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  1. I’m running it on in a legacy BP5 2005. So reflash for sure, but is there a way to do away with it?? Any more info on how to without going to a link. As it’s just a toy for trailing a auto to see how it goes. Person above you said go to MAP sensor... hard to change? How do I change from AFM to MAP? Simple change over?
  2. Have you heard of any distance? Iv read a few places saying 300mm??
  3. Hey guys, New here, have a question, am making a twisted turbo setup with a kinugawa TD05 25G 3" anti surge inlet turbo, i am wondering if there is a set distance for placing the AFM in front of the turbo housing, as iv heard it can create issues ( no way to delete the AFM as no link with this build). The pipe will be a straight pipe off the front of the turbo. Has anybody played around with this before or have some helpful information about this? Any help is appreciated :)
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