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  1. Can you suggest any good places where I can get this checked in Wellington? The guys where I took my car charged me an hour's rate and said they cannot find any issues.
  2. Recently had to do a replacement of front left lower arm after hitting a curb. After the repairs, it started giving a small vibration if the steering is straight or taking a right curve in motorways. When doing a left curve, the vibration stops and its all smooth. The vibration is periodic maybe 1 second interval each. Vibration can be heard and can feel in the steering wheel. Its not happening at city speeds and I cannot feel anything at all. even till 80km/hr. It starts from 90km/hr. Apologies I didn't put all the info in the beginning as I am new here and thought the Forum might be inactive. Wasn't expecting a quick response. You rock! Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello guys, Does anyone else experienced an issue of periodic small vibrations when driving at 90km/hr and above. I can confirm its not he tires/wheel balancing/alignment as all those has been checked and changed all 4 tyres. Any recommendation for a specialist around Wellington or any other parts to be checked? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks, K
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