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  1. Anyone have experience swapping an EZ30 into one fo these cars?
  2. Update. Engine blew up. Anyone selling an EJ20?
  3. Update!!! I’ve managed to track down the issues! Well multiple issues. The fix in the end was resetting the ECU after ensuring that the car was running the correct boost. It was hitting 14 psi which I suspect was causing knock, this was due to some race lab EEPROM. Then letting the car learn again on the stock map. you can really feel the more aggressive timing after the ECU learn and reset process. It now pulls harder throughout the rev range and doesn’t fall flat at high RPM.
  4. Seems to be slightly better on long drives. Otherwise its consistent. I gapped all plugs to 0.45mm and little to no difference, I will be trying new copper plugs instead of platinum. Coil on pack.
  5. I'm looking for advice regarding chasing down an intermittent high rpm misfire. The car is a GF8 impreza with an ej20G engine. Under high load high and over 5500RPM I am suffering a loss of power and torque and what feels like a misfire. Under light load I don't think I feel a misfire. So far I have replaced all plugs and tried gapping to 0.6mm. I have also tried a different set of coils with no luck. Otherwise the car drives perfect at low RPM other than sometimes taking a long time to start when hot. The engine is high km with 250,000km. Is it worth doing a compression check? I a
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