine). Thanks in advance 😅
  2. Thanks, I'll look at getting one direct from Tactrix then. Yeah, I'm planning to put it up the top, but if it doesn't work then I'll probably just get a tablet for the space. From what I've checked so far it should fit I think. We'll see how I go once the head unit arrives, if it doesn't fit, it's no loss (it's only a cheapie from Wish).
  3. Thanks @IZichard I'd found their website, but was hoping someone knew where you could get them in NZ?
  4. I've had similar issues with my 5EAT, I was out in the middle of nowhere at it just started thunking when trying to change down (or up), eventually got it back to Winger in Hamilton and apparently it was the valve body. That's been replaced, but I'm not 100% sure it's fixed,. My mate has the same car and had the same issue, he had the valve body replaced as well, but after a couple of months it started again and he ended up with a full gearbox rebuild. We're both lucky we've got mechanical warranties, otherwise the valve body replacement is ~4k and I don't want to know
  5. @Andy_Mac thanks heaps for that, really helpful. Where can you get Tactrix cables in NZ? Or is it something that I'd have to get from the states? I'm pretty much looking to do the same thing you've got, although I've got a double din android headhunt to go in there.
  6. Hi All, I'm looking to get an OBDII adapter to that will work with the Torque Pro app on Android to display real time readings from the various things available over ODBII. My understanding is that to get that you need one that is SCCM compatible? Has anyone got any ideas, or has done this before? Is it even possible? Thanks heaps. Daniel.
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