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  1. Seems to be slightly better on long drives. Otherwise its consistent. I gapped all plugs to 0.45mm and little to no difference, I will be trying new copper plugs instead of platinum. Coil on pack.
  2. I'm looking for advice regarding chasing down an intermittent high rpm misfire. The car is a GF8 impreza with an ej20G engine. Under high load high and over 5500RPM I am suffering a loss of power and torque and what feels like a misfire. Under light load I don't think I feel a misfire. So far I have replaced all plugs and tried gapping to 0.6mm. I have also tried a different set of coils with no luck. Otherwise the car drives perfect at low RPM other than sometimes taking a long time to start when hot. The engine is high km with 250,000km. Is it worth doing a compression check? I am at the point where I am not sure what to replace next. I'm thinking crank and cam sensors. Or doing the 2002 WRX coil pack upgrade. After that I feel a I might have to start looking a general engine health closely?
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