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  1. Fair comments. The guy in the thread I quoted didn't crash-test it. I'll stick with what I've got and look to get it refurbed in the mid-term.
  2. Unsure. I have asked them. Will report back.
  3. Gidday Has anyone used It's one of the only american parts sites that offers international shipping. A GC8 WRX STI bumper (part 57720FA071) costs $375 USD posted. That's about $566 NZD. JP-Carparts wants $288USD before postage ( &part_code=57720FA071) and Amayama wants $931 NZD posted ( Partsouq doesn't have stock. I was quoted $1,000 for a drive in, drive out refurb of my bumper at a local panel beaters so the $566NZD for a fresh one is tempting. Grateful if anyone can shed some light on Subaru Warehouse Direct because I've come up dry on the searches. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the tip, boon. Looks like an -04 or earlier three spoke STI wheel works. I'm going to keep an eye out for one.
  5. Gidday I'm seeking inspiration for alternative steering wheels for GC8 WRXs that have airbags? Which ones from later WRXs bolt straight in? My GC8 has this steering wheel. It's deteriorating and (to my eyes) doesn't suit the WRX. Seems like more of a Legacy / Forester wheel: Cheers
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie in Wellington too. I'm keen to roll along if there's a meet happening. In my experience good roads are hard to find without going over the Remutakas. Korokoro is ok. Around Pauatahanui harbour is nice but busy. Some will rate Makara / Ohariu but I'm not a fan. It's narrow and poorly sighted and a favourite for cyclists. The roads that branch off Makara road can be good but they're often dead ends...
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