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  1. Nah I am not worried I am relaxing more now and am actually just enjoying the car :). Was just curious what it could be and if it is something I should just leave chur
  2. So today I noticed a whining noise in 5th gear. It sounded like a high pitched noise but it ONLY occurs at 94 - 96km/h in 5th gear with light throttle. If I am off throttle or building any boost I don't hear it and I don't hear it in any other gear at all, and I don't hear it in 5th if I am below 95km/h or above 100km/h which is really weird. What could possible be making this noise? Diff? Bearings? Is this something worth getting checked or should I just leave it for now as it only seems to happen at 95km/h in 5th. I should note that trans shifts with 0 issues at all a
  3. Sweet I will definitely look into it :). Yeah I definitely have been thinking about over capitalisation of the WRX. So far I have bought it for 8k and spent about 3.5k on it. SO far it is just a tune, STI SPoiler, STI Scoop and 3 gauges. If I did buy a blitz (would cost me $1,000), i would just take it off once I got an STI anyway so it is not like I'd buy it and leave it on the WRX if I sold the WRX or bought an STI and kept the WRX, I'd take the blitz off. I am not planning on taking the WRX any further, I am super happy where it is I was just looking into
  4. Haha you got me good bro! Ahh I suppose it was fun for a bit but then it got old quick? Yeah I am just wanting a bit more sound because honestly my car is so quiet. I suppose it is good for subltey tho. Do you know any other catback options that might sound a bit more aggressive but that you wouldn't consider "cover your eyes in shame" material haha.
  5. Oh ok looks like I'll have to do some research into that. I assume I am not going to get much change to backpressure as I am keeping stock DP with cat so will have most of the backpressure there so it shouldn't be too much less backpressure for a blitz anyway. but thanks for letting me know. And yeah obnoxiousness is subjective wish I could hear a blitz in person to know how loud it is.
  6. Wait so what was all that bable about exhaust valves? Never heard of anything like that which is why I thought you were just having a joke hehe. Also yeah that was why I was asking I didn't want to get the blitz if it is obnoxiously loud and was wondering what other nice options there are. in terms of "I don't mind it being loud for others" I mean I am not worried if other people find it loud because 99% of them will only hear it for a second. I just wanna make sure it is nice sounding in the cabin since I am living with it ALL the time.
  7. Are you taking the piss because of all my stupid questions haha. I'm trying not to ask stupid questions I thought the one above was a fine question>?
  8. I am looking at a nice Catback Exhaust. Currently it has stock DP, stock midpipe with resonator and an sti genome rear muffler. While the car sounds nice, you cannot really hear it. Whenever I turn it on at idle, you barley hear it. When you open it up it does roar a bit but it does not sound that loud even with windows down. My favourite exhaust so far is the Blitz Nur Spec R. Absolutely love the design, sounds amazing and it bolts right up to my stock DP. However, I am really worried about just how loud it is. I don't want to spend $1,000 only to find out it is t
  9. For the bugeyes and a lot of the old 5 speeds you do. Unless I am literally stopped or rolling at maybe 2-4km/h the gear will crunch and not go in very nicely at all. Even rev matching does not help. it is quite a common thing with early 2000 WRXs.
  10. Sorry yeah I am that guy. I really don't mean it to not be taken seriously I have anxiety with certain things and I guess my car just triggers it when I do silly things that I just think would cost me stress/money. Sorry for you guys having to look at my stupid posts haha. I have been trying to learn more and more about cars so I can hopefully turn a wrench myself one day, which would really help with these worries haha. Thanks for responding tho
  11. Haha no way I am giving up my maunal I hate autos :P. Ok yeah I'll slip clutch if I need to. So I should not worry about any damage? Just don't like throught of doing things that are bad to an engine with over 200,000km ya know, especially since it has just been tuned :).
  12. Haha I am more curious what you should do in these situations as well? Like do you guys just toll in second and slip clutch or do you just stop and screw the people behind? Haha
  13. SO I have a bugeye and I find that quite often I am in that dreaded grey zone of "too fast for 1st, too slow for 2nd." It mostly happens when I am approaching a light or sign and I start to slow down and i am about to depress clutch and suddenly traffic starts moving. Now, I have to come to a complete top to get into 1st and by this point I am going too slow, like 1,000rpm so taking off in 2nd is usually out of the question. Usually I just stop, shift into first and go, and anyone behind me can suck it up, but today I was at a major intersection and busiest time of day and I did no
  14. Haha yeah I just feel dumb as, I hate doing things like that. Just out of curiosity, I am always weary that the trans could go, especially since I have a 200,000km vehicle. What is the best option to fix at a decent price. I don't want to spend 4k on a full STI swap, so do you just buy a used 02 trans? Or is it better to buy a used 03 - 05 trans? Or any other options?
  15. Hey guys so this is probably going to sound stupid but I "accidently" launched my car today. I was about to turn at an intersection and there was another car that had right of way, so i started rolling very slowly to get moving behind him but he then stopped and was letting me go for some stupid reason. Because of that, I realised I could not just keep rolling forward so I pushed the clutch back in and was gonna stop, but then because I was at an intersection and he was stopping, my mind went GO and so I simultaneously pushed clutch in and engaged the accelerator, putting RPMs to about 4,000 b
  16. No that is at the flywheel so 250whp roughly I think, used a bhp to who converted so could be slightly different. Not sure on the TCF sorry. Still extremely happy with it. Hi there yeah it is flywheel, but really stoked with it on a stock TD04 and engine with 205,000km. Car feels really good, smoother and just much nicer to drive. The biggest improvement tho is car pulls all the way until 6,250 rpm, whereas before it peaked somewhere between 5k - 5,500. Having that awesome feeling of the car hitting 5.5krpm and it still pulling harder is definitely an awesome feeling
  17. Hey man got it tuned by WRC Developments. Graham was fantastic! Made an awesome 302hp (222kw) on a custom tune with stock intercooler, stock turbo and stock downpipe, up from the 240hp it was. Pretty happy with outcome!
  18. Crap sorry! I wrote this post from work which was automatically logged into that account! I was told I could merge them so I'll sort that out tonight. Oil consumption has been fine I had car cleaned recently and it is getting looked at next week to see where the small leak is and I'll sort it then but it is a very small leak. Definitely not using a VPN sorry i logged in from work today but as I said, my apologies will get it sorted tonight! Hey mate will let you know if I end up using it :). At this point it is probably going to be not using it. It is in pr
  19. Hey guys!! I'll Try to keep this short. Getting a custom tune in a 2 weeks which would be akin to the US "stage 1," so not doing any aftermarket parts like downpipe etc. At this point I am doing just a reflash and upgrading fuel pump. Only thing I am still tossing between is if there is any point in upgrading the intercooler to an STI one? I have one but if it is a waste of time then I wont bother doing it as I can save the funds. Also, I read that the STI intercooler can sometimes wear through the AC lines. I mentioned this to my tuner but he ha
  20. Thanks man and yeah I will look into it. It has not been an issue since I topped up and it is weird as the engine never chews oil and I topped it up recently so will keep an eye on it and get the sensor replaced. Cheers! Haha I feel you man. It is weird tho as it has never consumed oil before. If it continues to do so I definitely wont tune it and will get that addressed very quickly. Cheers!
  21. Haha sweet! yeah it was concerning me as well as I definitely topped it up, although I did take car for a very spirited drive through some windy backroads for an hour last weekend, probably more than she is used to :P. I'll definitely keep an eye on it but thanks for letting me know about the oil cap. What about if oil is overfilled? It was sitting probably 5 mills above the full "hole" amrker. Should I drain it or should I be all good? Cheers
  22. Hey guys So I turned my car on today to go grab lunch (Bugeye WRX), and I noticed the oil pressure light on which was weird. I checked oil and it was really low for some reason which was weird as I topped it up a few weeks ago and my car never really chews oil, but regardless, I topped it up and then drove 5 mins down the road to grab some lunch and came back. I got home and realized that the oil cap was off as I forgot to put it back on in my rush to get lunch and now wondering if this is bad? I researched and most said that oil would piss everywhere b
  23. Yeah but I wanted a little more out of it and for $1,000 I can get 20 - 30hp as well as some better torque. For a year or two I think it is well worth it Insert other media
  24. Not quite going back to study next yeat and have decided to just spend $1,000 and get a retune. That'll do me until I can get an STI in a few years.
  25. Haha thanks for answering my queries. I'll do my best to move on and try to forget about it and look forward to getting car tuned in 4 weeks :). Last question, if the engine was detonating and I have not noticed any adverse affects yet, if I fix the issue then I should hopefully be all good going forawrd? I understand the engine can go boom at anytime tho so gotta be prepared for that.
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