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  1. Hey team update - i know we're talking significant price differences here between what I was looking at but I've been offered this for 8.5 incl on road costs, worth it?
  2. awesome thanks! In your opinion does $12,000 sound pretty reasonable for the 2012 model I mentioned?
  3. Thanks for the advice @boon it's a super old fi-glass fireball i think hull length is around 4.5m think this would be fine to tow with the 2.5l?
  4. Thanks for the input man. This is where i'm struggling to decide, I will be driving from christchurch to mt hutt (about 120km open road) probably once every 1-2 weeks. But then I'm also anticipating driving to uni in town traffic (10km) probably 2-3 days a week. @sobanoodleWould the 2.5 be better in this case and would you say the offer I've been given for the 2012 2.5 is an okay price?
  5. What makes you say that? I definitely would rather go 3.0R as well but considering the car itself is 7 years older is it worth it?
  6. Hey guys, im looking into buying a subaru Outback and need some advice. I will be using it as a daily, and will be taking it for several skiing trips throughout the season, also next summer I will likely be using it to tow a small boat. At the moment two best deals I can get that i like the idea of (through contacts with dealers) are: 2005 Outback 3.0R. pearl white ext. black leather int. 73000 kms. $9500 2012 Outback 2.5l. pearl white ext. black cloth int. 97000 kms. $12000 both are fresh imports. I guess my questions are, is the 2.5l engine okay? (with cambelt issues etc.) Will fuel on the 3.0 cost me a significant amount more? Is the price difference I would be paying for the newer model worth it? Any advice on any of these questions or more info would be massively appreciated, Cheers!