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  1. Yea it blows nice and hot constantly. Just saw 3 air bubbles escape via the coolant reservoir when I got home and checked it. Hope that is just trapped its finding its way out and not the start of something more sinister? The thermostat is definitely opening though as I went through some more urban streets before getting home and the bottom hose did warm up. My original thoughts were that might be the case. I took a more urban route home and bottom hose warmed up. I saw 3 bubbles escaping through the coolant reservoir though when I checked it so hoping that is just trapped air leaving and not air finding a way in elsewhere...
  2. I haven't checked the heater hoses specifically but the heater is blowing hot air which would mean they are right?
  3. Hey guys. Recently refitted my B4 with a closed deck block after its factory one died. Replaced everything wear and tear in the process including new water pump and thermostat. Have road tested it twice so far, once around town for about 30 mins and once on the motorway about 25 mins to work. On the road test around town the bottom radiator hose warmed up somewhat, not as much as the top hose. On the road test on the motorway to work this morning the bottom hose remained pretty much cold. During both tests the temp gauge stayed stable at temp. Is this normal or could there be an underlying problem that is going to lead to a cooked block? The bleeding procedure I used was jacking the car right up at the front and filling it through the top radiator hose, Refit Radiator hose and fill through main radiator cap, burbed the top hose until no more air bubbles came out, started the car and burbed/bled it further until again no air bubbles came out. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey. Does anyone still have any usable files for the 98 octane tune? Will be taking my car to Subaru for a reflash otherwise but may as wel try my luck haha. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi Guys Changed the thermostat in my 2002 B4 Legacy this morning. Noticed bubbles coming from the overflow. The car isn't over heating, coolant isn't boiling, A/C blowing hot air as it should, Thermostat definitely opening, Oil clear and clean. Going to be replacing the radiator cap and bleeding the cooling system again with the front jacked up this time, did it on a hill the first time hoping it would have the same effect. Any other ideas of what it might be or things to try before considering the possibility that the head gasket randomly started leaking straight after putting a new working thermostat in? Thanks Guys.
  6. Hey man sorry to bring up a thread from 8 years ago. I rung my local Subaru dealership here in Nelson and they said they can get my ecu re flashed with updated software from Subaru in Japan and quoted me $150. Is that what they did to yours? Did it also help you get rid of the VOD? Cheers in advance.