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  1. I've had my 2.5 for over 2 years now. I love the power it offers and how it delivers it. Mines a v11 2009 Hatch. My last wrx was a '95 I bought on 2002. My latest STI is just astonishing round hills and cornering. As it was when it left the factory. Can't go wrong. I honestly will not be upgrading or updating from my 09 Hatch. I will spend 5k on paint and 2K on rims many years from now. Great shape. A future Classic I believe
  2. Hi. I'm about to replace my 2009 Sti  entire exhaust, downpipe and double tip (4 tips,...2 each side) as attached to rear muffler.  My sti is a Hatch. If interested call me  



  3. I have watched a video made by the Invidia manager for N.Z. he stated that with a new downpipe u absolutely should dyno tune as the sensors alone will be changed ...and it gets ur computer settings all as they should be . . I'm gonna see how it feels after install and go from there . I'm even keen to fit the system myself. Anyone out there looking for a complete 2009 2.5 litre exhaust including 2 double tip pipes out back ?
  4. Hi Andy mac ...Loren...thankyou . I definitely wont be track bound. I cruise . Take it easy . Never thrash ..not ever ..maybe the odd go cart simulation round the hills where I live. Thanks for info. It's a nice system. I think it's good quality. If I DONT need a dyno then best not to upgrade intake air filter . I watched a Invidia company spokesman say if u go from standard to a new downpipe with exhaust system you should definitely dyno tune lol. So.....guess I will wait and see. Thanks guys . Another opinion is great . It's the only thing I want to change on my car..the exhaust. Let her breathe!
  5. By intake..please excuse my lack of knowledge . I feel embarrassed but that's y I joined this forum. I want to. And I really appreciate your patience . Intake...u mean air filter ...I hope lol. I'm getting the r400 Invidia.. but now I'm concerned cos the downpipe says it's for NZ and Aust. new 2.5 litre. Mine is Jap import . Does that matter lol ? Again...thanks fir your patience . 1st hand owner knowledge beats all. Intake kit 700$ not too had .
  6. Gripless.. is ur experience with an sti? Not a,wrx...an sti? From untouched to exhaust upgrade ?
  7. Hi Gripless...thanks for ur input and advice . Can I ask if u have personally done what I am doin ? Totally original factory 2.5 litre sti? I'm not very motor jargon savvy. I know enough to change my own oil air filter etc. Lol. So....intake pipe ...my new exhaust....iz it REALLY gonna need to have all thesectrickle down effect upgrades? Remember..this is a untouched car. And I will keep it that way because in my 20 plus years and legacy 1.8 manual... 2003 wtx manual... 2litre non turbo l99 legacy wagon....1.5 litre 2008 Impreza....and now my fave off all 2009 2.5 litre sti....all those vehicles....never a break down. Nothing mechanical except clutch replacement in th 03 wrx...no problems. I believe because I A: never screwed a vehicle lol B: changed oil without fail..C: NO MODIFICATIONS other than an after market exhaust on the 03 wrx. This exhaust upgrade should be simple non invasive and yet over $1000 I didn't count on to tune lol. Do...intake pipe ? Why do I need to do this ? Air filter upgrade too ? Where does it stop?
  8. Car is mint condition absolutely untouched . This exhaust system is all I plan to do. I didn't realise a dyno was needed but it sure is lol. Possum Bourne Motorsport recommended SAS... to do tune . Just exhaust upgrade shouldn't cause any other issues? Other than catalytic removal causing dash lights. Its Sooooo bloody expensive for the tune .
  9. I have a 2009 sti. Fantastic car . Firstly...they dont need a tune unless ur changing crucial parts like downpipe. Possum Bourne Motorsport recommended SAS for Subaru dyno Tuning. Personally..I have had terrible service from trevor Crowe dont go there .
  10. I had same problem...no power at top end..replaced plugs ...coils...my advice..sell it . Sorry .
  11. Hi. I was hoping someone or several people could suggest or tell me their experiences that follow an exhaust upgrade . I have a 2009 wrx sti Hatch. 2.5litre. I have just purchased an Invidia Cat Back exhaust system including a invidia Downpipe. Dyno Tuning is rec commended. Has any one done this sort of upgrade? Does the engine light come on due to catalytic converter removal? How much is a dyno tune? Please help with any advice .
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