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  1. Are they still quiet with a catless downpipe, maybe you have a video? I had a q300 with a pbms downpipe and it was too loud and droney. The guy I bought my car off said the r400 was on another level when it comes to volume, he works at PBMS and their stage 3 pack is with a PBMS with a R400. If you are interested i'm passing through TGA tomorrow, I can drop off the exahust for you haha
  2. How much power is your car putting down... I guess it should be around 300awhp? and who tuned it? I'm surprised about not replacing the boost solenoid, it's usually one of the first things you should do before getting a tune. I'm probably going to throw one on with a fuel pump, where'd you pick up your AEM from? The PBMS downpipe is raspy as f***, with a Q300 it drove me made how loud and droney it was. Even with the stock exhaust back on I can still hear rasp... Although its at a bearable level.
  3. I don't know if you were still looking, but I have a grb q300 catback. It was too loud for me as a daily with a pbms downpipe so I removed it. Would let it go for $1000
  4. How long did it take you to polish the 240g out? I would've thought something like 1000 grit would do the trick. I used some rainx headlight restorer, its not great but atleast my headlights aren't so yellow anymore and it only took 15mins. If they are really bad, wet sanding would be the only way...